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 let's look at this community council holds blizzard responsible for classic server problems pretty lich king here come on holy jesus [__] ok ah this is big drama yeah this guy is like calling blizzard okay this guy's name is spelled evil is on the blizzard uh uh world of warcraft classic community advice mute the warnings as I read this and he is in the guild out of place i couldn't post until now but i have a lot to say here i will be sincere and try my best to i remain civil and what i am going to say because god only knows how rude i want to be right now i am extremely disappointed and angry the following this is from the blizzard agreement the blizzard developer said there is no technology to solve the server problem there i am no hardware solution has problems with this too uh oh our posters say this is blatantly false the technology and hardware both exist in the 2022 it's not impossible to have a scalable server service within a triple game that can host a lot more than the current load of players trying to play how do I know because I work in this same industry as a software engineer in online services oh god actually he has his ok yeah they're getting their oh [__] okay, here we are, actually they get checked i won't let my profession be dishonored like that with these lies this guy is going to saint [__] I know the technology we have today that we had ten years ago and I know exactly what the real problem here is blizzard considers classic as a side project a cash cow and does not provide the necessary amount of resources that the classic project requires two years of classic the problem of queues there were in cl at the release of class classic both it was obvious to everyone that the same problem would repeat itself only for classic anger not for it was a

problem impossible to solve but why blizzard due to blizzard's constant refusal to spend money to provide reasonable service to their customers and not pretend that it is not true even we can say that it is written on the wall in big bold letters from the automation of silences and suspensions and bands tried by streamers oh wow the complete lack of communication with the community over a week of silence only on this topic to the non-existent customer service who has opened a ticket knows how serious the lack of updates on features like your new one is and improved updated lfd despite the mountain of feedback pointing out the flaws and lack of quality of life features like filter scaling etc. at the last minute it might be better everything points towards this a simple team of developers trying their best to make one of the most popular online games of 2022 2020-2022 work like trying to build an entire stadium with nothing but a team of a few people at and a pack of tires felt for a while that the classic wow was an afterthought yes sometimes it feels like that and it's not always a bad decision but especially for these versions it's a big deal, listen well if the blizzard was gum-chewing power they could probably get this job done because the machine gun would give them the power they need in the future as much as you want to bet [__] that the last time I reacted to one of stacey's videos and I'm commented that he didn't advertise his gum in the video, he probably saw my reaction to his video and is now making this form of caffeine vitamin complex which it is vitamin b3 b6 and b12 and vitamin d that would need the smart energy project cured so yeah they are probably chewing some other kind of off brand gum but if they had a chewing gum in the bio of the description below they could do it i guess in them, in fact blizzard i will send you a free package alright i take it me n that and i am not blaming you blizzard or the developers working on the classics in particular i am blaming the blizzard company its executives its finance team

whoever is responsible for the complete lack of support for this huge game that is classic wow no, the guilty people here are the ones who set the um uh who set the what's the word for this they set the right budgets like there was a certain amount of budget and the people organizing how many people there will be on the team, I assume the real people working on the classic wow are doing their asses, I don't think they are just sitting around doing nothing I think they are doing the ass and i think the problem is a uh it's a leadership problem absolutely no cap no i mean i don't know i'm crazy to think that there have been a huge amount of positive changes for a pretty lich king and it seems like all that could being done by a small team of people in tune with the community has been accomplished, I feel like it's a fact or in this case it's damn close to you 'you're crazy zo about you i really think i'm crazy to say that a huge multibillion dollar company is trying to get a dime and it's not the fault of the single people who are working on the game i don't know if this guy is jumping out um i'm beyond tired of pretending that a blizzard might also interest us a little bit that we could get something that could be something more than the bare minimum for a service that we pay 15 USD per month for yes that asked us to spend 25 USD per character to solve the problem of our characters stuck in completely dead realms rather than offering a sensible solution a year ago to be honest, to be fair they offer free transfers from many realms when you offered a bulk character transfer to retail but said bad luck to the classic and told us it was a single transfer just how incredibly

insulting how in the world or anyone who doesn't think blizzard is purposely treating the classic as nothing more than a joke of a money press you have anywhere near the amount of developers a project like this actually needs please , tell me why don't you get up ah it's a final fantasy andy you see look at those guys another final undercover fantasy andy tried to come here and have bad blizzard again I can't believe it you see he exposed himself he's a double agent we did guys try updated your game code to follow the

so if i remember what happened 14 years ago every time the whole war broke out, the servers didn't work even for a full day, rather the lich king was down on many servers it's a huge [__] disaster oh anyway it's only been for a day or so then it's pretty much better goes it goes on again oh [__] it's round two there is a follow up post another misspelled i feel the need to clarify something since the reaction community on my post seems to misunderstand my position many people question my legitimacy as a software engineer and I don't want agrend or anyone in the classic dev team to misunderstand my position in any way I'm saying it would have been convenient or not for they have updated the legacy code to work with modern online technology the only ones able to do cost benefit analysis on this are the blizzard developers themselves it makes sense I don't know what to expect tto have the classic code I don't know how hard it would be you pdate said a code to support more modern online technology I don't know their hardware I don't know their finances I don't know anything about what they are doing behind closed curtains there is no one I live on this planet, regardless of their credentials that would know except those that run on the game itself yes sure, what I know anyway is that the claim that technology does not exist is false regardless of what the cost would be, there is a solution that may or may not be worth or not worth investing in wow the classic has its own set of challenges to tackle and this is the work of the developers to understand, but the challenges don't make something impossible it can be argued that in based on cost advantage it would be considered impossible but now we would only play semantics and surely maybe I'm sure maybe I shouldn't read it so literally and agree most likely means that there is no technological or hardware solution to this problem in the current time context and or

associated cost but this is exactly why i had a problem with the phrase i think it is uh i think i am rightfully disputing the way it was originally said it was originally said by blizzard there is no tech solution to this no c 'it is hardware solution to this yes you see as if i dont think nobody would ever believe i dont like it as it is not as it is true but as amazon can handle more millions of people who log into their website and order things like the first day and black friday and cyber monday how is it possible how is it possible that you know that League of Legends can serve you to know many more people than blizzard is serving with their game at the same time how is it possible that the ashes of alpha creation can have 500 people in an area and not having servers flaking is not the same good so maybe it should be the same one you ever thought maybe they should watch what they are doing these other people and then do what they are doing yes h i think it and how i dont know i dont know so i will give as if i should be default or on blizzard or on this guy because i am not a server you know i am not a server engineer of the software or whatever right but um this is framing it as literally there is no technology or software solution to hear the problem and obviously misspelled agree disagree with that right and sure maybe I shouldn't read it so literally because most of the deal probably meant that there is no technological or hardware solution to the problem in the current context time frame and / or associated costs, but that's exactly why I had a problem with that sentence because it just seems like a loophole if there is a technology solution or hardware solution or software solution, so blizzard is just lying to the player base for s raise my face here is the right implication this is completely out of place i was trying to do it either way the point is the point is this is just another er another

problem on the long list of problems and the only common point between these problems is that the amount of support provided to the classic is just too small i think hey i think we can all agree with that chat give me a real if it's true if blizzard should you invest more energy, time and resources to make sure the classic works in a basic place I think it's very easy to tell if it's true or not look at the season of mastery I think the season of mastery is probably the best indication of how much I develop resources and blizzard time assigned to the classic playable level wow why can't you say right now that it is at a basic playable level there are some serious problems that have been allowed to manifest themselves for example server dynamics and solutions are completely inadequate and often completely not right wrong solutions are a blizzard shield true wrong uh ok there are many truths true yes there you are just a popped out so what are the odds this guy will have his communication state of the city council revoked within seven days this guy will no longer be on the city council no I don't think blizzard will take him off I don't think people are talking about [__] about blizzard all the time used to this they probably won't take them off, I don't really think so, so that would be pretty scary yes ok yes i have to say i like to have it taken off would imply they read the post if the purpose of a community council member and the fact is that people reading the post will not be upset that he says this because people in the community are likely to agree with him they are not making the [__] financial decisions they're like yes, he's right [ __] but you really think about it so they don't get rid of them because they should be positive or negative to favor

communication between players and developers if this guy is kicked off the board for holding Blizzard accountable or for keeping his feet in the fire then it will look pretty bad and so you will make yourself question what is the point of for what is the purpose what is it community council purpose if blizzard can't handle some ehm criticism or responsibility from someone in said council we'll see what happens this guy wrote wrong hello and anyway i don't even know if the spelling mistake is right because i don't work in this field he says he does he says he knows what he is talking about but right now you have to choose ok is blizzard right or this guy is right I don't know so in both cases the problem is true you don't have to have a degree or a doctorate you must be a server er rocket scientist you must be a rocket scientist doctor doctor space doctor to understand that the state of classic wow is unacceptable and the server problem even manifesting itself in the first place is unacceptable table paying a monthly premium of 15 to get home from work and sit in a four or five hour login queue to play on a server you have been playing on for maybe three years is unacceptable, i guess if you are playing on a server like firemont organis or blessing for three years you created your first character there the first day of the classic blizzard allowed your server to completely rot due to their lack of action yes uh yes it is is incredibly frustrating is incredibly frustrating this is a great example how i imagine if you come home from work and wanted to watch a netflix show and open netflix and there was a netflix queue saying sorry i like how to stay safe draws an analogy with literally any other form of media that is on demand and a premium available for a prize because if there is another form of media that was on demand and available for a reward that didn't work properly, people would lose their [__] netflix mind

servers are too busy right now you have to wait five hours to watch your netflix show when meanwhile you are paying 10 a month or whatever it is for a netflix subscription it is ridiculous is unacceptable you are literally paying a monthly service to use it someone said in chat someone said they weren't the new world and End Walker launches also completed [__] um shows, so the New World launch wasn't really a big show of [__] it was just a [__] of kind show two or three realms but they all played it so it was really bad, I think with endwalker you think about the language they used to explain what the problem was with the end walker servers, they said one of the big problems they had was that there was a chip shortage at that time and due to the chip shortage they were unable to solve the problem, they attributed the problem partly to the chip shortage, so this s it does not mean that there is a solution because if there was a possible solution with the chip shortage it would imply that the problem could theoretically be solved, see what I am saying to engage with this is as unacceptable as if it is unacceptable to treat people who pay a monthly premium to use the service is just that there is no excuse for this is unacceptable and if there is no hardware software solution to fix the problem, why you allowed the problem to manifest itself in the first place is unacceptable from a consumer relationship level of the 'company it is absolutely unacceptable that this is happening and I think consumers in the year 2022 are realizing that eh I am paying 15 a month to play this game when I get home from a long day at work I have four hours to play and the queue is four hours so when i finish the queue it's time to go to bed and do it all over again and i played on server for three years and blizzard allowed them to tolerate my circle being completely ruined by their lack of action or just completely

incompetent actions it is ridiculous it is ridiculous that customers are treated like this by the company it is ridiculous uh anyway there is that I do not know if the spelling is correct but the problem is very very true customers are completely abused by blizzard in this situation it is unacceptable it is difficult [__] this is what the horse is [__] and once again the fact is that it is not up to the players to find the solution, it is up to blizzard they have to understand this [__] friend, I think also one of the reasons for which blizzard and this is a bad situation for blizzard be here stay safe uh video go ahead and like give them a submarine we have watched a lot of state safes videos recently and the lost ark also has a huge tail yeah and people [__] hated that people have said many times the lost ark was badly handled by amazon how many times have you heard that lost ark is killing the lost ark yes lost ark is also there free to play a good point because blizzard can't make a single good decision because it can't make a blizzard have been i think right now they are stuck in a position where if they wanted to do as multiple servers like blessing one two and three for example or sky fury one and two i think what they would meet is that a lot of people get mad about it because those people want the game to be how it was so similar to the game as they have in mind this is how the game should be so every time that someone comes in and says oh well this is bad, you know, make it more modern well then this also makes the classics andes upset, you understand a little what I am saying as well as you a problem and then you also have clients who don't want that the problem is solved because solving the problem makes the experience less like what they imagined it was, see what I'm saying projections give everyone 30 days of free subscription ito feed blizzard give nothing don't give a [__] or no give nothing they charge you for a transfer because you only get free transfers from certain realms to be honest so it will take a while

this is one of the things where it's a weird community-based misunderstanding why blizzard doesn't support the game anymore because people are still paying for it because the service isn't better that's the service you're paying for because you're still paying if netflix had these problems there would be hundreds of millions of subscribers and so on hundreds of millions of subscribers would continue like this i think this is also a factor yes because people remain subscribers i mean yes definitely like right now i mean, like i started, i got in line at 3pm somewhere around 3pm i was in line for more than two hours two [__] hours i spent this bullshit and like i just wanted to just wanted to do black temple and and uh [__] uh sunwell today and I'm doing it like I don't care if I can't go to Chipotle today I'm doing it like we're canceling this raid today I don't do it don't give a [__] like it's happening there is no stop yes there is no brakes on this train check the narc video i will not watch the narc video now i will just talk about other random stuff and wait for the queue to end its a little bit where i am to play some final fantasy while you wait, i will play final fantasy again very very soon my plan right now is i will start doing necromancer attempts probably in the next couple days i wanted to finish everything i have on this server and then after this it will free me up some time and start working on it again i already pretty much beat the fantasy tower my combat score is like 54,000 i have every single mount in the game every zone is 100 completed i just need to get the grand marshal in the pvp system and get the number one and the ghost of the past and then i quit the game and then after that happens oh yeah 2.0 yeah you're taking the dial i'm taking the legendary bow from Sunwell well, you just have to introduce yourself and find that yes, it will be a surprise


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