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 oh yeah people get banned and diablo immortal this is uh not okay negative keep in mind how many zeros are again uh this is 2.5 million eternal spheres here we go what's going on guys this is here today is very sad day for a lot of players out there who bought their orbs from a secondary market instead of going with blizzard now this wizard right here i am showing you on my screen as you can see in the top right corner is negative 2.5 million eternal spheres that is the base what n expects so they gave him negative how much money is that yes how much is how uh wait how many eternal spheres do you get yes let me think for a minute so how is the ratio here worth 35 000 from 35 to 40 thousand dollars so Blizzard has put this dude in the hole for more than most people are paying on student loans oh my god, well I guess he'll have to spend 70k to get him back pretty much more than 30,000 crazy, well and guess what he no longer has h is the account not only does he not have his account he also lost all the money he spent every time he bought these balls from the secondary market oh my god there is no one to go to after he bought these balls thinking about buying gift cards basically and actually we have an interview with him and I told him a little bit about this asking all the questions and exactly how much money he lost doing this and clearly regrets it misses playing Diablo immortal he would not ever have and if he did I just went the normal way honestly he would have a resonance character of over 5,000 instead of having nothing with a lot of money lost so guys my god buy balls from a secondary market man oh my [__ ] god clearly a bitcoin i don't know i don't know what it is this is crazy how does blizzard do this is brutal blizzard as if i meant it as if these are the people who are giving you t all the money is zero point seven six percent that fund half of all [__] mobile game development and you're cutting his dicks I don't know if this is the right decision oh my god how is that possible is

blizzard's fault for not letting you trade those orbs exactly i dont think blizzard is wrong here i think absolutely so i think they are totally wrong because these people bought them was not a weird thing at all if you don't want people to trade orbs then why do you let them exchange it [__] that and even though it has good reviews I don't believe the reviews even yes yes she bought from people who use stolen credit cards yes but that's not her fault as if she didn't know they stole the card credit why you punish him why you punish him yes so so what will you punish a player as yes is not obvious enough even if no it is not not necessarily obvious why some currencies as well as for example people would like to buy things like wow like if I think it was like a South American currency because it was cheaper with such a thing as a currency conversion, so it's actually not as simple as if you are buying it for less is guara nteed fraud this is actually not true yeah argentina yeah venezuela argentina something so people could have done it unknowingly and i think with a reasonable degree of confidence it wouldn't have been stolen but the third party seller is more sus too if ok then why let people have third party sellers so why let people sell it if third party sellers are more sus then why let people trade it if they say oh but we have gift cards we will sell these to you gift cards and it's not crazy someone else's credit card we are using to buy friend don't believe man crazy gift card sells on ebay for about 10 less than actual value so no one will sell you gift cards for this price trust me i bought many gift cards in my time as i played on mobile devices to get cheaper gift cards and then i actually using them for games like this is actually a relatively smart idea, however when buying secondary market spheres the only thin g would be smarter than that to not buy anything and never spend money on a video game like this so this is the second smartest thing you can

do what to be honest i mean there are a lot of things underneath for what he was paying 20 to 40 dollars for 7 200 damn orbs you will get caught man and that's what happened to him and it's sadly for him he was one of the best battle wizards in the whole game, well he didn't know, the fact is he probably thought it was okay that you are playing a pay to win grind fest so you buy the items other people can buy from the store and contextualize it around to this guy, probably not his, he's the best, so guess what his first game probably isn't the best the right way, then guess what probably in those other games he bought gift cards all was totally [__] a place just like jp said, just like jt said right at 100 [__] percent, so why is it that blizzard is punishing him when this is a well established practice in this genre of games, I mean it is just like the guy what i'm saying is i think that whenever you want to act someone how you determine, whether someone should be punished or not, i think one of the most important things, especially with video games, is asking the question: did they know what they were doing and if they knew what they were doing then you [__] them in the ass but if they don't know what they were doing they didn't realize they were doing something wrong then I think it is unfair to punish such a person especially because it is something that you allowed it to happen as a game developer can't be that stupid not knowing it's against eula um you spent 35k surely you know something is wrong not necessarily yes we read some people like to be [__] asked who reads it yes none know eola yes i feel like it is explicitly stated in the eula and just like the rules of the game that you can't buy this currency with this money then yes he is probably wrong but I can see in a game like Diablo Immortal where everything is already paid to win obviously people will think about this yes sure sure people will think so yes absolutely actually he was the best wizard against whom he was built in the battlefields he was legitimate the best wizard there wasn't a single wizard who made more chaos than this man right here shia respected him at the highest level

battlefields and it's sad to see it won't be there anymore actually it's really sad to see it so no more shia but the problem is with mobile games even when players let more players arrive i mean you are constantly every week i mean every day that i am in the battlefield i see another player with big wings with 5000 residence wings and most of the players know they don't buy from the secondary market and that's why guys i like the interview i'm out of here for now so actually okay so basically i mean buying secondary market stuff it's like at some point i get to see both sides of this because as it's stated in the rules that you shouldn't buy or can't buy it to get it is explicitly against the rules and the boy breaks the rules I mean I can't you can't defend him like he just broke the rules like it's that simple but he thought or that it is as given the context of other games similar to this one and if this person is actually doing something er l like they are voluntarily participating in something bad instead of accidentally doing something wrong I don't know how it looks because you are also able to do it if it is such a bad thing is true how can it not be against the rules because the whole games are empty as i imagine for me like it is the same as diablo 3 where you had the auction house with real money well you have the house of real money auctions well somebody is buying it like oh they're buying it it's another sale for like thirty thousand dollars like you think i'm gonna be mad about it i don't give a [__] it's the same i think blizzard is just pissed off because they ain't getting their cut man you're such a mad wizard man oh thank you brother oh, I hate that you got banned from the game so what happened exactly how you did what you did you trusted d i a website because they said they used gift cards and you didn't think it would be legit from that uh you can

google for you there is a website yeah yeah i saw that website it has a lot of good reviews and hardly any bad reviews oh yeah i can the classic diablo imoto just what you didn't end up losing your money for this now because how are you

more than $ 20,000 i think $ 30,000 uh 10 dk no but how much were you paying like each pack as a pack of uh seven i think i am saying he spent 20,000 so as if it was worth between 35 and 40,000 he probably bought them at about da 50 to 60 dollars i think he saved 15 yes ball package how much price has always changed because it gets more expensive uh it's about 85 dollars now but from the start it's twenty dollars twenty dollars twenty dollars and he was getting the hundred dollars a holy one [__] that big deal is eight hundred percent that's actually only four hundred percent worth damn no wonder he followed it that's what the game trained him to do for 7200 wow that's crazy that's a good deal man uh it's from the start but the price has gone up and changed to around $ 50 per man you were one of the best battle wizards in the game bro you showed people how to play that specific dude oh yeah i know i'm so sorry so much for that oh don't be sorry friend th a it sucks for you friend it sucks for you my friend yeah uh send me the picture if you dont mind uh discord cause i wanna show you i wanna show i'll do that's the picture you show say so people like this not uh obviously they don't follow these footsteps cause its not a good decision yes i will also send you the blizzard email ok wow that would be great hey thank you man and also thank you for your time man shoot me those pictures sucking the man who sucks for him I appreciate you and uh what are you going to do from here will you just leave Diablo immortal or try to create a new account or what are you thinking of doing oh you then say my account i think i ditched yes there is practically nothing else option, right because it's not like you're going to invest another hundred thousand dollars what was your residence your residence was 7 400 right yes yes it's crazy Jesus hey man thank you for your time which is a lot of [__] money abou t like I said, do a vi deo about it oh my god listen until me ok oh man thank you for your time friend good rest of your day i feel sorry for the boy friend i have a nice day if my dog ​​myla takes this frisbee you gotta sign up ready baby don't let him down baby

that actually that [__] was funny how i like it was funny is so yeah i just have energy that was good i like it yes there you are there is the video we watch jt videos like this guy is like it the only guy playing diablo immortals serious enough for us to keep up with what's going on in game man, so if you want to [__] watch this [__] you could just follow him like he's on top of anything like that it happens so whats what it is look i mean like if you are the best i will keep it real if the game was not paid to win i bet there would be different people in the leaderboard with one of these games with any of them like for example as also in the tower fantasy like I spent money on the tower fantasy, you guys saw it happen I probably wouldn't be ranked sixth on the server or wherever I am [__] if if other people not n they could spend them money like that it's that simple like it's literally that simple i am in front of them because i spent more money there are people who are below me who are better than me at the game cultivate harder than me they know the game better or, let's say at worst, they just play more and they're as good as me then they walk away, so it's just that it's the truth and it's like you don't, you won't be really good at one of these games because you just spend money if you are not good enough and then you get better is that people with all the money and skin uh rare even anime yeah exactly uh have you ever played the path of exile i wonder i mean a lot of rmt and poe people also like me just don't i understand it as if i really don't understand, i think as in poe i would take a lot of viewer donations if i was doing many different builds like for example like i want to do like a [__] i always remember remembering that but tthew made this video about how cyclone uh volatile dead and I thought it was just like the coolest build I have ever seen n in my entire life and like they nerfed to the next championship but I thought [__] it was tough, yet as if I were playing a character normally like

why you should go and do it you know what i mean as yeah why why would you go into it like you dont see the point of doing it like you are just trying to have a character and do the build but you know its uh i guess some people like to do it is that I mean [__] I mean, I think if I was a Poe streamer all the time or I would stream it more and do different builds I would like to ask for currency so I can do them faster for more content, but since I am not explicitly playing for the content, I don't really care, we're just accepting gold first yes but I am i'm playing on the server for content like there are things I play for content things I don't sound for content if I don't play it for content i don't care it doesn't matter it's that simple it's common sense uh how cute you would have to be like you to buy orbs and immortal diabolo i mean you look at it from their point of view they played a lot of other games and s where they buy gift certificates and then they are able to use gift certificates and this saves money and I think many people assume that yes while it could be a stolen credit card it could also be a gift card that was purchased in a country in which currency conversion rates are very different so it's something that's done it's kind of like a loophole but there's no explicit fraud going on, you see what I'm saying so I can see where someone would come from and I think that even as if it wasn't that blizzard loses something every time this guy has a resonance temper of 7000 how best to hold a whale on the hook and let them keep that stuff or completely delete their account seems counterproductive in my opinion I don't know I don't know if you get 50 off you like Vietnamese guy buy you stuff yeah stuff like that so happy you're playing classic again i mean it's funny i like i l classic game to different games now shouldn't be too confusing as it is as still as a and i like it

diablo is a [__] pay-to-win game like if you really think i'm gonna be like oh well they didn't they didn't listen to the rules it's the same as lost ark as if people start cheating in the lost ark and how to buy gold is like i don't care if people buy gold in the lost ark like what [__] it gives us [__] you can buy gold through the game it's just because amazon and smile game are not getting their cut not I think this is less ethical to those who give a [__] you know I'll make another one to pay it in time yes, it ruins the economy even more I don't care like me I don't like if a game pays to win I don't care game integrity at all, like in my opinion if you charge a game to win explicitly like Diablo immortal or Lost Ark is game integrity is already zero, it starts and ends at zero, so yes, I mean like who gives a [__] life pays to win yes that's why people play video games to get away i from that i s their IP in their game of course they will ban people there is money in their game which [__] is your opinion on this good is such that it is stupid how what do you mean like oh its their game so obviously i am i will ban the people like you when no one argues if they can or can't ban the guy obviously they can ban the guy it's whether it's the right decision or not how to get back to your cave caveman we're having a real conversation here everyone knows they can ban him it's common sense yeah it's about deciding if it's the right decision or not those games gotcha up to leaving no exchanges between players yes exactly as well as if you buy the gift cards i feel like the company like i don't i don't know i just think it's like a guy spent 35k for the game like who gives a [__] if he keeps his account it doesn't matter as if i don't know how maybe i'm just maybe i'm just that i'm so tired of these things that literally I just don't care, I just don't care about all people

robot people cheat people do whatever it is to me it is a pay-to-win game you have to take what you can have you have to eat everything here 30 [__] 5 000 on a video game no. 35 [__] thousands of dollars on those spheres keep that in mind specifically, so it's not that he doesn't like it, it's just like that 35 is how much he had spent in that period you have to keep in mind as if he were a person and they doing let's say 400,000 a year they are probably spending probably have over a hundred thousand dollars a year left of money every time you take taxes assuming they are not living a very lavish lifestyle somewhere around there is a lot of money there are people who they make so much money and guess what they do some of them play games like this and get busy at games like this other people do it with machines these people do it with video games that's what it is yes i mean alright i mean , i think it's okay for people to do what they want with their mom ney i think it's stupid like i wouldn't do it but you know it's whatever average income is literally yes average income is than four hundred thousand dollars you are right true true true how many copies of the elderberry ring is that it is a lot at least diablo mortals better than their dudes pay for the same on browser games is something special man i say oh it's middle income of an immortal player of diablo ok yes it's better i like it true


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