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 The revealed Relic plus has finally arrived today, we'll be talking about the World of Warcraft launch experience, recap a lot of news from recent interviews and some blue posts in the days leading up to the launch, but let's start with the launch unsurprisingly the signals they had returned for many of the larger Realms, but they didn't start starting until I predicted that every single round was blocked before release to attempt to start alleviating the inevitable signs they stayed in that state and seeing how things turned out so far away they are very likely to stay that way even in my realm I feel like the blizzard has completely dropped the ball with these realms I will be completely honest I think they totally [__] dropped the ball as its just embarrassing how bad it is this Pinewood Village we climbed about 12 levels and wandered around, it all went a little bit low as if yes how much blizzard like I understand how they feel about it just because it uses like they are in one position is like an impossible position to win because if you add a lot of stages and how the server merge technology that has the retail wow is a little bit antithetical to what classic should be so it's like I'm basically in a position where we have to do it, you know we have to do this thing to make the game work, but if we do, people get mad about it, so i think yeah it makes sense why they should be angry and like yeah they put themselves in this impossible position now i don't really think they did it actually i don't think they put themselves in an impossible position i think this is simply an outcome that would come out of the game that exists only in its natural state of our sins, I also experienced the number of crashes in the early days as well, but it seems and clarified even though all in all I think the launch went pretty well obviously my kingdom has nowhere near the similar population or f

gehennis or benediction need to let me know how it went because its as good as i think this is good thats why i like to be on big servers is you have everyone there shit is popping up everyone is playing everyone is doing research like if it was so cool Zone to start but I didn't have much chance to play the launch because I had other things I had to do at the time, I also tried to head to the tundra berea to see how things were looking there and for us the boat completely broke as if it didn't work at all and shortly after i had to add a manual teleport to the harbor captain's NPC, this is what i heard about this, by the way, very clever decisions are happening from the guys a lot of other servers since, too, despite the

positive just makes the game better Gives people something deterministic that they can buy I don't understand why they don't like it I just mean how hard it is to make that blizzard because you can't just like [__] add badges must be the delivery and then just put a seller like I mean, I can't imagine it will take more than a week to realize it's so cool in Wrath you can buy pieces of equipment if you do dungeons, I think it's great like I don't know why how why we reinvent the wheel is great it helps longevity yes right during the interview it was said that players will have a chance to increase the difficulty in heroic dungeons on how to do it exactly via a switch outside the normal or something else an NPC at the dungeon interior or maybe even extra bosses this is the piece we don't quite know yet but I assume it probably increases They're going to get the numbers because they're not going to do this as a super tough mythic and a man thing like wha t they are really doing is they are doing heroic Plus and they are only going to make dungeons harder as I presume probably like a 50 on health buff and and and 20 damage buffs something like that and that's probably what we will see with Heroic Plus it won't be some kind of crazy novelty yes it's minimal it's minimal effort but it's a good idea I don't think it's a bad thing it's minimal effort but that that has been mentioned is what the bonus rewards will be for the Heroic plus content, this will come in the form of a loot table which will move to yes starting when ulduar opens in phase two all 2500 loot from level 7 will come instead move to the 10 man raid version and the tamman ray loot will be moved to the new heroic plus dungeons so just to reiterate 25 man raid items go to 10 man items 10 men ni Raider go up heroic also it's like all the loot is moved down a notch yes it makes it easier to get in and do it I don't know exactly how it's laid out to work I

I guess you can go 10 and 25 and have double the chance of loot per week but I feel like if you don't if you strengthen it and make 10 men give booty 25 men you should make 25 men releases more loot pieces although yes raid quality loot will come from these new dungeons old raid quality loot at least once ulduar is best released yes in the game it will still come from that source and i think this is a good one by the way blizzard decision is making it smart for them to do it Thoughts from me are fine sounds interesting and I think I like it but I want to know more about the kind of difficulty this heroic plus will require yes I shouldn't expect it to be very hard by the way because this seems to me pure and simple recovery content exactly is recovery content as if it is not the MDI for Wrath of the Lich King, they can't make it the MDI for Wrath of Lich King because so many of the bosses and mechanics and raids and I'm sorry in these dungeons are so easy to twist their faces [__] they will get completely run over, no matter what if you do, it's pretty much like the Tower of fantasy , for example like a lot of mobs and the bosses and the Tower of fantasies are super [__] easy, so it's not about being able to appreciate the mechanics, just being able to spend enough money to do the damage, which it's like it's okay, sure, but I feel like bosses and even trash mobs need to have something a little more unique rather than just a melee attack so it's like a competitive event not an alternative to the final game like Mythic plus is retail if it was an alternative yes even the heroic dungeons are daily block so you are absolutely powerful equipping your alt assuming the heroic plus is yes super fast i will raid them items will be distributed in heroic there is no official dungeon diary so it is only the case that players enter there they understand it and then we update the loot Atlas beyond that they have probably already been placed in the dungeons, but not really this first test of the normal five man sample is 200 item level which is like Max 10 and

heroic is 219 which is ulduar 10. ICC heroics dropped 232 gear item level 2 which is equivalent to ulduar 25 or test map 10 well it's not equivalent to old or 25 man uh old war gear 25 man is actually 226. weapons are 232. also what happens to Heroic Plus once we say that in the Crusader patch test they will start dropping all Dua gear yes i think so but then how about loot man level 7 10 is that at that point they go back to raids over time, how will this affect gdkp's old farming content for gold, people will offer World Tour for epics and set prices if x item definitely falls some questions to ask here on the surface although it sure looks interesting I think it's just a general good thing that keeps other dungeons relevant for longer periods of time uh not a big deal i also hope they will have as maybe this could and be a bad idea but I think it would be nice if it was like when Knock comes out or how I don't know and ICC comes out, it would be nice for them to have an extra heroic option maybe even for some of the raids as I don't know if it would really work or if it would be a good idea it is just something that comes to mind because if you are doing it for dungeons you can do it with raids I don't know if it would work or not even if our dungeons will ever be popular this will make the dungeon group search tool really awesome stats Speaking of blizzard if you are i also want to say like this the group search tool for dungeons in the classic it seems to me that everything is fine as if i am not on a huge server i am on sky fury but i feel like the group finder agreed with me i think they would later add the lfd i suspected they might have done now that they announced it i am not too sure anymore and this is also without going into the question of heroic plus can be joined via a random queue I don't think you can't even join I think if you make it look more mergeable via a random queue all you are doing is getting ready to create bad social experiences random Q content should be easy though

there are random clue content that challenges people who will blame the game and get angry will not make any retail zero random clue content difficult at all via the automated system to date moving to the North End venturing Provide bonus boxes from missions and completing normally dungeons like tanks or healers have been nerfed, these have been deployed at a much faster rate than I expected just through simple missions you get so many and I also think these boxes are great for the game they are amazing because it does our agricultural consumables as it is not in my opinion a fun activity wow this is not a fun activity this is basically you are doing something to do what you want but I think it was bad design in the way the boxes only gave items that devalued alchemy I think boxes should devalue all equally you professions rather than solely devaluing a profession and actually charging the prices for all the materials you get f from that profession completely into the ground so I think it was a good change that they made me clips here opening a bunch of them before Nerf here what the blizzards say about the new version we are making changes to reduce the quantity and increase the diversity of items yes exactly it is a good thing there is still the possibility of releasing consumables but also the possibility of dropping all herbs or the leather cloth gems i was going to comment on these banks before the nerf because they definitely seemed to value a lot of alchemist consumables out of the game yes it was just that it was no longer like a gathering profession as if you are harvesting herbs the value you are getting to collect herbs if these boxes are in the game decrease by at least 50 percent see how if you saw how this is obviously a bad thing, besides the fact that the bank versions that came from aerobics were actually dropping bottles that really jumped the line of something that should just be randomly handed out by a rewards bank at anyone you can still get some ok items from them and don't forget they have a very low chance of

provide mounts obtainable in the content of the old rather hawkstrider dungeon the Raven Lord and rivendez Def charger saying that all of this most of the alchemy consumables you got were things you would use to level your skill rather than items that would be in high demand at the end game and if you are holding back a lot of these bags to make a big opening when you reach level 80 well unless they changed the idea about the bags so it's a shame for you, I'm afraid after we already know that content I assume that the bags probably already have the certain items inside them by the time you receive them and opening the box is actually unwrapping a gift and not pulling the lever on a slot machine i don't know even though i have no idea but anyway so how i saw the hawk strider no, they got nerfed huh, they changed it, so what you are saying is that they retroactively changed the boxes. and that you got before the change in after the change even though you had the exact same box before the change now it opens in something different yes it went well yes i mean either way what i'm saying is i wasn't sure uh what I'm saying with this is like I think it was a good idea for them to space out the rewards and space out the items because if you only give things that devalue herbal medicine number one, you are adding a lot more things into the economy that devalue it and so not only is it being devalued but it is being devalued at a rate that is much higher than everything else i think the boxes are good but they should just devalue all professions in the equally promised gathering it has been boosted in health and damage by around 30 percent but just the other day we also had confirmation that sartharian specifically variants of the meeting involving the three drakes was also buffed a little blue this is a good idea i The buzzer is making the right decision with this if they didn't buff the sartharian no one would ever do the fight right and they would just w ait until they had enough 25 man NAX gear and they would just burn the boss every single time and there would be us, there would never be anyone to fight, there would never be a moment or like oh well let's try the fight let's see what the sartharian is like and it's like you really do the mechanics because the

the quick kill strategy was so much better it just eclipsed everything else I think you should be able to do the quick kill strategy but you shouldn't be able to do it as easily as you can now post says Willow has seen therapy now increases his health by 25 with a live Drake 45 with two and 65 percent with three previously was only 25. the reasons for the 3 star should be quite manageable but someone's unintended strategy Burning Down The Boss should be much less playable, please note that the in-game hint at the moment is incorrect Okay so basically it has six so it gains uh what's that forty percent more health yeah I think I mean you could probably do it with all the war gear as maybe the best in the next gear slot, you could probably still burn it down I don't know even if it depends on how you want to kite with the drakes yes it will take longer yes but if it's like it takes longer then the reason it's ugly is as well as the second drake coming down puts a shield on sa rtharian where he can't take damage so you have to take that drake away and what's more at 25 or 20 health i forgot which sartharian infuriates the drakes and makes them do 500 damage, so you have to keep the drakes away from which sartharian because the bubble that the immunity bubble puts on sartharian is an aura, so it only has a 30 or 40 yard radius so you separate them and then you have to burn the sartharian [__] Layer yeah that's what we all did the time uh a lot of time before the second director yeah, but if you got the second Drake , the strategy was that you would have a wild druid usually to build aggro on them like approaching 40 or 30 and then doing the [__] at the start of the instance is what uh is what we did that's why pretty simple even during the beta when players had a decent blue gear but before they could not burn it almost in too many cases it was already very possible to follow keep in mind that it is only a partial truth because the other reason they were able to burn three sartharian Drakes in the beta is because of the way where the dks have been bugs on the beta which artificially increased their damage so on live servers it won't be as much as possible even with the same gear nuke the boss and ignore the drakes

and end the match without really having to go through any of these extra mechanics the Drakes should add blizzard wants Arthurian to have such a large health pool that this isn't a realistic possibility that, said, classic players are very good at optimizing the game and the new king the boss is the absolute way to collect loot from the encounter so I have no doubt that some nuclear strategies will reappear pretty soon absolutely option you have probably already noticed on your UI has been there for a while 'but a brief mention that you can queue four battlegrounds anywhere in the world from the PVP card on your UI quite a lot of quality of life God took it for launch but talking about doing the row remotely for content, let's go touch the lfg tool so far obviously it's still the first days that everyone has seen this tool and now they have us pr ovato and also everyone is leveling up at the moment so it will be extremely active yes I saw the post of people who wanted good or brutal level 6 gladiators for ugaki Nexus porn probably because they are chain farming the instance not doing a search this would always happened yes, I once again people who complain that other groups have high expectations and stuff like that is so [__] annoying to me it's just like there are a lot of many groups that don't have this don't it's real, it's just some [__] that people have come up with to rationalize why they don't be invited is so stupid but i haven't seen so far people say i can't find a group for the content a couple of times to myself and there is definitely a huge message yes exactly returning people power-up characters to people in level 5 or 6 TBC gear you know if we had the correct two breaths of the King of Lichs looking for Dungeons a group of three could kick you in if they didn't like your gear at any point during the dungeon this wasn't changed until a hotfix 20 was put in. well it was actually four people if they all came from the same group or the same guild then if a group of four queued or apologized if a group of three had queued they could not kick a person unless he had the fourth person I accept 11 standing drawing a cataclysm I'm not saying the current one is

perfect.I have criticized it in the past and still think it could be improved as I said before and people can and will definitely be toxic with it, they will always be random people on the internet but yeah, lfd definitely has had a number of problems that have been fixed later, I think when there are thousands of people leveling for servers it is really easy to tell how effective and good this system is what will happen in a few weeks time will really be able to test how the community interacts with it we will enter in this previous equipment phase where people pre-order items and don't invite certain types of armor and we will also have the badge collection phase where people will go to great lengths to invite extremely oversized people because they absolutely want to upgrade the content and simply do a world tour of heroics, I think in any case people will want to do things fast mind because gamers are much more goal oriented these days and gamers are very goal oriented i think its obvious and its people also want to play with like-minded people there will be people who like to do poop socks and they like to use one flask for heroics and whiz through them all and wipe out all heroics in two hours and I don't think it's fair to say those people are playing bad the same way I don't think it's fair for those people to say that people who just want you get together on a Friday night and spend three hours hauling guns are playing badly or I think it's a matter of playing with other people who have the same outlook as you have and then finding like-minded people the same way it's that simple it's not some weird [__] social problem that needs to be solved as usual every time this conversation repeats, yes, which doesn't r I always produce World of Warcraft exclusively in the Pug scene unless your program really allows you to do that, try to find the guild even if it's Just a Leveling Guild or a Temporary Guild I agree with the fact that I played exclusively in the Pug scene in the past you will sometimes have a large group of people and

sometimes you will find only the worst people on the internet which is kind of the mix and match you get with an MMO and with so many people having similar equipment and leveling goals at the moment it shouldn't be too hard to find a guild this is the conclusion so far from leveling for me I hope the launch on your server went well let me know your thoughts on the topics we discussed today and as always thank you so much everyone for watching and listening and See you all in the next very much soon I think this was a great video, it talked about a lot of things that I obviously raised wow for Wrath I think all the decisions they made were very, very good, they don't pay me to say it I'm not sponsored or anything I really think that they are making good decisions with the game Watch Night Saber Update Video yes i will watch dragonflies ght trailer and then i could watch it well and then imma gino that we will also watch the OverWatch one uh a little soon we also have oh we have 10,000 players out of me now ok it's great so we will do it you have a lot of time you watched the Force Gaming video on Wow that could arrive on consoles no not i saw i might i might watch it at some point we'll see what happens but yeah woolly does a lot of uh classic lava videos actually made blizzard videos for classic good this guy is very good so be sure to follow him up Like it Etc I really like these videos and it's one of yes they have very few good decisions yes er but they have them and uh make sure you know I think it's important to keep in mind whenever things really work every time they make the right thing as much as every time they do the wrong thing they get off


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