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 why facebook and instagram have failed i think facebook has somehow fallen where this price drop started on 2nd february 2022 when facebook and instagram parent company lost 230 billion dollars worth less than 24. jesus just to give you an idea of ​​how much money 230 billion dollars is the total GDP of new zealand being the value of every single product or service produced by the whole country for the whole year was only 210 billion, less than what facebook lost in a day on a holy day [__] in February when meta set the record for the highest-day of decline in the value of the shares because the story to put it simply this was the day Facebook revealed to the public that it is the 'usage of the site that revenue has decreased oh yes i showed on the screen is a graph showing the amount o f Facebook users active daily for the past 10 years for each quarter, in addition to the first three months of the At the pandemic, the growth of Facebook's user base has been almost eerily consistent, however if we take a look at the end of 2021 for the first time in the website's user growth history flattened basically by looking at the graph for monthly users of Facebook compared to Facebook daily users the data is similar only 0.1% growth is as if a similar market saturation point is reached as if everyone is already everyone knows what facebook everyone knows what instagram as well as if you're not there right now it's not like oh oh [__] facebook it's time to really go get it as well as most of the people who like it where is that new audience from that new audience is from the young right there it's like there are new 13-year-olds logging into social media for the first time every year, that's how time works, but all those 13-year-olds are ticking or something like that. black or on twitter also mainly tic tac and other websites like that instead of facebook very few of them are going on facebook

this is what their parents use October to January 0.8 percent January to April and then also a 0.07 drop from April to July surprisingly or perhaps unsurprisingly that Instagram follows a similar trend to Facebook nothing else that growth from 2015 to 2021, at which point stagnation strikes because well the first reason behind the stagnation of Facebook and Instagram user growth is somehow an impressive problem that they are struggling with human population limits and have run out of new countries to expand out of the eight billion people on earth three billion access Facebook at least once a month leaving five billion people who don't use them brother that's [__] crazy that almost half the world uses a website oh my god the regular service of these 5 billion remaining 1.7 billion living countries such as china, iran and russia where facebook and instagram have been banned by the government leaving only 3.3 million ardi who do not use the service according to an article written by new york t another 3 billion months do not use the internet at home or on their phones and in some of the most populous countries in the world, including pakistan, bangladesh and nigeria, most of the people are not online, I think it's important to keep this in mind whenever someone thinks "I'm unlucky to talk about how unlucky they are, you know on the Internet or you know they are commenting on YouTube like oh man, things are not going very well for me, you know i'm a little [__] in life thinking about how many people literally don't even have internet access is not that crazy and as if rng to spawn this is automatically putting you an edge over them which is astronomical as if i could look up and find out how to become a mechanic how to learn engineering how to get to know uh you know like heart surgery something like this on the internet and these people don't they have it so it's important to keep in mind that you know it's always easy to look at people who have more than you but sometimes it's also important to look at people who have less and remind yourself that you know it could be worse if you then take consider 15 more of the world population who are under 10, making them too young to use them social media then pile up on hordes of people

who have made a deliberate effort to boycott social media altogether, the Facebook and Instagram problem becomes obvious that humans are running out in a time-written article titled Inside Facebook's Plan to Wire the World but it's so ridiculous that is working to literally provide the entire third world with the internet because now that's the only way the meta can reach new people connecting the whole world would literally not be possible unless everyone in the world was on the internet, so zuckerberg has decided to make sure everyone is this sounds like the kind of thing you say you will do but in reality you never will but zuckerberg is doing it obviously it is because those are people who will use his website and do it more [__] money obviously wants to go to these like random african tribes and be like hey you wanna join facebook you know and they don't know what [__] facebook they have never seen a compute r first but hey you know you gotta get them there is in chandali today in a campaign to make sure literally every single human on earth has an internet connection we really want to get the next billion people online and if we can play a role then it is something that i personally care a lot it is selfish for zuckerberg to connect the whole world to the internet just so he can bring more people on facebook and instagram or is it a win-win situation for all it is definitely a win-win situation for all because under no circumstances point over time it is forcing them to use facebook yes this is absolutely a good thing its an ethical conundrum to consider however this may not even be the main issue as meta is not just running out of new people to present services to but those who are currently active on services they go in droves somewhat hilariously Facebook has lost 1 or 30 million of its own users due to that annoying little thing known as death and with 12.1% faceb ook's user base being over 55, this number will inevitably increase as time goes on, but Facebook should probably be less worried about the

boomer and a little more concerned about zoomers as the biggest loss in Facebook user numbers comes from younger generations, well yeah it's kids like no child who is 14 will become a Facebook man and one of the other reasons why people don't want to make facebook it's because facebook asks for your personal information nobody wants to put their [__] surname their phone number and their Internet address [__] it's just the truth as if they don't want to do it anymore like why how at first you would and it's like it's okay what could go wrong ok now we spent 10 years discovering every single thing that could go wrong so now i think only on a [__] if you have all these huge flags redheads you would never want to do in 2018 Facebook demographics started to follow a very interesting trend there has been an increase in older generation users, a small change compared to middle-aged ones and a rather substantial loss of users under the age of 25. I also think one of the reasons is because a lot of times Facebook has like more, I guess you can tell how conservative media and older people are probably more conservative like whenever you hear about memes about what the covid virus really is uh you know like some kind of weird microchip most of those things come out of facebook you see what i'm saying and how none of these things is like a causal factor it's like everyone joining together and it's like they are all the sum like there is the hole but there are many parts that make up the hole so this is like 10 percent 15 something like this a year later, in 2019 another data was released supporting a similar trend only to a more serious extent there was a slight increase

from the old barely no change for the middle-aged crowd and still a huge 17-year drop in just two years for those using Facebook under the age of 34. i really appreciate them putting my age in the younger group by the way it's really very nice of them to do it um so i can still feel like you know uh you know what i mean and so uh anyway i don't use much facebook anymore just like i don't really like using it uh now everytime i go on facebook uh there are a lot of girls you previously know that i was dating or you don't really let me rephrase these hot girls that i knew they were hot but i would never talk to them and they would never speak well to me yeah now i am fat and have three kids and um i like my friends who have gained like 150lbs and have health issues its like i ever want to have an existential crisis [__] i log into facebook that's what yes i like [__] that man is awful after seeing him g this data unsurprisingly Facebook has also earned the title of a social media retirement home, he has certainly developed a reputation as a social media. me platform mainly used by the older generation, the problem with this is that the younger generation want to use any social media app their friends are on as opposed to the app the grandmother is on i think it's also that kids don't they want to use an app full of a group of adults like every time you are 15 you don't want to be in a space with a group of people of 55 you want to be in a space with other 15 year olds other kids like that every time you are on Facebook and you see like there were all these [__] seniors it's like that the [__] is like you feel uncomfortable, right, I mean, I know when I was a kid it was even weird every time I went like high school and c 'were people who were 20 years old. it's like wow like this person this is like a full adult [__], I'm about 16 years old stuff like that and even though it was only four years away, it's just a completely different situation [__], this could also explain why she became a such a trend

for young people to hate on facebook who the hell uses the most facebook is undoubtedly something you have heard from a friend or your favorite big influencer and it seems that this attitude is seriously damaging the platform as when you look at most recent data on how many young people are using the platform in 2022 the numbers start to get scary its really crazy how youtube has held such a [__] uh how high level of kid involvement for kind over 15 is really impressive like no other platform maybe as i guess you can tell like snapchat yes i guess it is another but as apart from that i mean many of the others are not really there google and youtube are immune to social problems somehow it is because they are not based on people but based on content when teenagers Americans were interviewed from 2014 to 2015 71 claimed to have used Facebook, however in the last few seven years this number has more than half a two percent repr ebbing the biggest decline from any social media platform and looking a little closer at the terrain displayed on the screen the reason becomes damn obvious competition teens just don't find value anymore in Facebook there are now well over five social media platforms strongly positioned to scroll endlessly I think it is an important factor that children do not want to be a platform to be on a platform where adults, their parents and their parents, friends can see what they are doing I think it's a big [__] factor because as I know it was a factor for me and it's not sustainable for our minds to compartmentalize or prioritize our relationship with all of them for time and health reasons mental, people need to eliminate platforms that are starting to lack value - add the facebook incentive that teens organizations often associate their parents with little to offer gen z Zuckerberg himself also echoed this sentiment when the price of the meta shares began to decline seven months ago he said t as they were facing unprecedented levels of competition and that people they have a lot of choices on how they want to spend their time and apps like tick are growing very fast going back to the data we can see that the big four social media platforms of generation Z are snapchat at number four instagram at number three

tick on number two and youtube in front of us with over 95 percent of us teenagers using it is crazy as we like to upload to instagram sometimes but i look like a homeless school so i usually spend my time browsing instagram rather than uploading about it and uh tick uh the only time I go tick is watching videos of myself to see if you know I've had any good ones recently, yeah it was funny I said that thing that was a good and it's about i don't i don't surf tick-tock I'm going to expose sodapoppin so we were recording a video and soda was like not recording at that moment and he was scrolling without irony tiktok actually was sitting watching the tick, yeah, looks like a tic-tac user, can't believe it, I'm sure he'll blame him as his girlfriend who let him in or something, but you know you just figured guys should know that looking into each of these four grand the platforms the value they add or th The advantage they have is obvious youtube video in long form tick tack video in short form instagram images and photography snapchat photo messages twitter also has a distinguishable advantage as a platform for those who want to follow politics and the world of celebrities, however when you look at facebook the value it adds or the advantage it has is not so obvious that the general vibe that facebook gives is that it is a weaker and watered down version of the four most popular apps combined and is diversified to the point that instead of being strong in one area it's just a little bit weak in all areas when facebook just think a more important factor is they make you put your real name and ask you how your address and [__] so i just think it immediately turns folks out now like apart from any other market trend you just have the one like for me if anyone wants me to sign up for something and I have to write a phone number an e-mail address an address anything ng so i don't is oh but you get the free one oh it's free how much it cost my [__] phone number that was put on your list some calls so I can sell it to people who have some kind of a thing to sell me into in six months the [__] out of here the free books stock price started to drop by seven

months ago zuckerberg announced that he would focus on short format video, but it goes without saying that Facebook's algorithm is poor compared to YouTube and tick and what's the point of going to Facebook to see your friends' photos when they are posted on instagram however facebook definitely has a bit of an edge with messenger but this is still in close competition with snapchat instagram twitter and a good old fashioned text message maybe this is also why zuckerberg started focusing and 10 billion dollars in creation of the metaverse understand that the advantage of facebook lies in providing the best wow that looks pretty cool dude can't wait guys i dont know why mark zuckerberg can't like this guy he's a [__] nerd he's a nerd who apparently plays civilization all the time and it's as historical as uh [__] engineering stuff why don't you do the metaverse in some [__] medieval world like online sword art why don't you do something [__] nice man what [__] is this horse [__] you don't even like what you are doing man do something nice yes only yes i would be like we have to have like a woolly mammoth inside or something like a uh like a horse you can ride on will be awesome as a zebra circumstances for online social interaction if zuckerberg can pull it off in a way that is interesting, accessible to all and not cranky, sounds like a pretty cool concept despite the metaverse train moreover, the metaverse is theoretically a product that will appeal to the younger audience that is leaving Facebook en masse I don't know if the younger audience would really be attracted to a metaverse I'm not sure if it's really true I think a metaverse as a metaverse as a problem is as a solution looking for a problem as if I don't think people really care [__] an article written by forbes this is st I've been highlighted as the main reason behind me developing taverse if he wants an app to win back young people, he'll have to build it himself and zuckerberg seems to believe a virtual reality-focused metaverse will where rey is working on our team to make it young adults our North Star, said on Wall Street last week conference called the other thing that

zuckerberg seems to love him is that, as evidenced by previous data, it seems that many of the young former Facebook users are simply migrating to his other instagram product which is clearly not in the same dire straits that Facebook is in, however it is not like instagram hasn't been without complaints recently what the hell is going on with the new instagram update may 2022 why instagram has changed the app looks different and users hate it june 2022 because there is someone giving a [__] to this like me 'I've never used instagram for like 10 years or something I don't give a [__] what the app is like as long as I can look at the pictures like I don't know I just browse like I literally just don't give a [__] it's like it's annoying for a couple of days every time they change the way the website works, but then I get used to it again and it's like it's okay whatever I don't know maybe I maybe n I'm not interested enough to be ann looking at me everyone tells me that instagram is garbage now and what does tick tock have to do with july 2022 all these articles touch on the exact same current complaint on instagram is moving away from its roots in an attempt to become tick is something twitter and youtube are doing too youtube is doing it with shorts twitter tried to do it by incentivizing video upload stuff like this many of the different companies are trying to let you know that the tick-tock has pretty much the whole pie in this moment terms like vod content in very short form and i think all these other platforms are also trying to get a piece of that snapchat pie yeah shorts are [__] stupid i don't think that's a problem as i like youtube shorts i wear i dont think they are a problem they are not a problem at all to me i think they are fun was once a place for food travel photos maybe short videos and stories like facebook your instagram feed was mostly full of people y you know or the brands or influences you chose to follow now everything has changed even though it seems like instagram is trying to make the tick because of these drastic

platform changes kendall jenner and kim kardashian would both post a story for their 686 million instagram followers combined do instagram again instagram stop trying to tick i just want to see cute pics of my friends honestly all but its not like celebs have been the only ones to notice such changes if i really wanted another tick on my phone i would download tick which happens with instagram feed you should all be competing not to copy lmao this new immersive instagram feed must be one of the worst app updates I've ever seen lol in a split second my instagram with my mostly photo canon turning into video i love tik tok for what it is but this is [__] they ruined instagram that What's even more fun is that, despite making all these changes, an article published this month from Wall's diary Street pointed out that instagram is still nowhere near competing with the tick tock the article stated that cumu instagram users lately are spending 17.6 million hours a day watching the reels less than a tenth of 197.8 million. of hours users spend each day on that platform real engagement has decreased by 13.6% in the previous four weeks and that most reel users have no engagement of any kind by returning to Instagram's quarterly revenue chart, these negative changes seem to be reflected in the flatline scene over the past 12 months Instagram is encountering the same problem as Facebook trying to compete with everything as it loses the edge in the process I think the reality is that um facebook is actually a lot of people I think with facebook just don't want to enter their personal information it's literally that simple in my opinion i think in the the moment you ask someone to enter their address to enter their [__] phone number to enter in the last name most people don't, the [__] comes out very quickly and I think even with Instagram trying to become more like tick-tock yes I don't think it's a problem and in the end I'm not surprised they are trying to do it, I think the problem is not that Instagram is trying to compete with tick-tock, it's

that Instagram is cannibalizing the already existing audience they have and the type of content they have provided to deliver things that should compete with ticking instead of that, so I think it's really the problem that I don't think people would care if there they were reels if they were just in an ever-changing section that you don't have to click on, but every time they are pushed to your feed over and over and over, I think people are going to be annoyed because they get bombarded with this thing for which they haven't signed up and i can understand why people are frustrated about it to me i guess i don't know as i don't really know sounds weird but like i literally don't give a damn at all [__] about this like everytime i go to instagram if i see a stupid picture or something like that i scroll all the way and i'm like no, i see another picture i'm like no, i don't want to see it and i don't even really think about it as if i was yes very good i mean like with reading streams and stuff like watching streams read chats and everything like i'm very good just like fine-tuning stuff i don't want to see and so that's generally what i do is what happens new what explodes takes over every few years yeah well i think small videos have been popular for a long time i mean vine was popular 10 years ago tick has a lot of the same stuff that vine has or i did, it's not a surprise uh don't think about it yeah i don't even think about it it's just like it's just off and uh what is this here uh you like youtube shorts you get bombarded and then tic tac repos um i'm not sure exactly like i don't really have a lots of youtube shorts i mean sometimes whenever i like it let me go back and watch

a we see here and so these are just like the random youtube shorts here i dont like i mean i would probably never click any of these i dont really care as well as every time i see it i just scroll down i dont really i don't do it i don't pay for nothing i don't really get mad one or something like that but in general i don't give a [__] yes but i think there is an audience for shorts and stuff like that i don't think shorts are a bad thing for youtube i guess facebook is trying so hard to become an all in one app yeah i think some people don't want things to be compartmentalized for different reasons i think this is a nice video even if i mean obviously uh it's one of those things everyone likes everyone knows facebook is falling but one thing is to know that another is thin g to see the graphs i watch lots of sunny videos if you like the su or videos you should definitely subscribe and follow them they are great youtube shorts are so much better than tick tock only the content is inferior [__] i don't know the man like i watch what i watch as i imagine like i don't have an opinion like that great about those youtube shorts are optimized for mobile users yes maybe


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