GTA Online - The Superdollar Deal Full Mission _SOLO_ _ Los Santos Tuner DLC - English

 what's happening to everyone how are you guys today welcome to a new video here on the game world views ok we all have the super dollar deal the second mission uh sorry all three missions all together today the first machine has already uploaded the videos to my channel let's get into it guys it's going to be awesome and yeah come on man i'll be solo uh so i'll show you guys uh here in the video so come on man let's do this mission it'll go be awesome i can't wait and yeah i can't wait to do it already the second mission so I can make sure with drugs in hell so yeah let's do it let's do it over there we're friend alright let's go on the spot guys here we are the convoy with the counterfeit press

place leaves any moment let me camp here what's up now dog show baby oh your timing couldn't be better i just put my ass in the hot tub without me you got your pass i got your glass right here baby oh yeah why don't you just stop baby maybe alright girl i got the idea that we talked about business before oh man back since [__] wrote my ass all day i don't understand [__] alright we a locator on the truck with the plates we got the virus from our little hacker friend to disable the security system all we have to do is stop this [__] take the printing plates and get away with the ass intact

[Music] baby make this [__] digestible like a [__] and this korean boy will pay, let's get it man let me set this tub to energizing mode [Music] oh yeah baby now I'm ready let's do it let's go to the hot tub brother [Applause] go well it's coming guys, come on [Music] [Music] let oh my god friend [Music]

alright let's go here hey baby this korean boy what a career how the hell i know i thought you shouldn't ask [__] i don't know i thought maybe it came out nah nah nothing happened with these foods but the last party he doesn't stop never be surprised to meet the shady ass [__] you meet in the green room [__] of the nightclub this dude started talking about super dollars and [__] how they fit perfectly on the counter and my ears prick up next thing I know you're asking me if I know anyone who could steal printing plates from a military convoy ah really yeah I said I might know a girl who

you can arrange something you know boom and here we are for sure man alright let's go here [music] we are definitely out here man [music] hey baby you hear it what the ninja sound makes on the highway maybe I can't tell with the your stupid ass wallowing in that tub there's nothing stupid here in this tub listen to that change is an orchestra [__] [Music] [Music] so [Music] that's all right once you pull them up straighten up the hair if they think the truck is going to explode, they will have to pull over so lightly that [__] just stay calm just [__] that [__] a little bit about if that truck really runs we're not getting [__] this is a weird situation , okay, but not as weird as some of these conversations I had these [__] night clubs now let's make my friend happy and get him those printing plates [Music] so [Music] it's you if you use explosives on them be careful not to burn their [__] plates so uh put them on oh he's been so close man they're letting me in don't get in you got that virus it's the only way to fix you all that's been fast enough there's nothing we need but then dish all of you as soon as we hit them street hey yo we need all those full set dishes or it's worth nothing we go guys i mean i got sticky bombs ok check the tv which channel any of them okay oh it's us all of you [__] look all bad like [__] they got news drones on all of you take this [__] on [Music] [Music] we go all of you remember when I said I was in stranger situations before we had the army in ours [__] i don't know what it's like in detroit but down here selling from the military is like a state sport or something [__] i'm not worried you forget who's behind the wheel yeah man you can't see i know it's right

hey, don't take those special operations [__] to the drop-off lose that [__] oh bye the news is calming down they don't know where you are damn it was addicting [__] y'all y 'everything had me glued to the television [ Music] hey, I was thinking this Korean guy is going to go into real or super dollars


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