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How to Exploit Youtube_ _ Asmongold

 don't export youtube don't upload you know how all the great creators are now making bogus guides on how to become famous online and charging you thousands of information to be said right today well the thing is like you go and sign up for one of these like [__] classes college cheats or buy ninja lessons in streaming i don't know i mean like you probably shouldn't have done it already possible i mean it's true even if just give you my best how in the end i will do my guides on how to stream ok guys and they will be [__] free I will only put the most absurd yet completely legitimate strategies on youtube using the youtube channel today we will discover how to grow youtube without ever posting a video welcome back to all of you majestic sausages to another classic spiffing bread video in which I use with condescension all the tools of the platform to do the exact opposite of what the developers intended today I will reveal to you as strategy that I have perfected on

How Blizzard Ruined WoW's Scourge Invasion Event

 oh yes i saw it uh actually they closed the scourge event i'm pretty sure yes let me go ahead and look at this so here we are yes they closed the zombie event now i also want to say this is exactly what happened in the old days , so you've just hit level 70 after tirelessly grinding all over the earth or maybe you've just upgraded and are in that goofy looking gear dad blizzard gave you ready to make your mark on the world, but there's only one big deal standing your way i need healing is right all this scourge invasion is ongoing and in full swing on azeroth or there are many of you who are returning to world of warcraft right now who have been away for a long time and maybe you're just not familiar with the game or the Wrath of the Lich King or how this expansion is about to begin, so I'd like to talk about it today and talk about some recent controversial decisions. if that took the blizzard that really divided the player base and You'll see what I mean

Holding Blizzard Accountable For The State of Classic WoW _ Asmongold Reacts to Staysafe -

 let's look at this community council holds blizzard responsible for classic server problems pretty lich king here come on holy jesus [__] ok ah this is big drama yeah this guy is like calling blizzard okay this guy's name is spelled evil is on the blizzard uh uh world of warcraft classic community advice mute the warnings as I read this and he is in the guild out of place i couldn't post until now but i have a lot to say here i will be sincere and try my best to i remain civil and what i am going to say because god only knows how rude i want to be right now i am extremely disappointed and angry the following this is from the blizzard agreement the blizzard developer said there is no technology to solve the server problem there i am no hardware solution has problems with this too uh oh our posters say this is blatantly false the technology and hardware both exist in the 2022 it's not impossible to have a scalable server service within a triple game that can host a lot m

Heroic Plus Revealed (WotLK Classic -

 The revealed Relic plus has finally arrived today, we'll be talking about the World of Warcraft launch experience, recap a lot of news from recent interviews and some blue posts in the days leading up to the launch, but let's start with the launch unsurprisingly the signals they had returned for many of the larger Realms, but they didn't start starting until I predicted that every single round was blocked before release to attempt to start alleviating the inevitable signs they stayed in that state and seeing how things turned out so far away they are very likely to stay that way even in my realm I feel like the blizzard has completely dropped the ball with these realms I will be completely honest I think they totally [__] dropped the ball as its just embarrassing how bad it is this Pinewood Village we climbed about 12 levels and wandered around, it all went a little bit low as if yes how much blizzard like I understand how they feel about it just because it uses like they

Elden Ring DLC -

 keep this in mind there may just be there may be more than one dlc how many dlc's we got for Dark Souls 2 were two or three open loop the dlc consoles looked pretty amazing and there is something exciting about getting into more well done the game world expanding content for a game you thought you recently ended up with bandai namco would be hacked by a ransomware group called alfv who leaked alleged information about upcoming game releases by sharing it on Twitter in the first place we don't support l 'hacking or any illegal acts on this channel and we fans of this game can eagerly wait and theorize about what's inside our present yet to open without having something I like uh I'm not a big fan of leaks or something like this is like it once is released in public, I feel like I have to talk about it, it is what it is, but in a perfect world it doesn't know will leak, I'm coming to open the thing, so looking at this title release sheet if true we can see va