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 oh we're going south oh this is basically scotland uh cuz gala region is like a uk upside down dads stop and stop following me already i go on a dynamax adventure in the maxler and i don't need you to raise me on the neck , i know a much funnier place than that moldy old place are you ready for a lot of quality time with the coolest dad ever what a generous and totally unwanted offer afraid of having to say no thanks come on go nia be reasonable or prepare to be ultra mega embarrassed daddy's noble unleashed roar yes i will make a hard pass thanks to this i will also make a hard pass compete yourself i'm pretty fierce in battle we are just fighting dad he has unique battle music so you face pokemon trainer dad the fighting theme unique starts immediately from the cupcakes which is level 70 we may actually be in trouble in some of these fights son or significantly stronger than before i just did it i dont understand why dad is so scared y unique battle theme i guess this is not my place to brag eleven thousand dollars from dad my dear dad disappeared wherever you went my sweet ny dear daughter are you sure that sweet is the word what does it mean in both cases what does it actually mean? brought her here so we can have a real father-daughter journey, the first in centuries and now that we're here she grabs the first traitor she finds makes him a lure and legs is just her backward way of showing her dad she loves them i know i show love to my parents by running away in fear of them that's the kind of girl she's ultra mega glamorous isn't it she saw you then less take care of those strong pokemon of yours ok see you later dad comes dad ok this guy is a little too excited to be dad he's a little too excited well there's only one [__] gargantuan sign like jesus they give you only this for free he's a big boy too he's from level 65 oh my god it will be interesting to watch sword ba ck e

shield now as with the dlc added because i believe there will be a considerable amount of content now oh nothing tested oh that's okay man oh i was the last of its kind oh there's the abominable snowman it's just that i'm me i'm just chilling here it's Obama snow i don't think that's just what they were doing at all okay and it's alright this super mega numb of a scientist insists on getting in my way we can start a counter move to the ultra mega dynamic adventure that is a [__] giratina forms a team of four traitors to set out to discover the mysterious maxler, see if you can find the legendary pokemon you are said to be waiting for in the deepest part of this unusual lair, on the right it seems that all this is a bit 'beyond me so i will just go ahead and start cracking this is how daddy will go on the dynamic adventure i will probably do it with a dinner or as a reward i will also let you keep some one just one pokemon you catch along the way ok so this is like a series of dynam ics battles then battle one is just a quack gum we can't just cheat the system using as a zekrom this time it's a little bit dramatic oh good god how are you going to fight the [__] son ​​seems to be kinda kind to us at least he didn't just kill us with a click of his fingers oh he's actually on the ground ok like a local 12 year old catches the sun same time as solar eclipse the global warming no more we did we saved the planet choose the pokemon you like to keep yeah you know quagsire really does it for me would you give sogaleo a nickname it's like i am the sun god oh fear and hit worship me i will call you son um cute peony to properly meet you and about you what's your name observer name boris that's how they talk in london england so my dad is coming here too i didn't see him while s i turned around and found himself at the entrance I bet you can manage taking my place in my old man's adventure no thanks I don't want to be there it has evolved but we have to see what happens if we team up with dad for the adventure I'm stealing dad it's my daddy now oh daddy is dead it hurts and hurts ultra mega they add one to the counter what about then the last one you did find my darling nia I did it but she doesn't want to be your daughter anymore to be honest I don't I know if

I want to be a daughter or do you know I burned the candle at both ends looking for the best route I could for the sake of my dear nia like this poor man like this is just a dad who is really trying hard to bond with his son and her son is just like nah i have no one like god is so shivering daddy i dont wanna hang out with you and try to push her to do what i want to do probably won't win me no dad of the year awards oh god i love it just then what's your name boy can you be my dad we will adopt it now its a super mega awesome answer add one to the counter just what i was hoping to hear let's go freeze its a town only a short distance why should you name your town freezing which just seems like a bad bad sign like if you got hypothermia like this is the name in like a desert town in a sunstroke you could be here to know the legend of the king of the generous also rec most yes, you will come here to investigate what you seem to be a simple fairy tale but since you have made the trip I have to offer you this freezing specialty as a souvenir you have a boat neck sweatshirt of fame freezing that's exactly what I want it if you like it see what the king really was like as if I suggest you take a look at the statue someone just painted on the ice for goodbye as you feel the crown tundra feel free to get your lead pokemon out of its ball and carry it for a walk yes that's okay that's what we want to see cupcake is with us on the field oh and a lot of people are just born because you have a cosmog is a legendary pokemon sitting there oh its weird i found it shaking out of the village and I had to take it home maybe it would be better for a suitable trainer to take care of it if only I could find one reliable lady lady i am here crown tundra is famous for carrots s i maybe you will be interested in getting some carrot seeds as a souvenir yes please how about swapping bring me eight pieces of oar dinite and i give you the seats ok what carrot seeds will do which are so valuable i feel like i am buying beans magical

right now apparently this is important for the plot somehow they are just carrot seeds around here they have some weird and mysterious legends, for example a huge pokemon head known as the king of bountiful crops not to mention a huge red tree where the legendary flying pokemon also collect these big dot-faced giants sleeping in some ruins or something, if i had done it my way i would do it with my dear nia oh it's the poor man but who knows what they say that even casual encounters can bring to cheer up full friendships uh he's a dad like this king, he ties up with his loyal steed or whatever you call him, he runs deep so I had to name this expedition I would call it the sacred bonds of the ruler and of the steed oh thanks I guess this should be a super mega ball capper use it where you think you should oh my god he drew it himself he drew all these ok I take it I have need oh we have to talk to him again my cushions caught your attention eh rydo ultra mega a nice not another for the counter just the shape and firmness I need and I took it off you want me to deliver my ultra pillow mega comfy add to the counter do you think my pillow has something to do with a legendary pokemon yeah ultra mega seriously oh well this is like leon mentioning his charizard one more time like they need to remind you this guy finds what ultra mega goes well go on then you'd better make sure you track down that legend or i'll be ultra mega on your ass oh [__] it'll be that simple oh yeah that's just there question my question popped up our question mark oh will it be like gold and silver where after you have to name your rival oh no you have seen my ID card and then you have to go to the police and the officer is like his name is like you asshole he was asshole trust me i saw his the dentification is so disproportionate i hate it oh i had to have to uh i was gonna try to get it boy wha there i heard a

big ruckus coming from down here oh hey daddy how are you oh did dad notice how imposing daddy you can't just say it oh no ah yes a sturdy body just like i expected i hope he doesn't mind that i do use it for now oh god i was possessed i am cali rex i am the one known as the king of the bountiful harvest wish you to talk to the villagers and ask if they remember the king of bountiful crops i tried to ask them themselves you understand they treated me like some kind of creature from fairytale or they flew in a mild panic to my side please kindhearted human please help me he's saying it like a kindhearted human but actually he owned dad right now and it's pretty terrifying what's happening to him is like stuck like a pocket dimension in his brain i think his name was calvin how he was callista that's right you can see it from here it looks like the people of this earth really have forgot the bond they once shared with me because he doesn't just go over there if people are scared of him like there are 40 abominable snowmen just like beyond the fence they could just cause an avalanche on the whole city only if the faithful steve were to come back to me i would regain something i lost is that a pokemon oh able to find any information i ask you that you will let me know is that it will be a different legendary pokemon so a horse oh hey dad must have fallen asleep where i felt sorry for that boss it's a very logical explanation the loyal steed of king yo which reminds me i know a lawyer named steve and moto motostoke i wonder what the lawyers are up to steve thanks for the help an old book i read a long time ago said the la the king's loyalty was particularly fond of a certain special vegetable my memory is no longer what it used to be I can't remember what it is the so desired steed is carrots while carrots can be grown in the crown tundra they have quite unusual growth habits when grown under the heap zone

these substantial roots tend to develop into frozen fruit carrots when grown in stretches close to where many souls are resting shadow root carrots will be your crop ok it's a scenario like it's in armor island where you have a cub you have the little bear pokemon type and there were like two towers to teach it how a different fighting technique um i think we can make a similar choice here ok well we have to go for the ghost steed type wait what is this yes there oh sonja is back i think a certain trio of legendary pokemon could be lurking somewhere in these lands easily there are many legendaries coming back if you want some proof then look there look at those footprints you found proof of the pokemon iron will is the two percent of the data you need oh no please don't tell me there are 50 no no more no no we could find more evidence to collect the one hundred percent of the data you had for track down these legendary pokemon and i bet we could use my pokemon finder to figure it out what habitats they live in i think you could try to spot more evidence like this and report them to me you would find out oh it's happening again i mean it might only be 50 for all three if it's zlatan it might not be that much but if it's like 50 for each and like we're here for a while there's one no it's 50 for each oh there's only one ruin sitting here it's me peony how is it boss what is it you found somewhere rooney looking for i dont feel one ever was able to open it if all this is true i think i call this particular adventure the terrible lurking titans locked up what is this lets ring the piercing note that will wake up the steel giant tonight oh wow it's that simple

oh they have the music behind there he is a boy of steel jesus is level 70. as if the cupcake just conquered the world i have to use a shiny wulu to catch all the legendary pokemon now okay how many balls will it take because as in i old games it would take you forever to catch even one of these guys i wonder if they will really like to call him back for that no yes it looks like it could be what it was before i agreed here a little so what is your technique catch, for example, press down and b hold them together l and r together as you throw the ball and then you have to repeatedly tap a as the ball closes because you know it's all in the technique and if if you don't catch it because i'm holding i'm pressing a repeatedly right now this is my technique don't [__] steal it yes i did it right this is how i got it the cupcake grew to level 100 oh this is we're just celebrating tonight you did it cupcake i wonder if village humans grow some carrots you have even one seed in it I would grow a carrot on my own yeah i jumped the gun near the stairs you say you got carrot seeds that weird bag contains cat seeds this is when you are really struggling to make the words count in your essay a carrot seed in this jar a container appears to be a bag containing the fruit and the carrot child one is a field covered with immaculate snow the other is the graveyard oh no there is one farm here too there is a farm here too which is as smart as a field near gravestones oh it led that we are far enough from base camp dad will be scared when he comes out of this

oh daddy is dancing too much rumble rumble rumble here I made a carrot oh it is already here apparently it is just straight a new pokemon ghost no this is a shadow mirror this is just a shadow mirror from oblivion but from direction where he escaped and must be headed to the village in an attempt to loot the carrots there it is true then freezing is in danger the calories it doesn't matter steve only here if you are not picky so this is a unicorn i don't know how common those are all carrots will be mine stop shay here we go cupcake we did it we killed a horse it's going for the old lady um i mean they are doing their best with animation main hair belonging to the king of generous crop beloved steed ghost the hair it is very smooth to the touch in fairy tales it is said that by braiding the hair of the loyal steed together with a radiant flower cultivated by the king it is possible to create the kingdoms of unity that bound the parents and g with his status oh dad is possessed and even the people in the village do not see this happening this man is hanging in the air even though the scare of pokemon must recognize this boy many centuries since I was able to become such a radiant flower doing drain most of my power whatever why some of my power seems to have come back to me right now it is convenient to pass those materials to the oar ok i have the pedal i got my hair now what should i do with him i think that both he took his hair it's just like he grabbed a handful it's like he's okay it's just a dad it's just do it yourself yeah watch it weave we spared no expense on the animation budget oh yeah he just does the reign of 'unit you do it right it was really easy to sew all the clothes of my dear rebellious daughters for nothing you know oh god and her daughter again

he doesn't want to hang out with him like he's literally doing everything like this dad tries too hard daughter he just doesn't care got ultra mega surprise and jump we didn't have time to read it but he said ultra mega surprise there add one at the ghost counter is making his home in the crown shrine it is a place where me and my loyal steve spent a lot of time together i avoided this place because i was afraid of getting trapped in my own nostalgia just like the developers of the pokemon series uh constantly reinventing kento you know i am just saying there are only so many forms of charizard we need to walk along with a living snow crystal um is lead with cryogenol yes we go there you would always use zap cannon because the [__] can shoot cannon oh no poor cupcake ok we're fine send the cupcake back here we had some technical difficulties I remember when I was a kid like a or these fights went on for almost an hour you won the timer ball you think I want use the timer ball now then I only have one here, all right just so you can turn it up so we can take it off everyone's system right here the only ball of the timer goes

with my powers restored to approve your word beyond doubt and i will lend you my strength in your journey we will fight them as on top of other pokemon calories since one caloric has two abilities one of them is nervous is level 80. come on on the cupcake oh Jesus from the cupcakes oh oh we're hitting hard keep going two three that was easy oh i have a shy temper too oh it's really cool thank you for protecting the village from that terrible pokemon bully i think i can trust you for take care of my dear fool would you be willing to do it we have a cosmogo oh would you give him a nickname but the name has already arrived keep it intact don't let it change oh well i guess one of them is right here is gallerian maltress there are zapdos and we too have articuno zapdos is a chicken yes the zapdos forget how the fly oh we will be murdered is running away god look poor zapdos is doing his best wait for the boss there are last news on t told on television that deceptive bird pokemon are popping up left and right this is federal spiky in the wild area what is the fire one watching on armor island oh ok and these cute and wacky seemingly flying in the tundra of the crown wouldn't be something if they turn out to be the bird pokemon i wrote that clue about that if that were the case i think i call this expedition something like a legendary tree of a legendary tree they are doing the same joke we do now i'm gone and ultra mega completely forgot what i called you for in the first place well life is too short sweat the little things boss that huge tree you should give it a shake i just wanted the object how can i shake this tree realistically a huge tree doesn't move an inch shake it more shake it more shake it more oh something that moves the upper branches shake it more swoop down

from the tree and I pulled a pokemon in you then I think I'm dead oh oh no he's the final boss oh [__] he's Peter Griffin he's back for revenge hey lois I did the dynamaxed I can't make a peter griffin the voice has him cupcake oh god he's strong oh no oh no oh god I gotta heal oh no he's going to wipe out us cupcakes because he's so strong well this is the best dynamax match in the whole game like this is the best for which battle the ages like we should defeat Peter griffin has been the final boss all this time its like i have fought arceus in previous pokemon games and it is not comparable to this battle this is the clevatic ending that cali rex has not gotten none is as true as it is more intense and dramatic than like the real battle legendary this is come on you have been defeated aftershocks of the battle have caused many berries to fall from the tree you have been thirsty cranberries 10 citrus berries and a berry of landsat 20 tomato berries 15 hondu berries five cap berries a star berry I would have taken it if he gave me the opportunity to take it I would have thrown my master ball at you


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