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 ArcheAge Keck W this is something people have wanted me to watch for a while and it's finally time for us to watch it I remember seeing it I don't remember who was someone playing this game like my friend Bogey and then like everyone else the ones that a couple of other people are playing with I really wish I had played arcade John Liberator, really ah cages Time's Nerdy Hearts Breaking MMO Belle Delphine announced she has a boyfriend to date many MMO fans yet because he did it because he did it like he did it like I didn't understand how he was honestly yes he has post-traumatic stress disorder for what he could have been with ArcheAge even caused a disgruntled player to invest time in the cage was like that [__ ] bad date the 30 million dollars invested of his [__] money to do it right is big millions of dollars to create one I have not been paid to win an arcade-inspired MMO you know the Story of Intrepid and achievable Creations really stemmed from my latest MMO that I was playing pretty heavily that it was arcade and uh I really loved that game as if I felt it had great potential that some of the design decisions really look at this aspect somehow me sprout, see what holds up really fast so this was in July and it was hot in my room and this [__] created a test character while on the phone with Steven called Baldi no AC LOL which is good wow really good hilarious ah up to today people still complain about our cage maybe more than any other MMO in the last decade if they released a server as fresh as arcade i would play it as long as it had no pay to win stuff because i always wanted to try the game but i would not now as if it was like entering the game as if it were already as if [__] had done what was so special in this tab riv aside from the Korean MMORPG that evokes feelings of nostalgia, frustration and anger every time it comes out right the truth is that ArcheAge was special for an MMO that

released in 2014, this game had a lot of unique features not previously seen in other MMOs at the time, and the graphics were [__] incredible for a time like 2014 for an MMO that's crazy, a huge, explorable ocean with giant sea monsters ship PVP Naval trade battles where players could become Pirates PKU and steal your trade packs for their own profit a criminal and punitive system where you could become a criminal and go to court to face a jury of potentially sentenced players in prison real space gamer houses freedom plant illegal farms anywhere in the world a combo based card targeting system and top notch graphics for his time by MMO standards brother when this game comes out i'm ready i wanna play it it's great with all these people I thought ArcheAge had all the ingredients to be a masterpiece absolute, but with all the good there was an equal amount of sabotage bad game design and publisher incompetence holding him back man what are you doing in my video back where you came from hey what about my world what's up is that it does not go it is not you from a game for children that is not a real hero Wars obviously has lively graphics and an intuitive interface ok, let's try Hero Wars is an idle RPG with a character for everyone from cyborgs to aliens , vampires and, of course, furries I have been playing it for a while now and have just assembled my first team full, then I will unlock Chaba is a fantastic tank that literally devours his enemies but Celeste is a real level, he can pass from a dark DPS shape to a light shape which makes it useful in any situation bonus points for sexy outfit Hero Wars is a relaxing game that you can play anywhere and anytime it's very easy to start playing but it's also a skill to build effective team compositions to counter your enemies, for example Mojo the Shaman cannot heal Dark Star the Elf as efficiently as good grandma Martha Hero Wars is a world with six unique modes three 100 plus war guild lasers and 100 million players play alone or see who among you and your friends is the best dog before I forget, although here's a question for you

i wonder how many people actually play these games i'm not sure i mean they must be popular because they keep sponsoring people where you can get 30,000 coins 600m modes and five awesome heroes to start dominating in hero i'm sorry zp on but i'm gonna have to do it where you can find the cashier shop I was in the answer is in the link in the description below play Hero Wars now so with all the unique features I mentioned on ArcheAge why this game was not a huge success initially was for a very short time period during the arcade game's launch destroyed 2 million registered players but shortly thereafter the developer XL games and publisher try on worlds managed to snatch defeat from Victory's claws here's how they took the first step into the game with software incredibly easy to exploit anti-cheat this is a common problem for all Korean MMOs in Korea to play in MMORPG de will you sign up with your korean social security number yes so if you get banned for cheating you are fucked up they are crazy fake brawls like cheating in game cheating in real life you can imagine korean developers don't put much effort into their anti-cheat because very few koreans cheat in the west although this is not the case no so when arcade players were released in na and eu they used duplicate speed hacks bots anything that could give them what game this is again got the title wrong yes i don't remember yes which man i forgot them an advantage Step 2 design the whole game around a work system that blocks a player's ability to earn gold in the arcade, spend manpower to make gold this theoretically works well in korea, where you have an account due to SSM registration requirements, but in the west you just have to bypass this whole system by creating multiple accounts and lost naggi and the wet dream of multiple boxers, step three, I hate the fact that [__] I hate the fact that I hate everything yeah, I hate like that's what I disliked about Lost Ark I think it's like actually one of the worst things abou t

the game is the fact that like you in some circumstances you have to have alt for Lost Ark and do arcade so pay to win that the game was miserable for free and this was a time when paying to win was much less accepted than it is in the day d 'today yes i just re-released the game now it will be fine yes people loved it then tried it and the XL games didn't understand that whales need small fish to survive yes when all small fish quit the game whales would follow shortly after and step four constantly releases Fresh Start servers but due to the fact that they don't basically fix the problems mentioned in steps one through three, it's an absolute disaster every single time man I'm glad I saw this because yes maybe I would try one of these servers and as yes it is good to know that bots buy all terrestrial server downtime new bugs try to falsely ban people who are unable to a accept criticism and censor people who try to report exploits the list goes on and on i'll say tha t most of the times people get censored by the developer it usually doesn't happen as in many of these cases it's as if ok yeah uh like i know the math path for example or i get censored aha yeah sure yeah that's why a lot of americans get depressed about our cage I'm just saying for a lot of this was almost a surface-level dream MMO it seems incredible and to this day there really isn't another MMO that has been able to fill the void left by the arcade it's just that many of the systems in the game have been compromised due to greedy oversight of the game's design by of developers and publisher's incompetence that the game would never have a chance to live up to its potential recently the arcade was taken over by cocoa ga mes yes this is cacao game is the old black desert online publisher so i decided to launch the game for the first time in two and a half years ok to see if any new content was added so if the game problems were finally solved or pen the

cocoa games arcade launcher and we have two options arcade or arcade Unchained my character is in the Unchained version click play and wait 75 seconds for the game to start I don't know why but this game always took a long time to start compared to other MMOs it's uh it's kernel level Bitcoin farming application it just takes a while to get it to go all the way and get your computer that you really know pumping those numbers finally we are in the selected server ahem what happens The Earth is happening to my character last time i talked about arcade people thought i was level 18 in youtube comments no this is ancestral 18. once you get to level 50 you have ancestral levels This is the end game leveling system basically as paragon levels renamed my character checks for new races added no you still have the two human factions dwarf elves other humans [__] you still have the two human factions elves god what oh my god the dwarves are the furry humans and demon pe ople click enter the game and wait a full 90 second loading screen before entering and yes this game is installed on my SSD run for a little equips my prisoner's clothes without the support and visually i still think the game is pretty decent yeah it seems i accidentally hit the spacebar twice and pulling out my gliders is something i always forget the archeagge has why i am a little clouded by naval stuff check the mailbox and claim some pretty cool cosmetics i bought a while ago i decided to go and see if there are any new classes added to the game to my surprise yes two new classes from last time i played gunslinger and spell dance but damn that intro and Swift Blade outfit yeah please character customization eight more here a bunch of the juicy outfits to preview your character in i ran a bit on the Gunslinger i immediately remembered i don't like using guns in a fantasy mmo wow then i went back to the main one and checked the world map to see that

three new zones have been added since the last time i played with the highest recommended ancestral level 33 to 35. that's a lot of grinding, yes i went to marionapple to see if there is any player around because so far i haven't seen anyone, ah, there are some but not many better games actually that the arcade has right now is that it is already a niche game with the player base split between ArcheAge and Chained and the regular arcade of ArcheAge Unchained should have been the least paid version to win, but you can still create multiple accounts to bypass the work system to move forward it's so stupid as if you have a system you like at any one time I think you can do more alt just like bypass game systems like this is a problem with the system is just a dog [__] butt system so as long as the work system exists our cage will always be paid to win and multi-account to win saying that the work system is still one thing and hasn't gone for anyone to modify I drained my willpower to play more of the game so I went to the ocean, summoned my ship and set sail in the vast expanding sea, it's beautiful to be seen again saint [__] that looks soon in less than an hour and you will launch the greatest defense in the history of the auroria you can no longer be consumed Small differences we will be United but like the day when the kittens declare that with a single voice don't go quietly into the night no way oh my god that's so crazy

oh my god yo baby it's just us it's just us it's all white wait what the hell wait [__] you can get a dragon too please holy [__] oh my god [__] disconnected me so what's next for ArcheAge well on September 15th the game will release what appears to be the 30th Fresh Start server this time around things will be different probably not, but at least the game will get a short term population increase and everyone will be on an equal footing for a while before people with multiple accounts go booming as usual yeah see how if i would play this game on a new server just for content you know everyone in the stream plays together would be cool but how i would not do it if its if has this guy [__] he's still stupid [__] even though it's an opportunity to dive in and get a taste of that arcade experience if you've never had it before if you've missed this Fresh Start but don't worry I'm sure ch and there will be another one in six months is part of their business model at this point, other than that, have you heard of Arc World, they have basically repurposed ArcheAge in a blockchain, a game to earn a nft ok game, so instead to just claim land like you do in a normal arcade you have to buy oh i can tell there and you know how you can tell i am nft because they are generic crap drawings see you can tell if someone likes if a profile picture looks stupid it probably is a nft a nft del lands honestly the whole thing sounds a bit silly yeah why would anyone spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a nft land when you can get the exact same experience playing the unlocked chain game version plus given how buggy and easily yes I don't think anyone will care [__] about a blockchain game until it's actually added value you understand what I mean by obvious I don't hate blockchain games but I also don't like blockchain not relevant to my enjoyments of a game I think if you can buy and sell stuff in a game it's not some kind of pay to win like that, right I mean like [__ ] yes i hate them i just like

every game that comes out as a blockchain game is popular because it's a blockchain game so look at this i will look at this shrimp historically i will see it is doing too well how about ArcheAge too well this was initially confirmed to be in development in 2020 we don't do not I know a lot about the game aside from the fact that an Unreal Engine five will be made or just the game takes place in the same world as the original arcade bringing a different moment in a parallel Dimension yeah Spring League 2021 cocoa games announced in an earnings report l 'arcade 2 will not be ready until at least 2024. considering that the arcade took seven years to go well, I personally would not expect anything playable from arcade 2. we will be able to play arcade after the ashes of the arc kids creation H2 after the creation of Ash until 2026. so there is some hope for a good MMO for fans of our cage, I think there are two games i on the horizon that will attract the other, the first is a huge open world game of Throne and Freedom released in 2023 by ncsoft in development for nine years, it is basically lineage 3 with Castle sieges The bosses of the world, the fighting of action, Dungeon and raid, however it doesn't seem to have the ocean content that ArcheAge has, maybe it's so big that they will add in a later date, though, but the great and true spiritual successor of Arcade and Lineage 2 will be creation ash this is l Most anticipated upcoming MMO and I recently made a great video about it that you should check out we are watching this is planning on having all the best bits of the arcade player hosting the giants of naval combat huge open world sea monsters and so on i think we can expect to see persistent alpha 2 for ashes in the first quarter or second quarter of 2023 with a full third quarter or fourth quarter release of 2024, but that's all just me speculating it will take a while ArcheAge was undoubtedly an MMORPG that was way ahead of its time but ultimately unable to reach its full potential the memories people had of this game during beta test and launch w we will talk about it forever with pure nostalgia, hopefully someday, whether it's arcade 2 throne and freedom or the ashes of creation, we will have a game that brings

reunite fans of this style of MMO to create new memories, new guild rivalries and new drama as you sail the open sea as a ruthless band of pirates in search of commercial packs to steal, shout out to Hero Wars for sponsorship about 10 years ago, thanks for watching destroy that button I like it as your try on worlds trying to destroy an MMO and see you in the next one yeah I know the lazy peon went pretty hard in this game I'm pretty sure so like he was probably upset that he didn't do it That's okay as well as yes watch the video of narc on Arcade 2. I will do it tomorrow, I don't feel like I will watch it today, but I could do it tomorrow and there is a video for which we have seen lazy peon videos [__] always people complain about release dates he comes out early and they rush no, that's every time I'm just memendo just like I mean the truth is that whenever the G Ico come out i'm ready to play, that's all, whether it's now or [__] later like anything, i just wanna play game every time it comes out that's how you watched the new Josh Stripe Hayes video no, i haven't really been far behind i'm like three days behind on videos guys i know it's hard its like homework for me i gotta watch so many youtube videos don't worry i will do more tomorrow and uh yeah new ass video i will watch listen guys i have a lot to watch ok uh arcade it all started 120 founders pack the thing is man like they didn't do it someone else would do it like every game does something that will make them money so that's just the way they work things this is the way games are literally that simple ok guys how smart we are about this i need to watch youtube video you are disconnected oh alright i mean there are no uh there are no poll signals thu right I'm pretty sure there are

not so yeah i'm chilling out man wait for a second i was stressing out games get delayed and then turn into new world on release uh new world took a year to reach good status i mean like new world is delayed because they changed the focus of the game a couple of times so it makes sense that it was delayed let's be honest and Asthma posted a new video we watch it no I won't like it I mean that video sucks let's be honest yes they are horrible see the Donkey's new video is pretty big news no i will watch it later probably tomorrow or something uh i go on now no cues no the reason the game doesn't have any signal is because they created a second fresh start server and allowed the that's why the signals are gone it's not that the signals aren't gone because people have no interest in the game it's the opposite is that the interest and it got so high that we now have two servercountdowns


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