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 so this was a video that was linked to me and apparently i am in the video i dont know why the video is called more disgusting rooms in twitch room xqc its a mess it is on lsf it just moved it looks like one of those gaming centers on 4chan back in the days they were competing to outdo each other so they would have contributed and much like cigarette ash, old meals spilled urine and poop stains and [__] I don't know I don't think it's like I don't remember me i just remember it was a post, remember the [__] threads post your battle station and i am also pretty sure that in my original video i was also referring to my setup as a battle station this is what is called 4chan battle station we give look ok this is a nice piece he has here which is not even a big deal as everyone acts like this is a huge [__] problem which is probably just like a week of junk numer or one number two is all in the same spot on the floor that you could clean hat in five minutes less ah that's a beauty that's fine I love streaming from a holy dumpster [__] man its not a dumpster it's just that part of the room is where does the trash go wow makes it look like it's not him it was like a thief walked in and left all his mcdonald's bags on the floor incredibly messed up bro can't believe he's right yes he likes black out when he eats mcdonalds and forgets that he throws it on the floor, so he's always surprised it's there in the morning, like how it happens, he looks as surprised as I am yeah, it happened it happened, he disassociates as soon as he has a fish fillet his eyes are all in the back of the his head this starts literally it's like this happened to me i pass out on the floor after eating like all my french fries and kibble and then i wake up and i'll forget i'm went to Wendy's but then I'll remember I went to Wendy's and then every time I remember going to Wendy's I'll remember I got a little chilli from Wendy's and as they usually serve those in similar hot temperatures it's still hot and i can eat it after i

i woke up so like it really weren't that outrageous what he is saying so its not all his room its just one place a giant projector here exactly is totally there all this like all sparks or tesseract i don't know really not i know what this apparatus is but its pretty cool its just its zone like it came here like this tornado of dirt and just vandalized one place in particular thats all yeah everything else is absolutely what's the point clean, it will get dirty exactly you know what the power rangers say to be honest my room is still pretty clean as i will say the only reason i cleaned my room is that i was always [__] annoyed that there was garbage everywhere it was [__] annoying like it shows us ok give me a minute let me go ahead and I'll just zoom out all here come on the whole room is clean let me show you the full camera the whole room is clean there are some drinks here this is literally like two days of drinks for two days of drinks which is food from one night ago and this is everything else totally [__] clean yes i think it is i feel like it is very very [__ ] Wendy's clean bag is because I went to Wendy's today I was eating my food every time I opened the flow yes there is a Wendy's bag because I went to Wendy's today what are you gonna do like this, guys, you're too good to go to Wendy's now take the [__] out of here it wasn't as bad as I expected to be honest as if it doesn't seem like there are many spills just like some coke here now let me go back inside I wonder if it will seem yes just like a little coke stain there is another like nothing ain't nothing friend sticky areas no nothing so it looks like it only has one corner to drink and then and everything else builds up yes tha it is

all from the same place i dont think so this is mcdonald's here and thats just a score i dont know what scores i dont know that point i think some of them are i think asthma has men's vibes too disgusting room oh [__] it's so yucky like he's inviting so many people it's okay it's okay to go crazy cause a little fruit fly here we are this is just inviting the unknown how to open a portal to hell doesn't have a bin well i'm sure there is a bin garbage in fact I think it's right here it's just that he's working overtime I'm telling you you could clean him up in about two minutes two to five minutes that [__] could be cleaned up he's doing everything he can just to stay alive he's struggling for his life [__] has only been there for two weeks yes i mean to be honest a lot of people see garbage i see a story i can i can practically yes carbon date no carbon date is the wrong word, I can track his calories through his junk here how can I see what he know how his digestion is probably going yes he tells a story you know he has personality let's see there let me see Asmin's room alright but like I said I expected it to be worth it look look at Asman's room automatically [__] it's automatic complete the first option [__] look at the hints right there he's not even hiding it there are two that's how bad it was but as I said to me i expected it to be worth worse than that with the way people have exalted it but maybe it will be in a month we can do an asthma check lair of gold wow this looks awful oh my god this looks bad actually looks a lot worse i feel like I was looking like a gas station dumpster like this looks just like a dirty diaper up there exaggerate things, you know how to do things oh no more than they go or well so immediately this is more chaotic as this at least xqc has been located as a cataclysmic area this is just like a real apocalypse in this room is is everywhere

and this is true to be honest things were pretty clean on the floor as yes there was some stuff on the floor but i like that we had it like that is super nintendo as if we always play super nintendo i still use that power supply there ahem that is that was one of my beds i got it from a sofa we had for free and couldn't fix it up the stairs so i just pulled out the sofa mattress and i was fine i will only use this bed what's a bed there what do you mean is the bed is right there this is the bed is the bed it was a nice bed izzy made me throw it away i'm still angry it would still be there he said he said you don't want like he was like oh well because i thought it was cool because as if everyone would go to my house and then as if people would get drunk like [__] and pass out on the floor right this is what would happen so i thought why we don't where there is a little t all the floor and this way pe people can pass out and they can fall asleep and it will be okay it was brilliant yes yes people get drunk and they like it because sometimes people sleep in the bathtub but usually that's not what would happen, it would be upstairs who is actually smart like [__] yeah and she just decided it's like I don't give a [__] like you get rid of that [__] sofa mattress bring that [__] out at home and i put it i really i got rid of it buddy you have no sheets nothing i didn't know you had to change the sheets until she moved in for the first time so as if she came to see me and looks at my bed and it's like when you did last change the sheets and I said

she was like what do you mean she is like when you changed the sheets i'm fine what do you mean i have no sheets i only have mine i have mine you know the blanket right there which is actually Cody's blanket um but like you i know so it was not i never changed the sheets as she never had to go to walmart that night we were supposed to go to walmart that night her

because it's like you get up and then you get one every time you get food every time you get up and then at night you get one again so yeah i mean it's more or less thats why here yes oh there's a root beer I've seen a root beer [__] yeah yeah oh oh no no I would become different oh nice that uh spittoon let's take a closer look at the one that's modeled on coke oh well that's what's mine why not i have metal which is one of my favorites here i wear it i don't even know so like i was finishing the room that is mine keep it with coke because i don't have that i was running out of desk space so i put the i would pour the drinks into the drinks this is one of my favorites here i don't even know how long it's been here yeah wow and it's just disgusting yeah i'm pretty sure it's so they discovered the penicillin I just don't understand the thought process so that he actively recognizes He paints the mold and the dirt and the coarseness of course, but like it's totally in his power right now to be like uh, I'll throw away one of these, I'll take one of these from my collection and i will throw it away thats a little too moldy yeah they just walked five feet to a garbage can well it wasn't five feet well actually it was because we threw it all out the window we just threw it all out the garbage all the garbage window straight like opening the window throw the garbage out the window the city er I had to clean it up apparently it was so bad my neighbor couldn't sell his house because people came and them what do you what what it's happening next door so i hated my neighbor but i thought well i hate my neighbor well i wanted to leave so i cleaned it yeah and then it was able to sell the house he was trying to leave yes i was like i dont want it, i dont want it here anymore so i cleaned it up yes i c bent over

that day they probably thought I was a crackhead yes there is a more recent example alright we will travel through time oh what is this on the floor are these stains or these coins uh those are coins uh we used to play so much in the world of work we used to um good basically so ok uh ok so like if you get a drink from McDonald's it was a dollar and eight cents because it was a dollar and then there was sales tax so what does it mean you get a lot of change because you will pay with him with two dollars and two dollars and so where is the rest okay i mean part of it ends up on the floor now it's yes now pre inflation and now it's 1.79 crafty bought like real gold pieces in real life and just scattered them on the floor not to find what are these like blackheads are spots no surely they are not beetles i saw so many beetles i could identify those things from a mile away could be like at fter [__] not a rat rabbit [_ _] because miz had it all over her room and it looked a bit like Asmin Gold had ever owned a rabbit no I never did it right, we'll just go in order so four years now because the music man dmca i love owl town as much as the next guy but why okay here this looks more organized like he even color coded them has the peppers dr along with the rogue root beer hanging from side a steak sauce looming in the background in case things get crazy dude just leave the forks in these bowls yeah like the [__] don't run out of cutlery because this is not plastic so i can imagine the way where we did this is i just bought new forks and now i only use plastic silverware the only time i don't use plastic silverware is whenever i eat steak i immediately say it's metal or at least it seems yes they're wrongno it's just like a metal fork so he just replaces the silverware instead of cleaning it yes i did my mom i got mad at one point because so much steak sauce is where i like to put it all together this is a drastic improvement yeah pretty much put it together in this one

PC and beyond as always uh i think this is just mess its not dirty yes it was clear how every time i posted this everyone was talking [__] it was completely [__] good and forest yeah mate my mom was like he was in love alex jones like if i was talking like she was watching it, we were in austin, texas, she was watching it on the public access channel so yeah i get it i still have it over there behind me so no drinks on game setup here yes no bags yes it was completely clean its just mess yes its all so this ain't even bad it looks more like a hoarder's house instead of a crunchy battle station yes so its really like it cleaned it 12 years ago disgusting modern passable exactly yes thanks again just a bit like a porter yes just because he just [__] all over the place but it's not filth no just gone it looks like he's got rid of the risk of mold so throw away the food well the pr problem because i have to get rid of it as i run out of desk space so the reason i didn't have to get rid of moldy stuff in advance is i could just make more desk space but i run out of space faster so i have to get rid of it thanks is not not even like i feel like it's nowhere near as bad as people made it think everyone was doing this wasn't that bad showroom i just did at the beginning of the video there is the video is charlie we all know it charlie there it is so look at this uh in fact he can hire someone to clean his room and he does yes the fact is I don't know how people can live in such filth they are millionaires

they too have the power to cleanly assume my room is clean now alright it's clean like gold is a genius he doesn't need to clean his room leaving the trash as he sits eventually evolves and gains sensitivity, thus making the mistakes of the past and starting to organize themselves into a more sustainable existence, as seen in the second video, they begin to classify various types of waste and implement strategies to fight dirt once their ruler has ruled the world making room for the utopia to come but we all know that all empires eventually fall and succumb to self-destruction and then return to the degenerate mud it came from only to repeat the cycle that is actually the plot of Dark Souls 4.


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