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Beating Pokemon's Isle of Armor DLC Using Only Shiny -

 where are we going for this wait we took the train somewhere else just to fly because we didn't just fly it's just a Korver night that's okay how was it going you are the traveler i should be driving i am right no i have the strangest feeling that we met before yes i remember when you were a teaser for the DLC i can't remember and here i thought i was nydia with the slowpokes move this is a bad start my name is avery i am a senior dojo member you need to join i don't have a say I'm joining the dojo my God this is a big as a quarter whoo-whoo I all don't know if you know what 'I'm saying now I have to show that elasticity is the best way to get to know each other I'll be waiting outside when you're ready come face me using my psychic powers to test your strength come now don't overload it - alright let's go on cupcake you can take an abra just shouldn't teleport wait they have six pokeballs over the head but using only two pok√©mon

Beating Pokemon's Crown Tundra DLC Using Only Shiny -

 oh we're going south oh this is basically scotland uh cuz gala region is like a uk upside down dads stop and stop following me already i go on a dynamax adventure in the maxler and i don't need you to raise me on the neck , i know a much funnier place than that moldy old place are you ready for a lot of quality time with the coolest dad ever what a generous and totally unwanted offer afraid of having to say no thanks come on go nia be reasonable or prepare to be ultra mega embarrassed daddy's noble unleashed roar yes i will make a hard pass thanks to this i will also make a hard pass compete yourself i'm pretty fierce in battle we are just fighting dad he has unique battle music so you face pokemon trainer dad the fighting theme unique starts immediately from the cupcakes which is level 70 we may actually be in trouble in some of these fights son or significantly stronger than before i just did it i dont understand why dad is so scared y unique battle theme i guess thi

Beating Hitman 3 by Completely Wrong -

 alexa carlisle died according to the funeral invitation which is so natural it caused quite a stir when the late matriarch showed up at the breakfast table is margaret thatcher the [__] is black the revenant alexa carlyle and her three grown children younger brother zachary nephew and daughter-in-law are all gathered to conduct Carlisle's mock funeral curiously Carlisle summoned a famous London pi soon after arriving this morning but his purpose in Thornbridge is still unclear officer I can assure you that I am the real phineas whitner I am here to investigate Madame Carla's murder this morning maybe i should do some self-detection oh no you don't oh i missed this my name is not spectrocluso i'm just in a much more murderous mood oh they have to search me i will I have to check if you want to pass ok oh okay i'm not going this way no wonder someone died in this house you may be familiar c on the recent announcement of her I kill him I kill him or on stage he is not

Asmongold Reacts to ArcheAge KEKW _ by -

 ArcheAge Keck W this is something people have wanted me to watch for a while and it's finally time for us to watch it I remember seeing it I don't remember who was someone playing this game like my friend Bogey and then like everyone else the ones that a couple of other people are playing with I really wish I had played arcade John Liberator, really ah cages Time's Nerdy Hearts Breaking MMO Belle Delphine announced she has a boyfriend to date many MMO fans yet because he did it because he did it like he did it like I didn't understand how he was honestly yes he has post-traumatic stress disorder for what he could have been with ArcheAge even caused a disgruntled player to invest time in the cage was like that [__ ] bad date the 30 million dollars invested of his [__] money to do it right is big millions of dollars to create one I have not been paid to win an arcade-inspired MMO you know the Story of Intrepid and achievable Creations really stemmed from my latest MMO th

Asmongold Reacts to _Why Facebook & Instagram Have Been Failing_ by SunnyV2 -

 why facebook and instagram have failed i think facebook has somehow fallen where this price drop started on 2nd february 2022 when facebook and instagram parent company lost 230 billion dollars worth less than 24. jesus just to give you an idea of ​​how much money 230 billion dollars is the total GDP of new zealand being the value of every single product or service produced by the whole country for the whole year was only 210 billion, less than what facebook lost in a day on a holy day [__] in February when meta set the record for the highest-day of decline in the value of the shares because the story to put it simply this was the day Facebook revealed to the public that it is the 'usage of the site that revenue has decreased oh yes i showed on the screen is a graph showing the amount o f Facebook users active daily for the past 10 years for each quarter, in addition to the first three months of the At the pandemic, the growth of Facebook's user base has been almost eerily con

Asmongold Reacts to _Most Disgusting Rooms on Twitch_ _ by MoistCr1tikal -

 so this was a video that was linked to me and apparently i am in the video i dont know why the video is called more disgusting rooms in twitch room xqc its a mess it is on lsf it just moved it looks like one of those gaming centers on 4chan back in the days they were competing to outdo each other so they would have contributed and much like cigarette ash, old meals spilled urine and poop stains and [__] I don't know I don't think it's like I don't remember me i just remember it was a post, remember the [__] threads post your battle station and i am also pretty sure that in my original video i was also referring to my setup as a battle station this is what is called 4chan battle station we give look ok this is a nice piece he has here which is not even a big deal as everyone acts like this is a huge [__] problem which is probably just like a week of junk numer or one number two is all in the same spot on the floor that you could clean hat in five minutes less ah that