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 Dragonflight Legacies chapter 2. the first one was good enough I hope this is a commander too I just want to make sure the quality is good ok you are a race a fierce Warrior unlike anything Azeroth is seen in many an over time you could become as powerful as we were one time what happened the desires for power carry barrel we were blind to the darkness among us here are the dragon islands there are after our ascension we wait we have tried to create a beacon of hope for the whole world well because we have not been able to find him then stranger my general in fact we had all our roles to play oh damn here he is oh [__] yo really fast let me go back let me go back colleagues what the [__] so it's not dormu Alex Strazza yasira and this is holy malygos [ __] brother our conscience our hearts we all became close as brood mates or so it seemed because we couldn't hear I Whispers of corruption tempted one of us when demons invaded our world we waits went to protect it as we didn't know if we would ever see the show of Hope again, that's good our brother Maltharium led our defense against the Invaders the first time we found our strength inadequate and became desperate so when Maltharia assured us that with our help he could Forge a weapon to win the war put our trust in him this is the soul of the dragon alone to now have Therian who has now taken the name of baby Deathwing in his day yes he was a [__] tough guys you have to keep in mind predicting this betrayal Deathwing not [__] the fact that his betrayal is much worse than the scars he has on us let him not be the leader I remember how do I know it wasn't you who provoked him you missed a lot during your imprisonment Sands of Time were also the embittered they trust your eyes when the champions of Azeroth faced Deathwing for the last time he was so consumed with Madness that he did not imagine what we would sacrifice to stop him that the weapon we had helped him Forge would become the means of his destruction this is good i had thrall there wasn't even there was no other way Deathwing would destroy this world stop it we wait we gave up our power our immortality our guardianship of Azeroth same fair trade I guess damn you want something from me no you is my gift and my burden

traveling the paths of time but there is a pivotal moment that has long been hidden from me and only you can lead me there it was all right it was fine I must say but where is Deathwing is a [__] tough as if he wasn't not even remotely close as the i like the i like which is the most beautiful i mean really i mean come on yes it looks nice yes i made friend another draft no i think it will be interesting i'm like i don't really think the story was going that way i thought that the way it worked was that Deathwing was corrupted by nazoth so it's like I mean obviously I meant he was evil, right that's because it's [__] it's corrupted by what you call it by an old god yes, so it's like I mean it's really his fault, you know what I mean, like it's really his fault because he's being corrupted by an old God I mean, I don't know, I feel like he's some kind of [__] and then at the same time you know that too he was bribed by an old man oh god so it's a little bit of both there for me sorry it's bribed by the jailer yes they showed it was yog not in the zoth i thought it was nazoth that uh that bribed uh Deathwing but it's like they showed it with tentacles right but he just said he succumbed to his madness like I didn't really understand anything like that they knock him to the ground yeah and it's like where he is I feel like there is no armor on him man I feel like if it was supposed to be Deathwing full [__] as full of similar metal and [__] you know I guess the whispers of an old god are an automatic mind control that he could have resisted if he wanted to I don't know yes I mean the [ __] he knows but in any case I think that I really like these things, like the little [__] things they do, I would like them to do more especially because they tell as rather important traditional events and I hope they continue to do more than I like these they are very uh the first one was really very nice this to be honest was how it confuses me just because I thought it would be a thing but as now it is actually this instead the stone mother gave him the armor eh I don't remember exactly I had to go back back and do it again and and do the search again the BFA ones too yeah i like the jaina and ashara ones were really really really

good I just hope they do more of them and we see more more stuff like this because I think that a lot of people really like the lore of wow and I think that's like that's the main thing that a lot of people have an attachment to it's like the world and like the characters of the game so I hope they do more stuff like this and they add more things like this into the game man the Lord was good until Shadow ends I feel like I mean I'm gonna be honest like I feel like the war was kind of weird in TBC uh the the Wrath lore was like a little bit odd how old the war kind of came out of nowhere at least to me it kind of did but it makes sense like really whenever you think about it um let's see other raids that like didn't really make a whole lot of sense uh I I feel like I don't know like I wasn't a big fan of dragon soul but I think the lore was fine there pretty much I just didn't like how thrall was the one that killed that used the thing that killed Deathwing it's like if this is if the dragon soul is like so powerful it effectively like I I think combined with like the wall of Eternity called like the cause like the shattering of the whole world how is it even possible that a a mortal can even use this it just doesn't really make sense green Jesus well like thrall is the most powerful Shaman of like all time as far as I know but still he's just an orc man yeah Green Jesus saved us yeah I I don't know man he's a conduit yeah I guess that was the case the aspects uh placed an enchantment on it so no dragons could use it I think

Deathwing because I was like a man friend this guy is like he's [__] awesome he's like a super powerful dragon and uh you know how obviously I think they got help from how Ronan and how other people you meet in Lich King rap uh for real how to help defeat Deathwing then I need to come up with a second live wow movie with Sylvanas, I mean, I think if they ever do another live wow movie which I don't think they should do, I feel like now we have like three different points on the we have Castlevania we have Arcane and we have the cyberpunk anime that stop trying to do live action stop it just quit and the problem with doing live action for World of Warcraft is that a lot of the characters and everything that are very similar look, look Deathwing, just like yes for example, looks like a real person but this is definitely very very stylized and if you look like the characters in the WoW Naz dorm room it's not really a good one example of this because I think he generally looks a bit like a real guy but mostly like if you look at humans in the game and they like the style of Warcraft it just isn't it doesn't fit very well with translation into an action movie live yes live action hinders creativity I think so what's a pivotal moment he can't see uh The pivotal moment he can't see I think they're probably wondering if an etherian was bribed before him uh before had as he likes how created wrath and other black drakes to maybe know if all black grapes got infected as a leftover from corruption like murzond I don't think that's that really, don't think so, so it's like you i knew so thats kind of what i guess it is because as obviously you know he said drak theater is like oh this is mine not my general hashtag right not my general well guess what um s probably him

knows a different death wing, so that's probably why, but I'm not sure it's great to have anger material again I think anger is great shaman live action was sick so it's d ' gold you are absolutely right i think shamans and like all ogres in uh all orcs in warcraft movie were pretty cool i would say they were pretty cool but they looked really weird and out of place next to only travis fagot just don't know how maybe they are just me but it looked like or like medivh right yeah it was just looked weird while like everytime you see like like like this is what wow um so how look this this is what i would say like you know the forearms like that huge arms [ __] like just the way their faces look yeah i mean there ain't many guys that look like this you know what i mean it's just not like this yeah they're ripped like [__] of course I am yes abso [__] definitely Admiral Chad's Arnold yes you should have there as bodybuilders do it well but I think like these the stylization is what makes it so iconic you know and it's the same obviously with the orcs but since the orcs are right and it was also weird how all these orcs were alike these huge CGI absolute units and then garona was a girl with green makeup, i mean i think it was a little weird garonna was half an ogre yes but i still think it's weird it looks so weird yes yes i wasn't really a fan of it i think if i watched someone who is a half-orc it wouldn't be exactly like that but i don't know either way i think turning it into an animated series does exactly the same thing that Castlevania did it did the same thing that Arcane did for an animation is basically it's animated because it's a video game just enough to make your audience happy I think actually n Neither need to turn it into live action as it looks how popular arcane was arcane it was like last year's most popular show so it's not that the ceiling for an animated show is lower this clearly isn't true so I don't know why they would do it look at the animation i did on a new Hearthstone movie surely i think this is right yes here we are, let's watch this what is the blue lich king oh [__]

yes the odds Tyrion had the Champions of azeroth with him Tyrion had the Champions of azeroth with him as if Arthas was distracted he wasn't even paying attention he completely forgot about Tyrion as if Arthas practically cast a spell and then Tyrion surprised him at slip like in any other kind of fair fight the Lich King would beat any [__] Paladin as Tyrion had the Ash-bearer but Tyrion wasn't the Ash-bearer as maybe alexandros mograin would have had a chance against the Lich King aside that apart from that no shot not even close curion was chilling for sure it was chilling 20 people died holding ashbringer yes that's true but you know how everytime i think uh alexandra smogren is dead not dead not dead to be honest i was his uh his son who betrayed him aspringer is stronger than frostmour and War as Weapons go Ashbringer is stronger than frostmour ah pensan i do that's tough no i probably feel like they are more or less the same yes i probably are about th e the same because as ashbringer he was forged by like a naru like some kind of sacred celestial crystal from nauru from another planet you understand what I mean so it's also on the same cosmic power level that Frostmourne would be on see what I'm saying the sword level list yeah it's like um, I don't know, it's kind of a weird comparison but I remember how to remember Sir Arthur Dane in Game of Thrones whenever he had Dawn who was like a sword and was made of a meteorite but was as powerful or strong as valerian steel which is like the most powerful steel and the strongest steel in Game of Thrones , I feel it is more or less the same thing that is happening with frostmourne and ashbringer I is what I would like to say that the filomoran has lost due to frost and could destroy planets or some [__] well I don't know yes but the light always wins true brother hell yes brother you got it right brother hell yes ok let's see here I mean Illidan destroyed in our room yes but I think Illidan was probably one of the only like maybe 10 characters in the game that could have won V1 the Lich King as I would say Illidan and Legion they would have a very good chance against the Lich King. All things considered as I mean, you must remember how Illidan is him
1 on 1 lost and the 1 on 1 Illidan lore then lost because he thought he was so above Arthas he wasn't even taking it he wasn't even taking the fight seriously like that's what happened in the lore so basically they have said yes, this shouldn't. It didn't happen but he didn't stand a chance against Sylvanas, yes, right


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