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 don't export youtube don't upload you know how all the great creators are now making bogus guides on how to become famous online and charging you thousands of information to be said right today well the thing is like you go and sign up for one of these like [__] classes college cheats or buy ninja lessons in streaming i don't know i mean like you probably shouldn't have done it already possible i mean it's true even if just give you my best how in the end i will do my guides on how to stream ok guys and they will be [__] free I will only put the most absurd yet completely legitimate strategies on youtube using the youtube channel today we will discover how to grow youtube without ever posting a video welcome back to all of you majestic sausages to another classic spiffing bread video in which I use with condescension all the tools of the platform to do the exact opposite of what the developers intended today I will reveal to you as strategy that I have perfected on youtube in recent years that allows us to perpetually collect promotion from the algorithm without actually creating anything today i will teach you how to improve youtube ok so first what is growth on youtube many creators think we just released a video in the void and god arbitrarily says ah yes you will be given 45 000 views small video alas no youtube does not make us grow with views it makes us grow with impressions so what is basically an impression every time you see a thumbnail and title as you scroll your various feeds and recommendations is an impressive impression which is an opportunity that YouTube has given us to turn the audience into a right viewer you may need to be sure to view the thumbnail several times before you are really convinced by it and click on of it heck this video here there have been times when like there was a thumbnail on youtube and just plain icely it won't go away like I don't want to watch the video oh but me alone

I don't even want to get rid of the video, I just don't want it to be there anymore and it's like it always happens yes it's like why is this here probably took you several impressions before turning you into a view but that's just how the system works to get more views you want more impressions or to better convert those existing impressions into a view now there really isn't a way to artificially do something to get more impressions than you would normally receive except today we are going to abuse some logic that has been created for YouTube's algorithm and it will use it to produce very unexpected results, so let's say you will preview a video at 6pm on a Friday that you upload and start the premiere at 6pm on Wednesday a few days early so that the your audience can prepare for release now while the premiere page is there anyone can check it there will be no video that will be re-released axed to the public until 6pm on friday youtube knows it and your audience knows it, so 48 hours before a video is released youtube will only give your premiere a handful of impressions because no one expects you to sit and wait 48 hours before the start of a video, but the closer we get to the releases, the closer we get to impressions received from the premiere this is of course perfectly logical the best way to keep track of this exploit is with real-time views of a premiere or of a streaming trailer I only previewed one video ever and every time I previewed the video everyone was talking [__] about me in the chat and it pissed me off and I was banning people and I was like a man because the [__] i did it because i did it to myself as if i had to face it from one side already [__] platform now i have the same people who got banned on twitch i didn't banned them on youtube they are talking [__] in the [__] comments here or so the live chat and I'm getting mad the real time we got on a trailer we had on a live stream but this exploit w operates on both

streams and previews so there is literally no difference the graph here shows a big leap jumping there is the difference from a stream crossing the hour threshold to the beginning as you can see we are suddenly getting a lot more views in real time this also correlates with a huge increase with the amount of impressions we are receiving the logic is obviously simple but creates a problem because if YouTube starts sharing the premiere more and more, the closer we get to a publication, then what happens when it compares the difference between an hour from release and 30 minutes from release oh no this is another huge increase in conversions and impressions more views on my trailer and more people waiting for the event to start but this is well designed and cannot last forever because after only 30 more minutes of extreme push and promotion from YouTube, the premiere starts in earnest and all we got was about a really very good one hour of thrust and 30 to 15 minutes of expl the range is good, but the way the system was supposed to work too, so it's still relatively balanced, but that got me wondering if we get maximum thrust from a first in the 15 minute window before it actually starts and still nothing 48 hours before then why bother with the first bit and why bother starting the stream too here is where we came up with the idea of ​​youtube edging a strategy where it perpetually falters a premiere or stream starts indefinitely at minute 15 and oh boy is it broken, so what are the results and consequences or benefits of this exploit having more people waiting for your video or stream might actually be like that, so it's like they are only on a perennial screen that starts early as if it's just like starting early, so the train was right the train was right that with the [__] two and a half hours of introduction and sacred [__] be more advantageous than you think, the more you do it, the more people come and wait for your stream or premiere to start and these girls a nd gentlemen is where the fun begins, sure the initial views will be higher, but what we want is a juicy perk and this comes to us in the form of speed or avalanche effect as I like to call it, think of any video on youtube as a giant snowball the bigger the ball when it starts, the faster it is

it grows and faster it will go but for the youtube algorithm it is important to take into account virality this is the speed with which something grows increases the speed with which something grows on youtube increases the same thing on twitch on the right is because as once you are one time your stream gets to the top and then it's like a lot of people are watching it and everyone is seeing it etc. that's when things really start to pick up speed or steam or whatever you want to call it people on social views yes exactly that's why videos hit the trending page and that's why a creator you only watch occasionally might suddenly appear on your home again page, so when we have a sudden larger than expected influx of views on a video, the virality alarm goes off and a huge snowball starts at full speed now the results for us were really pretty silly if you had to press go in live on a stream i would probably go live to around 1 000 people waiting if i delay the stream and vent a little youtube i can be streamed live to 3 000 people that the snowball is now three times bigger and it will roll pretty fast , but a few weeks ago we did a stream where we moved YouTube for about two hours straight this stream didn't start for two hours holy splash screen [__] this is awesome i want to go to the waiting room that many streamers have i mean i this is the this is the gold waiting room for asthma is is zach rawr 1 000 people waiting oh no no no no started with 5 800 people waiting for an avalanche of speed started now my streams average around 6,500 simultaneous viewers so starting it literally just below is a big plus, but for YouTube it wasn't just a plus , it was a sign of glorious viral success, so naturally the algorithm sent more and more impressions until finally I had my most viewed stream of all time peaking at over 20,000 concurrent viewers which is a lot of [__] people especially on YouTube is a lot I took to the side of a tea bag ladies and gentlemen is what I call an achievement, but there are limits to this exploit, especially how far it can actually bring you because even though you may have infinite impressions there is still a limit, YouTube provides advice to a relevant audience, but what if you pulled from all that audience

what if your niche topic is really niche then it would probably be helpful for you to know when it is best to make this exploit in reality or how much you can even get out of it, is what I thought every time I was streaming or making videos on youtube for wow i thought to myself i am like a man i am not like i will never be very popular making videos for wow cause the only people who know them are people who play wow and i want i watched twitch and i was like ok well this guy is just running around talking to this girl like this guy is just talking and like people are watching him he's not even good I mean look he doesn't like it 4,000 target points this guy is a [__] loser here's mine little magic weapon that will give us all the nice information this is vidiq is a multipurpose tool for youtube that most content creators use to help with tags and changes re thumbnails and mass editing to videos, but for me this is a tool that allows me to destroy everything that is designed to help with creation, but now it will help with destruction vid iq lets us see the amount of searches per month that a specific tag is getting this is our potential audience to extract from the higher the number generally the more we can go further we can also see how much competition there is if the competition is high I understand I think it is against the rules on youtube, I'm pretty sure it's making fun of existing or alternative content so we have to use it, the reason it's against the rules is because basically like there's a cascading thing where like the isn't because of the words search or like uh slogans is why youtube also accepts ads uh like ads for youtube are based on what those slogans are so here's how th They earn money and are able to race Tell uh Sephora just that it's a makeup company their ads are shown to women and you don't know the beards on the neck playing World of Warcraft, see what I'm saying that's how it works in perfect that's why they want you use it, so let's go find an opportunity, we're going to find out the rising keywords section and that basically gives us a huge amount of boost, so explosive growth on

youtube in the last month, but the problem is most of these aren't exactly relevant to us, so we're going to narrow down our topics that say RPGs because that's generally the kind of thing I like to play, so we're going to maximize the search volume and we can see it right up here farthest from the holy [__] man waits tower of which tower of fantasy is number three no [__] so oh my god it has a search volume of 4.2 million searches per month and its competition is low this is indeed a very very glorious sign so I know if I were to go through with this exploit I have potentially 4.2 million people to draw from and very little competition to face due to the sheer power of this exploit there is actually a stupidly high chance that you can actually produce more than 4 million impressions heck is there a chance you can start producing 10 million impressions on my o last stream, for example, almost hit 10 million views on its own and was on a game that no one has ever heard of so it's [__] as crazy as 10 million views on a stream for context like my first stream for as final fantasy it was like three and a half which is crazy imagine if i did father frontier instead this is the power of pure data mixed with exploits is perfectly balanced so once we now have our perfect moment then we need to understand when run it and oh my, would you watch that is a complete list of when all my viewers are active on youtube you should 'have my friend and with that i can see that in general speaking for a whole week it would be better for me to start this exploit upload it at two or three in the afternoon and finish it around 6pm and then stream for about two or three hours this is immensely useful because you will not go anywhere on you tube with just exploits exploiting data is what really allows us

break the platform now for the purpose of this video and as I enjoy helping other people to exploit I have negotiated with vid iq to seriously get 99 out of their plan is an incredibly useful tool that has been providing me with data for the past five years and is a huge thank you for why I'm here, I swear to God, I just saw eight minutes of an [__] ad to watch eight [__] minutes of an ad that I didn't even know came to [__] as three million subscribers so yes please accept my glorious gift but now it's time for my great experiment the moment i've been waiting for for the past few years it's time for all of you to take part in creating some magic on youtube it's time for maximum benefit this video right here is what you will all read when this video ends, you should all go there and check out this glorious monstrosity wow cause this video will be postponed indefinitely again and still until a secret threshold that i s At that moment we will reveal the greatest video ever created, this video may never be released which would be a real shame, but what it will have is that it will have an absurd amount of impressions and will reach thanks to this glorious exploit and your assistance to help with this glorious experiment you can give this video a like and a comment and then leave a comment under the premiere heck leave a comment every day of our great experiment to maximize its gear endlessly and to reward those who continually await its inevitable release we will of course distribute copious amounts of gifted subscriptions in the live chat which for questionable balance purposes are distributed to those who interact with the premiere in a more similar way thanks to YouTube than glorious agricultural interaction way of doing it this is the best ad i've ever seen is how you know every time you look

adult swim in the 2000s and it was like a stupid [__] commercial that for some reason they remixed it to have like techno music and there are like random anime girls and you end up watching it for about half an hour this is our glorious experience and exploit youtube exploits so have a nice hot cup of tea and let's go write some youtube history, i will see each of you at the premiere oh my [__] god friend wait for the best video about you okay leave click me what is the best video ever made is waiting it premiered 10 hours ago and already got 300 000 views 124 30 000 likes holy [__] video that makes you laugh a video that makes you cry or maybe a video teaching you how to exploit the world for infinite money i personally believe it is the latter however ladies and gentlemen there is no infinite money exploit in the world the real exploit is self-improvement and living a happy lifestyle ice and balanced to exercise self care and oh well who am I kiddi ng sure there are damned exploits of infinite money in the real world yes just right that i share some with you and caught the king how old are you ok listen this is really personal uh please keep it between us but my bank has blocked my account and I have twenty thousand dollars in the account and if you could give me a thousand dollars I could get you back as soon as I need a thousand dollars to unlock this account and as soon as I get unlocked I "will be able to make you come back listen since you are my friend we are guys you have been watching for a long time i know you have those cancer treatments coming up i can get you back for two thousand what about re listen i will make you want me to make a video let me make a video here how many fingers you want me to keep on where I have to subscribe a bit of chaos for example did you know that on youtube if you give yourself subscriptions in a chat that does not have enough people to accept your subscription one as a member the ship is refunded and you get all your spent money, however google

still gives you the creator the 70 we would normally get for a new member with the result you guessed infinite money thanks susan logically that has to make the twitch better but sadly no 100 twitch bits given to a streamer gives the streamer exactly a dollar but the gives them ten bucks is actually a small fix and one bit is a dime the 1.40 viewer to buy one hundred twitch bits so obviously Twitch can do a crazy raise, however my understanding is that Twitch has a minimal transaction fee about 35 percent and actually not making that much money with bits is what i was told he said a hundred but showed a thousand okay currency conversion confused open to economic hardship you can go to turkey and buy yourself 100 bits for less than a dollar the highest so if I buy a dollar with a quarter and I do it a million times guys I think I understand that I am mo all rich, the purchase of 25,000 bits would normally cost you 30 8 but this can be bought for a value of just over 200 Turkish lira and once donated the streamer receives a full $ 250 worth of offers, this allows for a fantastic endless cycle of profits from money laundering. This exploit has been going on for years with twitch paying absolutely no attention and small channels with apparently only 20 viewers somehow earning 30,000 admissions a month oh now it's perfectly balanced and finally if you're going to swing with Google's two big tech companies and amazon you might as well take a punch on facebook it's like you should have known yeah right so to help sell more oculus consoles good ol 'zuckman built a referral system you and a friend both get $ 30 credit when your friend triggers a problem with oculus is if you get a friend to create an account after using your referral link then factory reset your oculus and reactivate them both you get 30 this can then be repeated over and over if you have any enough gh friends around to accumulate enough credit to buy all the games on the platform or alternativ a you can just buy another oculus and sell it well there

you have ladies and gentlemen oh my god i'd say it's my magnum this is the best video ever made i mean it's literally like it's free money here it is yes it's not a pyramid scheme it's a polygon scheme i like that saint [__] the best collection this is amazing who am kidding obviously i don't have to keep the best ones to myself and slowly reveal them to the world so i don't spontaneously destroy them in one fell swoop after all how else can i keep up with my constant desire to consume gold of the yorkshire tea now feel free to share your financial exploits in the comments section my friends and we share your scams let's hear them put together our glorious knowledge and as a result i would love if as people you know what people should do in the comments is they should be like real scammers should be like yes so there is this crazy website and it's this weird thing that elon musk was doing d where it sounds crazy but just listen here so if you send him a b itcoin for memes he will send you two bitcoins, so go to this link and you do it and it is you who literally double your money like yes, it is yes, double your money is so easy i mean [__] and you just do it again collapse the world economy just that's bad enough for one day i go walk my cute corgi a corgi i trained to destroy everyone who doesn't like mine video ah lovely i never saw a corgi from real life i feel like i see corgi in real life it would be weird because it's like it's meme dog but it's real but it's like memes aren't real but dog is real like i dont know how to do i dont know what to do as the video i will link it to you guys i thought it would be like a [__] video is actually pretty good


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