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 keep this in mind there may just be there may be more than one dlc how many dlc's we got for Dark Souls 2 were two or three open loop the dlc consoles looked pretty amazing and there is something exciting about getting into more well done the game world expanding content for a game you thought you recently ended up with bandai namco would be hacked by a ransomware group called alfv who leaked alleged information about upcoming game releases by sharing it on Twitter in the first place we don't support l 'hacking or any illegal acts on this channel and we fans of this game can eagerly wait and theorize about what's inside our present yet to open without having something I like uh I'm not a big fan of leaks or something like this is like it once is released in public, I feel like I have to talk about it, it is what it is, but in a perfect world it doesn't know will leak, I'm coming to open the thing, so looking at this title release sheet if true we can see various games awaiting release from dragon ball the breakers a little nightmares three followed by the eldering expansion in the third quarter of 2023 a 'expansion titled barbarians of the badlands the badlands as many players may know exists outside the lands between a name that could simply mean that the lands between exist above the lands of the eternal city and under the lands of the temple of heaven or maybe even between the other worlds within the franchise of the soul besides in another video however in elden our character plays as with many others who enter the lands between one step and another through a thick fog from the outside only after being invited for the way whoa whoa wait it's really too loud I'll turn the next will so we know there is some sort of civilization outside of le terr and in-between, but from what little we've seen in the opening of the game, it seems like anyone banished from in-between lands is in a tough race because there's not much of a civilization out there with everything looking ruined dead and with very little sunlight that touches everywhere but looking at the title

barbarians of the badlands it seems that something more is happening outside the lands between history can only point towards the lands controlled by this boy horuleu head of the badlands aka god the first ancient lord who was banished from the lands between queen america or rather the same greater will once he outlived his usefulness after being banished and then tarnished he soon became the leader of the badlands and from what we can tell the barbarians living somewhere outside the lands in between and looking at the Godfrey image we can to see that he has faced some tough battles as a tribal leader, indicating that there may be many more people existing outside other than just immobile bodies hoping to be accepted in the in-between lands once again and this gives us an idea of ​​what we can expect from the dlc as rather than simply being a void, the outer lands could be populated by various peoples who simply icily they lack a lot of facilities for a decent civilization seeing how all this sort of thing reminds me a little bit of the old hunter dlc is as well as a weird abstract world of how uh miscreations I almost think it's cool one who dwells within them is been banned for one reason or another we can expect these lands outside will be quite brutal and full of warring tribes to meet and maybe even drive to gather or just conquer and these badlands are miserable enough that despite being their boss, Godfrey wasted no time leaving them as soon as he could stay in the game and who says he is back once again to get an audience with Queen America and fight us before we can continue to fight her and the final boss despite the reappearance of Godfrey, it appears that the lands in between are relatively safe from anyone outside who is there to attack them or because there is no way to enter them. without being invited or rather because anyone who is clouded is sent far enough you have to make them harmless as a threat and it could be so hard to find your way back to the lands from the outside and so hard that

even our player after being invited to the in-between lands and receiving the major will say that only some enemies will kill him yes but i mean like i think people might like the lore of the game uh i remember thinking like the old the lore of the hunter was really awesome uh the storm uh dlc was really awesome in dark souls 3. so as if i didn't know it's tough for me i'm thinking about it grace stands up revitalized as a light shines in front of them vaguely looks like a door opening before them, making them go from lying in the middle of a dark wasteland to suddenly finding themselves in an abandoned building in the in-between lands, but although it may not be entirely impossible for another force to invade the intermediate lands it is said that the newman race to which queen america belongs came from outside the lands between them or perhaps others who entered the the lands across the sea it is possible that a scenario for the dlc may see us venture out of the lands again into the u nruly badlands due to a growing threat from the barbarians who, just like their former chieftain, try to re-enter the lands and devastate all those who still dwell within them suffered and depend on this dlc taking place after the game with its six different endings the greater will that once prevented much of anyone from entering the in-between lands may have disappeared , but in any case I think it makes no sense which ending we choose as the barbarians are simply trying to attack anyone who still demonstrates inside yes, they don't even if we respond to the threat, we venture out again to meet them, the other scenario is that this dlc could take place before the events of eldon rang out when Godfrey was still the leader and the greater will had not yet ini invited to invite the obfuscated in that way we 'll just explore what happened out first, but there is another scenario where it could happen that the dlc events take place during the eldon ring events and most likely already playi. our current character rather than someone else existing outside, was able to venture outside to fulfill an unknown purpose, both for power and who

i'm kidding it is very likely there are powerful and sweet items however any DLC coming up will be released for a game i feel it will obviously be a new zone as if it weren't they will reuse the same area i mean as if they have used most of it already part of the area i think it would be a bit boring, it just makes sense that it will be a new area which is what any single dimension in terms of popularity could see a lot more happening with it a theory that seems to be much more likely in the mind of many players is that the dlc will expand to eldon rank player versus player gameplay previously a streamer and modder software called lance mcdonald has discovered several unused arenas located on all the rings of eldon maps, particularly in the areas of the tomb of the eldon. northern limb and the capital of lane dell when approaching the gates of these round-shaped buildings, none of them can be accessed by leaving the their questionable existence after modifying the game to make him walk through walls the spear enters a long looking corridor with him noting that the areas have full interior design and functional collisions which could show they were meant to be accessible to players in sometime oh no no way they don't use it in any way they don't use it and also like i think there is a very high possibility

map like the one in the game of Northern Lance is invaded by a duelist in the arena named recusant henricus and finds a bent duelist finger lying in front of the door when he enters the building the spear is killed and another duel colosseum yes later reaching the third building in caled finds himself in another differently designed corridor in a building which contains a third uniquely designed colosseum and it makes sense that from the software it will release additional player versus player content with their dlc version i feel like pvp and the alden ring were actually very popular the netcode is better than any previous game like it's still not good but it's substantially better and also like you could just do a lot more in the game which means that during the popularity of the pvp multiplayer and eldon rank co-op mode having a pvp dlc would offer all additional player content regardless of do They can be found in the story or ending they have chosen, giving them a continuous incentive to test a variety of character builds and fighting styles, but it also makes sense for a software to release dlc content in the third quarter of 2023, which is the summer. of 2023 between July and September, but they would release more than just arena content alone with what you know another leak

eyes datamined cut the dialogue from the game's npc and an unused ID from mykola himself which gives space for a real character to interact with in the future of the game that fans might know it's interesting to see how michela is canonically dead in the base game with monk's camera who hides mikala in an egg member during a cut scene as one of the few demigods named within the game who doesn't have a boss fight or much of a personal encounter, there's plenty of room for the software to expand the story of this character and offer new content and traditions to explore in the game and now with so many leaks and theories emerging about the game from the first software dlc will undoubtedly bolster seniority as the most played game, however for gamers who want a precise timeline on when to expect any contained dlc to appear we can figure out a fairly accurate release status by looking at the diagram d el dlc content previously released by soft which also gives us a clue as to how much dlc content we can expect just how I would like for a new one I don't know because as of new Dark Souls 2 had like two or three sakiro dlcs we never took away the tom uh how i thought was what we were i will take dlc like 100 everytime i played the game like yes ok it is obviously what will uh it didn't happen it didn't happen but beyond that i mean like we had dlc for everyone else

Fans of favorite games should expect a decent update that won't disappoint in the past fromsoft has shown a pretty solid model of releasing its new dlc content some seven to eight months after the release of its base game which was the amount of content released almost be always a big chunk of a new part of the world to explore that always depends on its gameplay and the lore behind what's going on that can keep players busy for hours as they face new enemies and

the gameplay is the foundation and what i'm saying is that the foundation of elven ring and the foundation of dark souls 3 before that was so strong that even players could create their own content which was ruined in many ways, but people there they would still have played because the gameplay was so good and added a different twist to what they have already done, so yeah the mods kept the game relevant, I think that was a big big factor with Dark Souls 3. I must always become larger in its abilities and overall performance, but the games themselves may start to take much longer to set up than companies in general as they try to keep up with growing consumer expectations elden sounded very much like zelda, which has set a whole new expectation on the part of consumers when it comes to series and open world the games themselves take much longer to make qu Any later game in the series with games like Breath of the Wild 2 being delayed over and over again just because nintendo wants to make sure they don't miss the mark when they eventually release it because people have expectations and it's like a very successful game that you have and how legend of zelda is like one of their oldest ip right i mean how i grew up playing legend of zelda uh link to the past it was my first zelda game and it's obvious they will want to make sure they delay it and make it as good as possible , the reality is that making a video game as complex as this takes a long time and you will never be able to keep up with people's demands is like watching a movie to watch a movie it takes two hours to make a movie it takes two years I mean there is you can't do it no matter what happens and the same thing could easily happen to any subsequent game and series of software as they try to bridging the big gap with various dlc content to bond players but if none of it was very exciting, I saved my most interesting fact, I hate those pieces the split in connection with blizzard recently started the sponso ring of the creators of content to create specific videos on sakura shadows die twice a game that was released way back in 2019 which would be pretty weird

marketing move for a company to make while downloading money to various content creators unless they were planning the elden ring sequel to be sakuro 2. watch this video if you are interested to see how all anime games are connected oh my god i i i oh friend i wonder if that's what's going to happen sakura dlc i don't think it was like i thought it wasn't going to happen for sure but if so it means i'll be there ready to play it i'll tell you for sure, my friend, it's not confirmed that he's dead he's sleeping resting in the cocoon to transform into something bigger yeah it's like I don't know I think they can always change things a little bit too I mean not impossible they can probably go a lot of ways different with this i would like something about michael or some more detail about what's going on molina or both i dont know what is going to be awesome yeah it's like whatever they think will be good i mean like i'm gonna be good cipally you know i am mainly a gaming player y this is what i care most about and so whatever has good gameplay i will be happy i think thats all it comes down to for me now it will be nice if at some point you get a 'updated armor and late game i agree with that yes armor is very boring, remember uh uh what was the name of the ash mod in Dark Souls 3 really made the armor a lot more interesting and I think that you know you might see that the Eldon ring took some things which was kind of like what the ash mod had and they put it in some of the elements of the elven ring as you know like jump attack, i think its like cloak uh that helmet intellect strength helmet etc. So I wouldn't be surprised to see more of that stuff and live service games are simply superior if there is no replay value or user generated content is dead at best in a month, well that's not necessarily true, I mean that something that died in a month is not bad, so a good example of this is that a new player can come out and they can play Dark Souls 1 and they may have the same experience you had 10 years ago, but you can't do it with a live serve game, so there are pros and cons of each one now I don't think simple and even live serve games can be good or bad you

keep that in mind, let's see here i want to hope to be like that at release time for environmental changes uh come with your chosen ending to carry on with the rest of your comedy i think that's probably what i'll do i i'd be surprised if it wasn't but maybe no i don't know i don't know interesting idea uh it would be the dlc it would be a double ending or it could be that the major tells you to kill the pagans and the badlands so you go to recover the grace and then you decide to join the badlands or the destroyer yes , I think it actually looks pretty [__] realistic especially given the context of their previous stories singing for service games because new developers do battle passes once a month doesn't mean the game is better no, I don't think it's better i think live service games like me personally i like more live service games i enjoy uh open world continuous uh huge games online and how this is what i like to play the most is w i get the most out of this is what i love this does not mean i have taken a look look i will show uh where is the [__] uh give me a second um bookshelf look well uh dark souls uh dark souls 2 uh 84 hours dark souls 3 200 hours dark souls uh remastered uh 366 hours i mean i played these games a lot i mean what is uh sakira where is sakiro i only put 33 hours in sakiro uh but that's all i played a lot so i like these games too but this is all and definitely less than me oh yes no i didn't play as much as somebody is super serious about it but i basically played the game and i "did more playthroughs so we threw them every one of them and so yeah that's how i feel about it i really hope the dlc is good um you know yell at this guy uh what's his name uh trick theory i actually never saw one of his videos before, but above all adj greasing that sakiro stuff at the end I'm really happy to see him yeah me

i hope i hope you give us more updates there is a video that you guys can like and give them a sub if you want and uh yes i'm excited to see what happens next friend yes it was promoted to segura due to poor sales and they are trying to capitalize on the popularity of elden rings no man is not it is because they will make a sakura dlc no is not true shut up idiot shut up idiot you know what you are talking about securo i think sakiro didn't sell well one of the reasons sakiro might not selling as they hoped is because it's really [__] hard like many all my friends i really mean this i don't know one person who got beaten sekiro it's pathetic i don't have a single friend in real life who is beating sakira i had a handful of them who beat as if they beat dark souls in dark souls 3. here they couldn't beat isian try a different strategy it's not as hard as you think you just have to s I don't really like the fighting style on securo I think it's great I love the fighting style on insecure I can't love one sure you have rebellious confetti you have sugar yasamatsu you have uh [__] the firecrackers every single like every single boss has some stupid [__] gimmick you can use to kill him i dont wanna hear about it ok yeah itch emoji yeah the deadly blade yeah uh game reporter mode have been banned by the fan asking bonnie or dating well yes why [__] are you asking about that [ __] what are you what are you why are you asking that [__] you don't believe if they would tell you if they weren't just like what to quit what you are doing friend what are you doing [__] you have to watch the video again in live streaming we gotta go around gotta watch it again eh is we gotta go through this whole thing for you stop it jesus christ you watched the new league video yeah i did it

i saw it i saw it man we watch it for that guy uh anyway seaguar brought my left bunker but i beat him left multiple times its a great game here it is i will watch the video maybe tomorrow is all and uh essentially all yours friends with secret relationships sure what [__] I don't care about that man stop asking for help nah we don't seek help but relax friend this is nothing too much so anyway yes i uh i am happy to see him as if i [__ ] i love as if i love dark souls one two i have really cool stuff about dark souls 2. i think dark souls 2 have many ideas many ideas are garbage but there is a charm of dark souls 2 a mysterious charm that attracts dark souls 1 is one of my all time favorite games i think dark souls 3 is the best in the uh series in terms of how playability, usability, range and uh what you can do in the game i think uh sakiro is the pinnacle of their combat is perfect s and i think an en ring field is just uh you know it's the magnum opera of them all and bloodborne has the best story i like bloodborne story the more i think it's the more interesting, the more unique and interesting the way in which I think


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