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 where are we going for this wait we took the train somewhere else just to fly because we didn't just fly it's just a Korver night that's okay how was it going you are the traveler i should be driving i am right no i have the strangest feeling that we met before yes i remember when you were a teaser for the DLC i can't remember and here i thought i was nydia with the slowpokes move this is a bad start my name is avery i am a senior dojo member you need to join i don't have a say I'm joining the dojo my God this is a big as a quarter whoo-whoo I all don't know if you know what 'I'm saying now I have to show that elasticity is the best way to get to know each other I'll be waiting outside when you're ready come face me using my psychic powers to test your strength come now don't overload it - alright let's go on cupcake you can take an abra just shouldn't teleport wait they have six pokeballs over the head but using only two pokémon because it doesn't matter to kill the abra st rength i am in psychic shock i can say you are right barrel of laughter avery i will enjoy spending time with you unlikely not impossible what kind of trick this guy uses the reason why it's a capitalized trick is because it's a Pokemon move called trick and it's actually a clever pun, but Avery is showing here the trainer of this talent comes to the dojo so people there very well may be suffering from amnesia on my own existence you already used that of potential while you made me use whole three percent of my strength i hate you i'm trying to say i don't think you are quite capable of sniffing snuff so i suggest you ignore the dojo master over there and go home as soon as you're done seeing the sights goodbye I doubt I'll see you again Avery teleport I took a look at this oh my god it's a [__] whale or just sitting there watching the size of this land really did Wailord justice for once because in battles like his sprite it is tiny but here it appears full I don't even realize

I got chased oh god he's level 62 dad I accidentally killed him so anyway back to the whale orders I just relaxed man I was just trying to catch the Wailord ok we caught the Sharpedo let's hope they leave us alone now let's not catch the whale or just do as hey Laurie wait it's still tiny thing but her patterns [__] huge this is a level Amy wait or two Jesus Christ is like the reverse Tara de swear is bigger on the outside the big guy is been sent in a box oh it's a girl Oh oh my god those Sharpedo will chase me no matter what I think we'll explore here for a while and see what's going on oh my god relax here too wait no you just can't do that look we found another shiny Lulu guys we never thought the day would come let's go guys we caught a second shiny oh my god there's just a secret cave here I really just want to check what's there now I'm not going to go far from the earth apparently because a [__] Sharpedo will spawn n every single time in the water alright, let's take a look at what is the hidden cave for the love of God the brawler cave leave me alone when i am here oh my god i have seen the coolest pokemon ever and i show you awesome pokedex voice for only one hundred watts if you like him is your eyes on this oh is awesome shine is just a sonic truth that ain't even rare ain't as impressive as why they should be in this cave yes i gotta see this rare thing i found it just ended up like a rattata or something like how many items it will give us did you find them go up only at 68 in Wailord is 80 because the Wailord is specifically level 80 it is like that Wailord is now one of the highest level wild Pokemon in any game Pokemon Arceus is level 80 and as the special event in diamond and pearl why è lord of the whales is on par with god in terms of levels this is the tower of darkness you are not ready to climb this tower leave this place oh ok it's good if and you two

you definitely have a knack for finding Diglett if alright you will find all the Diglett air - sure that's a bit express how grateful I am but so far you have found a Diglett so please find a hundred and fifty friend you are [__] pushing luck ok I said I would help you but I didn't realize I had rounded up a [__] military man who is using as a kind favor oh [__] one hundred and fifty and then how do you lose one hundred and fifty [__] that's a herd I lost the whole Kanto pokedex worship Diglett like this is how this man robbed a Lowell of their Diglett population he really waited for you to hold on there is one right there you have to find six more Diglett in the cave oh my god I won't remember which diggle i found oh no it's she again feast your eyes on her awesome glow look at the time main problem would be finding the dikhhla is the viewing distance is so low i will barely see it for long time did you find all the diglett that was in the cave wh if i also found these things you can dig lit that will be incredibly disappointing the real reward was friends we made a long hey just a former crime syndicate with those dead goats like were taking over the world Team Rocket will resign be here the rest of our lives just gathered in these [__] you have to find 19 more in the suit and wet lines like they [__] wherever you missed one I probably missed like five honestly it's just that it's just [__] looked like he had a great bike, customized it if you want let's go for a black bike also set your bike charge speed to max, actually it's pretty cool, get a helmet and everything, oh, you get like a particle effect Oh fiddlesticks or a new student you decide to go home Avery you are really lost hi and who you love oh no you have to be the new student you have to bbe entering the dojo today you have the wrong person yes right that's correct but i swear i thought you would use teleport or something you disappeared so fast you will do the same puns on trees over and over there are many branching paths for dialogue in Pokemon games

you mean i'm a bar or uh bar let's go into the dojo if you ever eat a word what happens at the station to miss honey let's just say my psychic powers are very powerful i explain i hate you oh here is the poster child for the dlc there this is I believe this is the new Pokemon that is being watched at you as a Diglett hangs out before Keiko at the dojo how many think we can find this as a little piece of grass is right outside here's a second look - it's three from this cramped piece of land that has been unlocked that's the point everyone has an announcement to make we have a new student joining us today please welcome boris johnson the prime minister of the united kingdom sure you all have a lot to teach her not only does she know that i need us here is the dojo master because hello my name is mustard i'm pretty good at pokemon battles you know i'm happy cheesy eyes that you can join us she is to meet you no one talks so is there my favorite part i wanna see how good you are i'm so why don't you fight the old me oh god that's her eyebrows it's not them it's not her hair oh no oh cause somebody pointed it out come on you gotta die two times now mr. mustard was everything i hoped for and more we did who is this guy i am the champion of the gower region i beat the former champion leon using the cheras act welcome to the master dojo here is your dojo uniform oh and we have none say we are changing what happened to our cupcake attire I don't want to fit in with students I was trying to look like my Pokemon Time to really start our training, you will have to go through all the tree trials and there's more to the person completing his Trials of Treece will receive the secret armor of this dojo the island of armor you could say oh and here is our adorable rival for the DLC adventure the worst guy will receive a uniform - oh my dojo uniform is missing what is with slowpoke is fine we will let it get away from here Master what happens with those

slowpoke were more like fast poke this is the first proof my students oh they chased that after those five trained slowpokes would take care of me baby i mean i was just a little weird - these guys are amazed you won't change back in your normal clothes yes yes i want it i dont wanna be the mustard gang parrot i am tired a cupcake gang has joy against is playing a switch its a game that is a lot of square pokemon here is that pokemon quest that I can not see the television, you got stabbed in there oh sorry it's a Minecraft ad you could imagine if it's just like walking on it is like hey mustard what are you playing on TV Diablo 3 mustard what have you today play League of Legends those slowpoke i'm right here just because you waited for him to run there's a slowpoke i see it just like sliding on the ground is ooh he's just very excited oh boy i got friends who have it since ito for real this time he tried to heal me bless his heart oh no he did j I just want a friend and we killed him there is the next one just ran into me God loved him they just try to heal you I feel guilty killing these guys like he didn't want to fight I just wanted a friend

taking me straight to the place i know where i will take them in a second i will just try to find the last one there found them all and we got the mushrooms - oh it's our favorite character Levi should be the one to have those mushrooms max who comes first is served after all you can only know that you dare to get in my way it is time we find out which of us is truly superior you never beat me come on oh who we get along that move is forbidden from now on yeah oh you look like a player competitive pokemon i will make you dance in the palm of my hand this is my most powerful and elegant psychic move no psychic is stronger than psybeam as if you could have used it instead because i think it is psychic, i have a vague suspicion about this pokémon trainer from grass type, there is something else going on the magic is real in the pokemon world if they decided to throw little creatures to the dice for their amusement, well i mean pokem it's not just a legalized cockfight and if you think about it what size affects my poor pride please stop with some psychic type jokes everywhere it's not a quiet peaceful day on the island of armor all the bad weather is coming a lot hot and it's all just cleared up again you know it's just a sweet sunset tell my wife and kids i love i may not come back from science this game ah [__] there's no fucking Allah in the desert i'm so curious to know what the real reward is for finding all these [__] is the roar you will just get one of these diglettz because as if you could already get one there was one by the river you couldn't even see the hair on that that was in the bush some of those are evil but he read Diglettz they ran aground on this island

dov'è l'ultimo che aggiungi glitter se premo un su tutti questi arbusti forse si rivelerà se sei bastardo il Diglett è sott'acqua a questo punto non metterei una pentola e non puoi lasciare che non sia come loro sapevo anche che cosa il trapano ha restituito a un allenatore quanti diglettz sono così innumerevoli oh questo è lhara fest oh voglio davvero uno di questi adoro Volcarona oh bel livello 62 è davvero fantastico Jen FIFO per qualsiasi motivo ci mettano per sempre - beh Jeff, colpisco circa e impiegare un'eternità per evolversi è un processo molto molto lungo in realtà diglettz non mi aspettavo di essere così coinvolto nella missione secondaria di [ __ ] Diglett perché penso che sia stupido questa è la cosa Penso che sia assolutamente stupido non lo so so perché questo è qui fino a questo punto, ma l'ho beccato Sono come il mercato per questo con l'autobus oh vai [ __ ] te stesso artistico è un masochista Voglio dire, sto iniziando a interrogarmi solo che non esiste oh ce l'abbiamo fatta ragazzi sono stati trovati i diglettz, è ora di vedere quale sia la nostra ricompensa è per aver trovato tutti i suoi diglettz oh ciao grazie a te centocinquantaquattro solletico è tornato da me numero di dingle che è tornato e ha colpito [ __ ] con lui farà ogni singola ricompensa in questo momento li hai ricevuti me non è una pianura me fuori se ne trovi dieci ci ha dato uno slowpoke se ne trovi venti Diglett ci ha dato sotto Vulpix di pianura arriviamo in pianura segno di nuovo vero è proprio come qui sono come venti Pokemon ci darà un [ __ ] una pianura a destra questi stanno diventando abbastanza buoni ora una scarpa destra di pianura è in realtà un Pokemon molto forte ci ha dato il marowak di pianura Alan è già fantastico come un Marek 75 Diglett di pianura dopo ci ha dato un esecutore di pianura che abbiamo effettivamente trovato uno di questi prima perché l'abbiamo trovato la signora che trovi un centinaio di [ __ ] ci ha dato un ascolto e dritto e un antipasto Lola

including the one who just came back Diggler's number who came back is the one who came back 151 Diglett i think is digging lie saying you are worthy of her respect because you found them all but you want to go along with this trainer because you respect her, we get a [ __] fuck EULA this is what it is once i respect her wish please take care of Diglett gets the first prize of a Diglett now i can say she is one of the first people in the world to do the Diglett sidequest don't maybe find one hundred maybe maybe you take Thea Lowell and I started it's kinda cool it's just a Diglett it looks like you nailed the proof by the way thanks for a species ready to root and an invasive species all over the island Avery you suck I bet you you couldn't find 150 cocks we cook Diglett believe me I want it I decided that you two will now get the pasta master Hebrews last last last third test final blast last third test Diglet t could say it's finally time to see who is stronger in a Pokemon Dynomax battle ok we just fought each other we know we grant the dojo master secret armor i will say despite the amount of time i spent at hunt those [__] dicks Allah right this is actually a great dlc if this was the post game if i unlock the island after completing the pokemon league i would not be as mad at sword and shield as i was and this is like a bead or something fighting in two i think i should be cooler you and beads go to the island i will be more interesting show awaken our true psychic power here and now its a broken slow but you didn't see it coming it's mega brother i didn't give it a good guide to top form yeah it's a little weird come on cupcake it's not quite defeating the unbeatable champion Leon but you know you got this slower use use quick draw shell sigh damn you just spit on us plowed in the face oh can't stand that cupcake flake in front of your slow brother god oh I could just impress and please take a picture decided once the

third trial is you Boris Oh pathetic I have lost even though I resort to such underhanded tactics you are afraid to tell the master of the horrible things that I did well so your punishment Avery you will take care of the Pokemon the dojo for six months from yourself actually is locked up is doing community lord isolation you have completed all tests I have the secret armor of the dojo master bar sigh here is my tray it did not matter oh yes they have I think I don't remember this old mechanic oh he is a pokemon himself is his pup foo this is the new legendary we have an aggressive teddy bear and he is terrified of us what in particular as an incredible potential problem is that he is a little shy he just doesn't seem to have much confidence in himself oh he looks so grumpy love them yes this guy evolves and I think it's like two different styles where you can evolve it and it becomes a different type and whichever you make the tofu didn't really get a chance to do it Explore the world outside the dojo so maybe they will help you become best friend if you take a look around it I grant you permission to keep a pokemon out of its pokéball here on hammer island now you can have two pokemon ahead of your team out of her pokéball and take a first role because it is not in the base game that she should be in the rhythm has come this is a huge feature it is only in T cupcakes oh my god here she just rolls but if I hang up I love your master , i think this is a bit of a glitch because it's too big yes now as the lord is struggling as far as the guys drag on I swear to [__] if you do the second DLC and it's just like you i cant do it anymore it will terrible if you go into battle don't throw pokeball please just let me see it's actually a class that has to bring it back unless Leon Charizard strikes a pose


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