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 actually we will start with Joe Rogan one ok i think this is a better transition and uh people link it to me and you too have been recommended to me uh Joe Rogan DJ Mount Mighty Mouse exposes twitch had to go and start streaming on youtube here we go watch her call him like i'm past six hours i should be out here then i go i walk out i walk out of the living room and she's sitting there she's alright you have to make a choice is either me or whatever shit i was like hello wow i'm out of my mind that moment i took a huge step back from the game like i was like i have to put it away cause i couldn't this guy actually is really cool by the way i met him like i really really like this guy yeah he used to play to WoW and he liked everything like he's a really good guy prioritize Demetrius Johnson what was most important just obsessive they are very very very obsessive but then now with the strea ming twitch i was able to monetize and meet great people i never would have met you through games, you are making money with twitch um me just recently so this is basically this is waiting so what happened what i think happened, so the wife is not happy that he plays video games, he finds a way to make money playing video games so now he has to agree because it's his job this is the strategy that was used yes it's good it's really good i done the same you know interesting YouTube because all the twitch [__] so what's the contraction [__] well here we are you know me Jane I was talking about it uh so I don't want to see the contraction [__] can be more positive yes so what contraction i find it difficult and i struggle with that, i have been streaming on the platform for nine years ok and i have not seen any growth and it may also be on my part not knowing that it grinds re is hard but by the time I was grinding I was probably making around $ 2500 a month and just playing video games just as well as the cover mortgage but my life was that I would wake up working out after my first session of workout go to the flow next door for two hours go back next door back to the trained AMC for

another two hours drive home shower kiss my wife dine back downstairs and stream I had no life, all i did was stream stream stream and i was able to monetize and make good money and then it's the same with many people who have you know how you spend practically all their time on it i sat i was like i am not having fun anymore this is not a job its a job as i don't love it and so i did it also happens with my stream and then i stopped raiding and started to like streaming again, then you start seeing girls use a platform in a different way but the hot tub streams hey i don't hate them i am glad they were able to capitalize when i stream in the hot tub ok let me tell you oh boy oh boy how does Joe not know how the [__] doesn't know it's just that it's just that he has to be [__] pretending to have to pretend there's no way sball ati every day there are a lot of people who are high every day and looking at amaranth every day

the truth is that twitch did a really bad job promoting someone like Mighty Mouse, he did a bad job promoting them like they were talking all the time about how you know the real pro [__] you know the athletes championship streaming on their platform but they are just tweeting about how some new twitch ambassadors play minecraft like me this is not like who is this because he is having fun too yes he is funny he is a popular pornstar the mountain yes she is making her way is wearing streams he is not like that crazy like i hardly heard anything like brother who likes to canoe and as if i mean you better be like canoe it's like we all think oh it's canoe you know funny norwegian boy aha yeah brother canoe won the championship of Arnold how it's like the most prestigious number two or number three bodybuilding competition in the whole [__] world that's crazy uh yeah that's crazy it's like wanting i say it's a big deal Mr Universe i thought yes i am pretty sure he did yes he did yes i am pretty sure I have [__] seen the bikini photo and this is you are allowed to be naked no you cannot who qualifies uh you broke the code of conduct click on this what is it so what is this this is the best female streamer yes she [__] kills kills you in a month a couple of million dollars a month yes you know I know everyone knows yes wow but you see boom right here because it is that this app popped up that pops up but doesn't say what is this ad has no say so what is this ad right yes but for a couple of million dollars a month I bet he won't give up so this was a new thing in the platform that came to you just like that streaming in your underwear yeah so for me after nine years on Twitch I was like ok I want to try something new I want to try streaming your underpants now no I'm broadcasting in st reaming youtube you know there are a couple of people who told me do hot tub shoes as a friend you can stream hot tubs like and you want to see my half naked body you don't see it enough when i'm fighting well Audrey would be cool see you in the hot tub man i'm like a band and get it out of here now put on your pants i'm sorry exactly so i switched to youtube um it was fun to be able to create content there was great so

this is a girl i like how the republic is talking about him and i'm like in reality when i go to another go to another though but yeah actually so back to this so i'm like almost naked and [__] in the jacuzzi is just like that oh wow ok so yeah Jamie pulls on that corner of the lines yeah in the mirror yeah so it's like they have a mirror yeah not everyone oh jesus it's so not in that corner take the uh pull so that's the thing going on and then now they have now they have poker they have a big thing They all complain about poker because people will play on Twitch oh yeah and people said don't give me your money and I'm gonna play it right and people are like there are some people like oh me that shouldn't be allowed there is some people saying it should be allowed so everything i was like you know what i think i'll walk away from twitch i'll try youtube and so far youtube has been awesome um i have a youtube channelfor a long time and d I've been trying not to post any MMA content just like I don't want to have mixed martial arts just because I want to be known for something else besides mixed martial arts, so I love YouTube because my channel isn't dead when I'm not in live i am only monetizing when i am live on Twitch you can go to your channel watch old videos watch old videos and the algorithm on youtube is much better than twitch well because twitch does not have an algorithm contraction it has a snowball effect if you are at the top of the directory you get more viewers and if you are not at the top of the directory you do not get more viewers so here's what happens it's like you are buried at the bottom and how my best advice to someone who is streaming on Twitch is to create YouTube content create YouTube content collaborate with people uh [__] go to twitter uh you can do stuff on tick tock uh go to instagram live you know sometimes and [ __] man, it sucks so yeah i mean i think you know after streaming for a long time and being frustrated that you didn't get the payoff you want or feel it you know you feel comfortable

with I don't blame them for switching to YouTube, I think twitch did a terrible job of promoting smaller streamers and uh really how to show off I remember they gave some logic to this huge [__] Twitch streaming contract, not I remember never hearing about Logic on Twitch again, meanwhile they have people like uh [__] Thor and uh Demetrius Johnson here streaming for [__] free there is no contract and twitch can 'Don't even bother talking about it I am not a fan so if you are a small streamer on Twitch you will never find out it is very very very very much there are so many people there are so many people and there is no algorithm to pick you up right I switched to YouTube and the people like me i didn't know you had a youtube channel i didn't know you streamed it's like i've been streaming for [__] nine years how do you not know i haven't streamed well, like if i play WoW c How many expansions did it take for people to r remember 10 and 25 men shared a lockout after Wrath of the Lich King friend you remember remembering that [__] like me it was like Warlords of Draenor when people finally got the idea of ​​[__] through their head oh well oh I did Tin Man this week I can't do 25 now yes it took more expansions for this to happen so no this is not at all a shock to me we do the same school as [__] he and then I read the comments and I comment the comments on the YouTube channel yes and then someone says oh my God thank God for the algorithm because I would never find your channel when I see that I like it and then if I make a reaction video people send things to me and i reacted to false martial arts and i sit there and laugh at it and get my honest opinion about it and people and it's so cool because as the truth is everyone wants to see the opinion of a true fighter and championship not some [__] not some uh you know Steven Seagal uh I mean, I think actually Steven Seagal was a championship fighter like 130 years ago but like they really want to see someone who knows what he's talking about

on reviewing this [__] we will love it and eat it and then continue to get views and still be able to get ad revenue in monetization, that's why I switch to YouTube but it's all for a passion like me. t I don't rely on that money to pay my bills well so you don't consider it a job no it's fun doing it with twitch for a while yes twitch i was like i wanna be good i have it to stream all the time youtube is like yeah i think its definitely true its very unhealthy on Twitch where people feel they have to be live all the time it's like and also like audience a little bit this is something i wish people did less of and i think i they've done less and it's good, but it's a trend and that's not where I want it to be yet I don't really like the idea that people should be really happy and try to get streamers to stream for four six eight ten twelve hours a day i dont think it is healthy to do it as if you w and to do it is fine just like you are streaming this is an unmonetized channel uh of course you know these youtube videos go up to youtube and make money there but for the most part I don't really make money I do it for fun I do it because I enjoy it but there are many people who feel the same as him where they think I have to live all the time or I'm not growing up because there is no VOD Discovery system because that is because the [ __] is that twitch doesn't have some sort of where the type i need to get dan clancy you know the guy i am i tell you guys i met dan clancy uh the president of twitch i met this guy i like him i think he's great , I think he should cut yes he is the president of twitch, I think he should come to my [__] stream and talk about the website [__] because we hardly ever hear that's why [__] there is no discovery section with all the most popular clips because live streaming isn't the only place you can go on or even better YouTube the only place you can go to see some of those popular clips of the day with people's comments on them why it's happening this it's just not that lsf is bad it's that it should exist too we surely need it yes it's crazy friend i'm not happy passive income from clips and vod yes exactly it's crazy friend well you can order by recommended what is the recommended [__] by whom for what how the website is like this

stagnant yes it's just not like me this is too friend well let's see oh oh look at my advice oh wow look at my recommended oh boy just what we wanted here we are Tom Clancy no they have a hard time finding you on Twitch yes i bet you it's intentional but yeah i think they have to do a much better job because there are a lot of people who feel exactly the same way he does a lot of other people but i stream when i want and then i do a couple of reactions the videos leave it there and then when i'm not streaming right now people are probably watching the youtube video and behaving well so basically it's doing exactly what i'm doing great [__] great idea idea that makes sense yes it has sense yes YouTube has great algorithms yes and if you are doing something like this it makes sense yes the problem with YouTube for what I do is that there is a lot of censorship yes and especially when p arli of controversy oh bro as true but you got it where is your episode on whe is your episode on spotify with alex jones is there now last time i checked he wasn't there let me see i cant tell people uh ass scream cure it's oh wait a second it's there ok ok ok i was wrong about that alright they put it back and to be honest Spotify whenever everyone wanted to delete Joe Rogan on Spotify Spotify is stayed with them so you actually know Spotify rare W I actually think Spotify is awesome I love Spotify said it was wrong no i say i'm wrong all the time the the problem people have is they present an argument with me they say you are wrong because why i said it and you're dumb and bald thats why and i'm like no i don't like to see look he has such a [__] big ego he will never change his opinion about anything uh never want to listen to anyone else thats what happens change mine opinion on [__] all the time ov I'm wrong about [__] things like you know covid or something like yeah h I remember every time they tried to unsubscribe, they tried to unsubscribe Joe YouTube it wasn't they were I mean they was already YouTube that's like this [__ ] terrified of being government regulated that they would go out of their way to look like they are doing nothing because by the time they become a publisher and not a platform their workload increases by a thousand decks so yeah [__] lutely uh apps YouTube has done nothing about Spotify's

pretty cool for these things, but if you are a person and get hit with a warning like YouTube only has three strikes oh yeah yeah and they'll get your whole channel out of you [__] It's not necessarily like what we saw with that video about Russia today, you know that hitting a channel three times doesn't necessarily mean the hardest thing is removed, so the kind of thing I've been trying to get around is me being on YouTube it's like I can't play the music right or something popular just so my brother my long lost brother i just met after 35 years on this planet oh wow oh man i don't know how long we have but we have a whole i just met my dad five years ago changed my life so but my bro I'm so happy for him he's a great holy man [__] I couldn't even imagine [__] he's a musician and he plays beats and so I contacted him I was like hey man how can you do i get some synthwave music that i can play on my youtube channel and so he's doing g it and he's doing pretty good beats and i like to send what you know is synthwave no sith wave he's kind of like a hero d '80s rock action and 90s action ok so that's a little bit like that so doctor disrespect starts early on screen the music is making me tick that way i can play music when i'm in streaming is not copyright it is not copywriting I own the rights so no contractions you are allowed to pull let's make sure we all know that just because it owns the rights and it is not copyrighted YouTube will hit him again for his own music their system is great it's absolutely flawless playing music it's not the same thing either so but when i streamed on Twitch i didn't i didn't care much i think youtube are much quicker to make it work like fo if a copyright modification no monetization

you did it right, so the reason this happens is because YouTube provides the information in real time before the video loads, while twitch only does it retroactively every time avad loads after the stream is finished, this will likely change as well on Twitch in the future, but you can play music and still get monetized, you can still monetize it, basically say guys have you ever had like [__] soundtown Shazam one of these apps on your phone where you can just listen to it and like you know to open in app and its like listening to the song and it tells you what the song is, imagine youtube has a really good one [__] of the ones that scroll each video its pretty simple how streaming itself works so um but yeah i like uh youtube is funny so far good it's great that you have so many different things you're doing yeah that's great i'm really happy uh i'm really happy to see you i have six hours good on youtube I think it's [__] am flirty


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