How Blizzard Ruined WoW's Scourge Invasion Event

 oh yes i saw it uh actually they closed the scourge event i'm pretty sure yes let me go ahead and look at this so here we are yes they closed the zombie event now i also want to say this is exactly what happened in the old days , so you've just hit level 70 after tirelessly grinding all over the earth or maybe you've just upgraded and are in that goofy looking gear dad blizzard gave you ready to make your mark on the world, but there's only one big deal standing your way i need healing is right all this scourge invasion is ongoing and in full swing on azeroth or there are many of you who are returning to world of warcraft right now who have been away for a long time and maybe you're just not familiar with the game or the Wrath of the Lich King or how this expansion is about to begin, so I'd like to talk about it today and talk about some recent controversial decisions. if that took the blizzard that really divided the player base and You'll see what I mean in a moment ok, let's see it years ago at the beginning of the lich king's wrath there was this event called the scourge invasion now this was a real it's still so crazy for me that that movie came out in 2008 or 2007. and it's like walking around, watching it now and it still looks [__] incredible divisive event in the past and it sure was divisive now this event is essentially divided into two main categories the first is the now the scourge invasions in different zones if you are someone who has just reached level 70 or you have upgraded a character you will want to pay attention to this right now on azeroth there are a lot of necropolis of the scourge that are invading various areas, look for these little skulls on your map and by going to these places you will find these necrotics, there are many undead spawning around them and you can spend some time or kill them to get necrotic runes that can be used as currency to buy gear and or r items in stormwind or orgrimmar or you can even find drop items directly out of rare spawns or shadows that will spawn on these

positions this is a fantastic way an easy way for people who have just hit level 70 to get some epic gear who don't want to do the altruistic valley grind that most people are doing right now if you are a pure pve player grinding some necrotic runes and killing these rare is definitely for you, it's also a great way to get things like silver dawn tabard for those who don't have it or even a weapon in case of killing undead and these will be very useful in case of the lich king's wrath so right now I am stocking up on them and the best part is these plague invasions across the various zones are bringing people together because there is naturally a lot of people wanting to get this gear, there are a lot of people getting these undead slang weapon improvements and therefore there are a lot of people interacting with each other in quest o moment among azeroth community members and so on and even low level players can participate in this event in their various starting zones so it's not only limited to max level players so have fun yes, that used to happen too, but then there is the second side of this event, the side which is more controversial and has left the community very divided and this is the plague of the undead that has spread over azeroth originally this event starts with just a couple of suspicious chests located in places like in loot bay you click on them you get sick and then you can spread this disease to other players it is not a big deal however over time what will happen is more people will become cockroaches and other bugs and rats will appear in various city ​​and suddenly the whole server will be overwhelmed by zombies and this plague of the undead if you go to a place like Stormwind or Ironforge Orgrimmar it doesn't matter to you it will see thousands of corpses of player skeletons scattered all over the place is ridiculous and for those of you who are spamming otherick Valley right now you are not safe b as there are people who accidentally or perhaps intentionally carry the plague of the undead into alterac valley to afflict the players. to have them killed to pretty much guarantee a loss for whichever side is forced to endure this plague of the undead i think clearly it's not funny for anyone else it's funny that it happened

but its good they fixed it makes sense like i like to be able to look back and smile but even this is not the way the game is supposed to work now you probably sit there thinking damn yeah this sounds like the biggest event in the world of the history of Warcraft and you would be right but there are many people who would say you are wrong of course as you can imagine I hated it there are many people frustrated by this event people trying to look for people looking to work at auction house in storm and they are not able to do that there are people who are just trying to play normally and this whole undead event this plague spreading over azeroth has metaphorically thrown a wrench through their window due to this tons of people have gone into the forums have gone to YouTube comment sections and all over the place talking about how this plague of the living dead event is a huge load of bullshit and how blizzard has to disable him because he is ruining t he plays and this is what caused the split why and i think this is the best part is this is literally [__] nostalgia this is what happened on the day where they started this event people absolutely [__] made a fool about it they were furious and so in the end they solved they got rid of this is exactly the same thing that happened in 2008 there are many people who think that the plague of the undead event is a high-spirited setting event that establishes the lich king's feeling of anger and the fun that will come once the set comes out with its creativity, but on the other side of the fence there they are people who complain that this event is too intrusive, interrupts the game too much and so on and so on you know the funny thing is that for those of us who have played to anger of the lich king at the time, this is exactly how the community reacted yes to the plague event of the scourge of the undead brother my mother it was like they don't turn this zombie [__] out i won't even play with anger of the lich king i've had enough like it was so [__] bad that's good wow and nixium you can use this for your next miniature if you want all those years ago there were a lot of people who loved it and looked after it big nostalgia there are people who absolutely hated it and thought it was the best

the annoying thing the blizzard thought about is really how to bring back that old rage, you know what I mean at least for someone like me who has played I think it's funny maybe you guys don't know too but for me it's still yes I am i feel like it went exactly how i wanted it to be a huge inconvenience for all people were furious about this pissed off constantly and then after a while the blizzard got rid of it again i think it was perfect despite your views on the scourge invasions and the plague of the undead event on azeroth if you were to log into the game right now you would probably discover something quite normal you would see tons of stormy players walking around you would not see skeletons or anything and you would probably wonder what the hell happened to you I'll tell what happened blizzard heard all the whining blizzard heard all the people yelling about how the event of the plague of the undead was causing too much trouble and d so blizzard canceled the event early, I still don't know why they couldn't just have a tent facing the gale and as a forge of iron and orgrimmar and shit with one of them is like a auctioneer the other you know how the class instructors and you know how a gun trainer something like that is what they should like it would be fine if they wanted to keep doing the event but I think blizzard made the right decision by canceling the event, I honestly think, so you will see the arjun dawn people around if you want to deliver your invasion of the scourge necrotic runes and things you will find anyway missions that will tell a little more of the plot of the event and what is going on but the cities are back to normal cities oh yeah sure right if this was annoying as hell the thing is like I always said that whenever you can stop a player from doing something like this is not a good system in the game to allow players to kill the auctioneers so playing average like other people can't use the auction house this is not good for the game is not like average

person someone logs in after work and they can't use the auction house it's like the [__] it's just that it's creepy like the [__] you're talking about obviously this is not funny how funny it is for a while like I think of new is fun for about a week, but then you want to be able to play and you can't play because people do it more and more because they know what makes people angry so you have this [__] thing it's like now as soon as it starts happening and they get the reaction then it happens all the time so now there is never a time when you can use the auction house because people always kill the auctioneers because they know it is going to get a reaction from people so now blizzard has designed a situation where half of the [__] systems in the game are completely unusable because players are trying to troll each other and make the game unplayable no good no good was no good in 2008 no good a now i know it may not seem like it is a big deal to you because maybe you understand that oh i can move to another level and i can use the auction house there or i can go to darnassus and its like all these extra things you have to to do this you have to look at it from the eyes of an average player on which they access they cannot use the [__]

probably either we weren't trying to use the auction house they weren't even playing or for some reason you don't need to like it if you need to use the auction house what do you do what do you do so just can't use the auction house now fine and if they kill the ones in darnassus because they can't just kill the ones in darnassus i mean really you go exeter kill those there i just think so many people are so selfish whenever you give players the tools to ruin the experience of another person players will use them and it won't be good for your immersion in the game shouldn't be persevered at the expense of fun exactly yes it's like many people don't understand immersed it's the opposite that happens and they don't want to more playing, it's never fun to go back to normal, but i will say that one thing that has not returned to normal and is the community where the community is still very divided Made even more divided because of this this decision making many p and people want the event to continue they want it to be just as it was before the wrath of the lich king came out they do not want it to disappear they want it to be a unique and memorable moment in the history of World of Warcraft, however c 'it's a lot of people also want me to go they're happy the blizzard disabled it they're like hey, we've got a couple of days that's enough and fuck it and the blizzard is likely to undo their decision and bring back the invasion of the undead on azeroth the plague of the undead most likely won't so unfortunately those of us who were having a lot of fun going around trolling people and just having fun among our alterac valley spamming well I guess it was funny while it lasted yes just a shame it ended so soon but yes it was funny i guess its alright what do you think even if those of you who are watching this video think that the blizzard should have continued the event if they got rid of it and first as what do you think in both cases despite the event causing chaos i continued my ultric valley group i think the event is went perfectly if you

i want my honest opinion i think it went absolutely perfectly they pulled it out it was complete chaos for a week and then they got rid of it i think blizzard handled it exactly the way they should cause people said oh well we want we want that it's like the original blizzard like no, it's not like that, they are like yes, we do it, we are like everything is fine here you go and they are like I don't want to take it away from me and how ah you see and that's it, so i think it was totally [__] right as i don't know i think the blizzard handled that blizzard handled it perfectly they gave people what they wanted was just as [__] annoying as it was originally and here we go new here and I'm almost done with my entire brutal gladiator set, but I have to say it was still a real pain in the ass for those of us who are av grind right now and are just trying to o hold this brutal gladiator gear let me tell you oh yeah its the right thing its like somebody enters h first what's the logic behind someone can enter how we establish something if you are playing warsong gulch and grab the flag and then glitch the flag in a spot where the other team can't capture the flag or can't click the flag and hand it over we would all agree that he is pained just like that is one hundred percent pained like you take the flag l 'you put somewhere where the other team is like hugely okay so how is it not like that pain is but someone goes in with the [__] uh the plague and they kill everyone at the beginning of AV that don't it's funny to 39 other people it's the same yes that's what I'm saying it's like it's possible what I'm saying is infecting people and getting it to av and how to get your team killed in the beginning uh this clearly is not a good esper ience for people that most people don't want to do they just want to be able to play av and every time you give one person the power to ruin 39 other people's game i'm sorry but i would i would have been one of the reasons it has been changed one hundred percent I like to piss people off is one of the only things

this makes me happy that's why I know it's ugly that's why I know how hey that's uh they'll do that's what's fastest I'm forever yes because you're different no I'm an [__] but how if i know that's what i'm saying i know this is the thing people will do that's literally memorable once, literally an event is memorable i mean i feel like others remember things i think all people are defending the ability to do such things and killing all the auctioneers and mission donors and [__] these people simply can't ever think in another person's mind they can't even understand the idea that others people don't have the same value don't give a [__] don't care about immersion in the game they want to be able to grab their gear and prepare for the wrath of the lich king because they want to break in with their friends you know like people who broke in with bac k on the day they log in and mission donors get killed, they can't level up ahem, like the [__] which is not a memorable experience for them just makes them angry [__] which is always a bad idea every time you give one player a chance to check another player's gameplay it's always a bad idea without them having the ability to turn it off what if you haven't seen my video where i talked about current state of wrath of world of warcraft the lich king pvp fantastic nexium work absolutely amazing holy work [__] it's so good oh my god alright let me see this here yes let me link it to you guys damn there is a great video I didn't know not even what happened shit gamers will always complain whenever they fail to adapt so how do you fit a mission donor who gets killed if auctioneers get killed but what int endi adapt as if you think it's like doing something else yes, just go wait disconnect what you are talking about adap t it's just [__] annoying yes they will adapt and play something else, go back to the shadow lands you like, to play another final fantasy

game I think many people again are as I think many are like children because they are like little children who can't understand it's like when you are younger you don't have the ability to appreciate perceive empathy and see things from other people's point of view your brain is not very developed so maybe that's why there are so many people who feel this way but the reality is yes many people don't like their time being wasted by a child who is killing their mission donors this is not a fun time they cannot turn it off this is not a pvp on a pvp server situation is happening to all servers all the time with no way to turn it off or not deal with it no good for the game is that simple yes i mean its just that is what makes it fun the problem is that whenever you give a person the opportunity to have fun at the expense of someone else's frustration he will create i more frustration than fun because one person n can frustrate 20 people how i could i could drive 40 people crazy in minutes so good why why would anyone want as good for your game if you have a handful of mischievous people driving crazy everyone else yes why somebody like i think these are people who literally like they have no social intelligence literally zero social intelligence is a brand of crazy peanuts yes like what do you mean like they like mentally unable to see things from any different perspective from that their same meets the flying mount of the invasion and goes to Ironforge for the auction house in reality he never died from the invasion not even once I yes I didn't either but if they kill the auctioneers of Ironforge, see what I'm saying yeah old asthma was a bit of a jerk himself wasn't him now old Asmond was the worst player that you could imagine the things I would do as if I said it guys what I would do [__] ninja guild banks me

I would impersonate the officers and pretend to be them and then tell them I'm everything to someone and then walk into the guild bank uh I would like [__] ninja loot I'd like to roll over the loot and then resell it to the other guild members uh I'd kick people out raid randomly like every bad thing you can imagine a person can do in the game i probably made a guide on how to do it i was the one who created the guide on how everyone else learned how to do it do it i made a whole video about how to prey on a ninja that's how i know you're basically a gamer wow exactly that's why you love wow um i think it was a lot of fun to be able to do that but you can't cast a game spell based on that i these are not statements contradictory I like to spoil the fun of others and besides I don't think games should let you do it now if they let me do it I will but I don't pe nsare they should let that happen, it's so simple a week-long event doesn't shape one and There is no game, I think so, a lot of people come back for the pre-patch and you know their first impression of the game got killed over and over by the zombies chasing them, they can't play they can't do their missions because the mission donors are dead yes, I think a lot of people would just be [__] annoyed it's the same thing as queues as if someone i'm in the queue for six hours i'm not gonna play the game it sucks so yeah what the real guy says i don't know how people can't see it yes i just the reason they can't see it is because they just want to be able to annoy people and being hateful thats why thats the whole reason and if so you gotta figure it out as what people want uh not you he yes what people want is they want to be hateful and annoying so if you work backwards from that

everything else makes sense the same with Hughes, huge breakthrough for the players yes nobody wants [__] with that man people also enjoy the event from a war point of view er I don't think you have to make it happen I think that it was done perfectly i think it was in the game for a week or so people didn't like it became a nuisance and then they got rid of it i think blizzard handled it perfectly i will be honest i think they absolutely handled it perfectly so yes the actual content of the raid yes no one comes out of the lure every time you fail to register it you cannot level up is like a is like a [__] maslow's hierarchy of needs at the top is a tradition but over there at the bottom tile we are talking about being able to play use the auction house and level up your character you can't do it don't give a [__] on lore be smart there is defense more people wow no is the one ico game that normal people play, play something else if they get annoyed yes or angry with the game I don't think it's good anyway we can go back and forth on this forever er I think yes it makes sense what they did i think its a smart thing to do and uh they handled it very well uh in general thats what i think let's go back i think i will definitely watch it uh there are a couple of other things i wanted to watch too and see if i find it here oh actually i was going to watch some of the new world stuff but i will watch this first, promising that the attack lasted too long to be able to attack yes yes every wave should be like 10 minutes max and a lot of time between attacks yes i think that if it wasn't just a thing going on and people could just wait a little while before it disappears, it would be all right


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