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 alexa carlisle died according to the funeral invitation which is so natural it caused quite a stir when the late matriarch showed up at the breakfast table is margaret thatcher the [__] is black the revenant alexa carlyle and her three grown children younger brother zachary nephew and daughter-in-law are all gathered to conduct Carlisle's mock funeral curiously Carlisle summoned a famous London pi soon after arriving this morning but his purpose in Thornbridge is still unclear officer I can assure you that I am the real phineas whitner I am here to investigate Madame Carla's murder this morning maybe i should do some self-detection oh no you don't oh i missed this my name is not spectrocluso i'm just in a much more murderous mood oh they have to search me i will I have to check if you want to pass ok oh okay i'm not going this way no wonder someone died in this house you may be familiar c on the recent announcement of her I kill him I kill him or on stage he is not looking at me ok let me go on sorry there will be consequences if word gets around that madam carlyle is still alive i will consider her dead when i leave even if you worry that she is alive no problem the door was locked from the inside and a suicide note was found in her room

that three or four is one what you mean it's one that it's three or four one is not an option oh it's like oh thank god they go like you this [__] coaster outside is like the combination for the safe there is some other deer that have horns yes but there are some when the horns talk about horns which is a big old chandelier i can only know what if it looked expensive wait with the con duck just blow up the safe you can do it they have to ask what's going on upstairs in the office i think i better go see you later frank oh they have so many chandeliers let me they won't question it there is a boy sitting there i gotta do this i have to make him sit still let people look at the pros he just sat down again i break that window i can't help it i can't control myself mary he's so upset but he has never seen a dead body before from now you would like to see and one time oh boy better investigate something is going on over there they are just shooting at me as I walk away you can see the shots like damn it crossed the bridge we can't take it now oh my job won't let me leave the property how it's like the neighbors vineyard we can't we can't monitor that there will be a cause out now before they see you no they found us once they find us again keep your head down I'll take care of it this is just a club because there is it's a club we're in the woods you know you look like a man who needs to let off some steam i accept oh you're a bit stiff yeah i'd like to join your club and find entertainment i just have to do a quick routine check if you want get rid of illegal items in my inv oh me oh my god have you seen that brick what the hell is going on i don't like this monkey spider thing i have got a shaking finger on the trigger oh you like it hard i have s i just need a minute i dont even have any visuals you saw them i'm kind of houdini oh no i'm out of my

come on i go buy drugs i don't mind i'm excited to try it i'm just a sneaky drug dealer there's nothing suspicious here sorry i'm just a drug dealer he's [__] acid in the river like he likes to disintegrate the laptop here my old friend oh you're on hey tim he's calling only got a view on stoned idiots yeah you're the agent hey agent thames what was it you should go take a look I wonder where we might have gone 'alright let's go back if he don't take the car if it goes up doesn't seem like the brightest way to do it like there's a vehicle right there agent 47 so what are we breaking into the data facility in shattered china? from a man named hush the state-of-the-art server vault is biometrically wired to the overseers facilities you will find silence as he conducts his fringe experiments in an abandoned apartment building while imogen royce the archivist runs a daily data facility business ica i just hope that you know what you are doing47. wait you know that joker scene wait send the clowns you wanna know how i got these fears [music] i mean today is a really bad fish i'm sorry sir i can't let you pass ok what seems to be the problem here oh not now the usual sir you never feel like you're part of something you shouldn't be part of no i try to think pop song lyrics instead i mean it's good advice for life oh no let me take your disguise i need a male lab coat a apparently you will have to wait because the opportunity is not activating i want to be able to take part in the experiment oh no i knocked out the lady who was the opportune oh all right uh look at this duck how did she not take it you took that bastard get out of here I have to get out of here hey man oh wait I didn't want to take it off again I mean I wanted to close the door I didn't

do anything is a bar of soap i did it oh please god we're out i'm so sorry lady you didn't do anything wrong this chef dress is really uncomfortable geez nobody's listening i go in and change it none of us could talk aloud about this there was a box just oh well that's a shame sir i will have to check you if you wanna pass you can't leave here i can come in now hey you hey you oh no ok evening gentlemen i'm here for day work how it works whenever i need a disguise oh no I'm not i'm not very covered right now uh-huh i didn't wanna kill it oh come on here it all gotta take a little poison pill, i just need to get it to go to the toilet or something kind this will kill him right away oh the food is ready hey somebody help me when the doorbell rings it means the food is bad i am out of loan i am here for inspection no way you can go through that door 47. only opens for people with real security clearance damn tha is a bit strong its a really strong glass like this guy was full too ah well ok thanks me too

sure of this sure as i will ever be i just no no you can't do it don't delete diana it's specifically a target because as they just know it's something you will do yes sir i have the files i'm sorry it took so long but i had to log in to our hey i got a space bubble and you're in it oh my lord it's that cuckoo Akira i always wanted to see one in the wild have a better view that's her at the bar anxious i can do it let me not look this way yeah turn my head slightly don't look well business as usual and if i stay here oh i missed i have to be very careful with the shot here how did i get away with it? I dream of making wine by myself hey look man a penny something is playing tricks on me sorry while you were saying nothing command loyalty excuse me hey keep on look at that boy makes me anxious stop pacing back and forth man i will get to work on my declaration right away conclusive did not see me i spoke included my business partner ken you are really alone here ending up with the same partners oh you are so stupid so i shot one on the stairs in the middle of a party

gotta go oh my god it's awful ok grab a blanket uh guys this is the commando leader good evening gentlemen at ease guys i am just making my way to the front of the train no one is stopping me right now no as if no one notices about me is send them away this is just a waltz I don't think it makes sense to ask for help I have to connect the train I trust you already know what this is why you don't just take a lightsaber go ahead and then do your thing at least I die knowing who I am I know who am I the muffin man oh who shattered the glass that was a strong muffin punch okay don't underestimate the skills of a man with a blueberry muffin those guys will [__]


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