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10 Nintendo Switch eShop Games Worth Buying - Episode -

 it's summer it's like a hundred degrees outside you don't want to be out there roasting yes alabasta gameis skin you want to stay inside watching my videos but also playing some video games but the fact is that the eShop is such a big and scary place where you will find ten good games worth buying this is ten plus each of the games worth buying take the game count to one hundred and sixty for the ones that aren't bad at math i used two calculators you haven't seen the other videos well you have a some time to catch up after this because all these games today are games released in the last few weeks, like what can you do with all that money you just saved using scotia instead of trying to learn it elsewhere i will probably buy some eShop games let's talk about some super smash sakurai worth buying as the sign up button and hit the girl you guys might remember I ran into this period last year, i recommended it be good: it's adorable surprisingly fun it has ex

_Toxic Parse Culture Is Ruining Classic -

 toxic parseculture is ruining Wrath of the Lich King this is a very popular topic that people complain about all the time in Wrath and this is in Burning Crusade and classic wow and to be honest it's also retail wow like it's not a classic problem happening guys Stacey if you are like that right now there is a huge discussion going on on classic wrath forums about whether or not to analyze the culture of partisan culture Warcraft log culture whatever you want to call it is ruining classic anger, so I think it's a huge [__] overestimation anyone with a brain knows it's not ruining classic anger is [__] stupid there are a lot of people who like to analyze the problem is that people they analyze at the expense of completing the raid and analytics has become such a big deal because people are rated based on their analytics because it's like oh well you can easily say like oh never mind q hen your analyzes are good but if you want to join a guild and you have bad analyz

$900___ For This Mount_ Part 2

 it does most of the time you just do a job but yeah go out there drop a rack its not a big deal hey its the one who is married to a new husband or a waifu is literally something you will pretty much never use but with the their decline in terms of active players in the Chinese version and also their decline in active players in the global version no wonder they implement things like this to try to increase to try and strengthen their overall monthly financials now if you are looking for something to play that ain't Tower fantasy I have two different videos on screen right now, one detailing some absolutely amazing anime gotcha games coming up that you need to check out, you can't miss these games and the other describing in detail the most populated gotcha games currently available in 2022. these are the gotcha games you need to play right now a 900 i was going to watch this too but like before doing a 900 Mount bro oh my God look at it oh my God look at it all in the same cal

$900___ For This Mount_ Part 1

 a 900 Mount bro oh my God fantasy Community is apparently up in arms for something I feel while still substantially smaller than the Genjin Community, they are becoming more or less just as tired and toxic what they are angry about today is a two-seater quantity of two people Mount wow which is currently available or will be in the future or was it in the Chinese version which is all used which costs up to 900 US dollars to get it yes it looks like nine hundred dollars to those guys I'll be honest I 'gotta say something gotta say what we all thought this [__] it's not worth nine hundred dollars it's not worth 900 dollars it's not worth 900 guys who's with me who's with me it's too much money it looks like this dog [__] you're paying 900 potentially for this the thing is as if the mount looks like alright is about a price of 900 before going further I just want to take a moment here to thank all the absolute Chad and chats that support this channel v