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 how they made this happen this was recommended to me and we will look at it Not just for bugs but for publicly accessible custom games with themes like sexual harassment OverWatch 2 has been criticized not only for bugs but for games publicly accessible custom with themes like sexual harassment simulator it is creepy that there are people asking if blizzard has done enough to protect its entire player base I think this is a bad topic to start with it has drawn fire I have none never heard of you guys have you heard of it no yes i never heard of it me yes where are other people talking about this is the first time i have heard of it the story contains depictions of sexual assaults and forced childbirth keep safe whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whats in the game alright alright let's see it and take care of you I talked a little bit on this early roc channel What OverWatch 2 has ex-appraised since its release I'm still trying to actively learn about this game I still don't know the names of some Heroes Shuffle Heroes I don't know what their abilities are I fall off the map I'm still learning One Stop well I played for uh, I've been playing OverWatch one, so I've known the game for years and I'm in the same place, so yeah, things like that happen, I literally can't try a game to its full potential I miss teaching moments like I said video games have some bugs, things that happen but when your game is introduced to the world I have expectations that I think are quite reasonable that you have the measures in place to keep your community safe, but that's not what I saw on Twitter last Sunday that Lynn Magoo had shared a warning on Twitter saying not to let your children play OverWatch my 12 year old son found custom games in it one called harassment if sex and a game that simulated the rape of female characters luckily my real son zed was bad he quit the game and told me not to play the hashtag OverWatch Lynn is also the partner of the famous twitch streamer Lemmy who added to this with

inserting it forces a player to play as Cassidy against a strictly female OverWatch Heroes team at the top left of the screen tells you to blink to take down your victims which refers to Cassidy's old OverWatch 1 flashbang ability and then says to a tea bag that is written with spaces ostensibly to bypass a word filter while crouching a text appears at the top of the screen saying that raped enemy heroes are then marked as pregnant and eventually a torbojorn has bought a spawn to simulate a chat oh my god it's a turret they grow up so fast who the [__] does this is so done this is the dumbest thing i've ever heard in my life oh my god i don't even know what to say holy [__] these people need Jesus yes we need to bring prayers back to school I feel there is nothing that convinced me to more than this [__] holy man video [__] archived in its simplest form is a game mode that simulates rape and forced childbirth to make matters worse first video I showed you were uploaded in May 2022 while the second video was uploaded in January 2022. this has been a game mode available for months that was just one room I was able to find on sorry game mode not available, right it's just a custom game with a certain type name, unless you don't want people to take away the ability to play Cassidy or McCree or you want people to take away the ability to play Torbjorn. I feel like this isn't available like I don't want it done as well as blizzard blizzard is letting this happen like o blizzard is like this is you know you go down settings [__] it's like 6v6 5v5 uh you know pull uh you know how shooting requirements no shooting requirements 1v1 sniper battles and then there is just like a sexual harassment preset that this is not this does not exist on twitter but there are other custom games with no questionable titles my colleague and I have not been able to find sexual harassment simulator but we found other rooms tagged as 18 plu s or with the phrase

naked OverWatch two naked girls anime girls and a lot to watch Tinder or with the phrase you know what's the best part [__] about this is that I can guarantee you that most people who join naked anime girls thing these are lobbies realized by guys who have other guys joining as horny [__] 13 year olds I would absolutely have joined this if this was a Halo 2 lobby absolutely in case maybe there was a girl in there and maybe she looked like the girls in hentai hundred [__] percent and besides it's really a big deal if every time you look at it there was none it was like the other shows that there were a lot, apparently there aren't that many so I don't think it's really so having private adult lobbies like this is problematic because there is this the pro this is the problematic nature of all types of erp the problematic nature of all types of erp is the fact that you don't actually n I am not guaranteed that the p the people you are inviting into these lobbies are of legal age and I think it is clearly an ethical issue, this is clearly something negative and that is why you cannot have games that are

to prevent inappropriate user-created content and manually remove those not captured by the system, however the same report confirmed that the unique five-digit code that allows you to play the mode is still available anyone with the code could presumably turn it into a public game and re-listing it is possible to report custom game titles and descriptions via a button on the browser page but for cases like this for the mode itself it violates the rules there is no easy way to communicate it to Blizzard according to that PC Gamer reports these custom games with labels like 18 plus are places to hang out and chat in voice yeah yeah we did it too at halo like you guys didn't like in the 2000s where you would just like to join the lobbies and you would just sit and talk like the red vs blue guy [__] yes, it seems to me that a lot of people have made this war sniping with the boys yeah 100% [__] percent man so i feel like he's very very comm lit and he's running around it's been going on ever since you know the games start you have a problem with blizzard that has all these rooms like that easy to find and accessible for the entire population of players, some of which include children the fact that I have been able to find these custom games is terrifying there are so many small children playing these games and would have access to these environments kids play kids are encouraged to play some and maybe a hate is coming here i think it's great that kids can explore rich universes and dynamic stories these play modes are absolutely not part of that they are inadequate and unsafe OverWatch 2 has 20 yes i think they are clearly in a terrifying situation i think its a bit of an ex exaggeration just every time you have a game built around killing people and kids are on the internet to play which implies they probably have an internet connection you really think these kids are not looking up the real thing on the internet as we are honest here what we talk about as if we were all adults here for mostly we talk about what's really going on so that

tease or questionable age girls we don't really know if they are underage but you know questionable age and do these stripteases for these [__] guys and they are like, listen close if this is a big deal and you can't handle it properly then yeah , you should turn it off because the truth is you can never handle it all the way down to scratch and I think it's really just a good faith effort to try and get rid of them as much as possible just banish naked and keywords like that yes I think so, er, I think so, but people always bypass the word filter, they will always manage to bypass dating and play in game mode that stimulates sexual assault and forced delivery is not just a game, but it is [__] on and blizzard needs to do better I just think it's a gap to be honest I think I think it's a game it's not a big deal if it's between consenting adults I don't think there's anything more [__] about that than BDSM or of which Any other sexual fetish I don't like It's the idea that you want to walk around and tone the police what consenting adults can do I think the only real argument for this being a bad thing is one hundred percent of the kids and it's zero percent anything else, so that's what I think I'm doing. i don't know what you guys think uh um starts with uh what is this here uh with parents uh yes no i mean but as a kind parent yes yes you gotta watch what your kid does but guys can we all be honest here if i your parents were watching you on the internet, this stopped you, for example let's be honest shoot your opinion on assists it shouldn't be in the game at all this [__] shouldn't be in the game i'm shocked by your opinion this [__ ] shouldn't be in the game at all I'll answer this because I am

I just want to make sure someone is not getting the wrong idea so when i said it should be in the game because i am curious when i said i dont remember saying it and so we find out every time they said it should be in the game why are you throwing down everything this woman said yes so when i said she should be in the game why didn't you put words in my mouth you didn't oh she was in words like that because she is speaking from the point of view of the mother whose son found her uh so she's probably horrified um she was saying her son found her no no I thought she said no this was her this was someone else this was someone else son who found out this wasn't her yeah it was a tweet he saw right so let's go ahead and read this you said like aggressive consenting adults doing what they want in the game is actually not exactly what I have said what i said is i have no problem with consenting assaults doing anything ant in the game as in theory if i had a lobby like this and there were only consenting adults allowed in the lobby i would have no problem with it but in the context of the fact that there is no age limit in the game i said they should get rid of it didn't you hear me say they should do it they should get rid of it you have to click custom server to join yes exact sure you yes so i'm talking about a theorist who in theory i have no problem with consenting adults doing this obviously not yes it's selective listening yes so let's see but there are also kids playing so you heard the part where i said they have to get rid of it is not what i said it is not what [ __] I said holy [__] holy [__] [__] man, it's extremely frustrating for me to have to explain something like this because this is nice this is a topic just hot this is a this is an extreme topic and I have to choose the way I say things in a particular

way i have to make sure i say them right and not say them the wrong way so i'm already fighting an uphill battle and then there are other people making it even harder by making up things i didn't say it's not absolutely necessary i don't think it is good to minimize and insinuate that the woman in a video is dramatic, I will say 100 that I think it is not terrifying people are able to play a custom game mode in a video game, this is not what I would consider terrifying if this terrifies you I think this is a problem, here's a piece of advice is that whenever you play too much at a problem and act like it's a problem as if the absolute worst thing you do is misrepresent the impact of something and every time you represent bad the impact of something alien normal and reasonable people who may see that it is a problem but since you are misrepresenting it so much they are postponing it is a very bad method of communication and it's counterproductive one didn't say the whole point of the game mode was to stimulate rape although yes it's [__] weird but to be honest how to simulate something like this on uh on [__] OverWatch custom games it's not a big deal it's just [__] weird it's an OverWatch custom game let's be honest yeah it's shameful for Kink I think there's the right one too uh it's a big deal I thought you guys thought for a long time that it's awesome yes i think uh i feel like this is the way i see it is that yes the blizzard should get rid of this stuff completely and they should totally ban people lobbying like this because yes kids can play but in the context are adults only I don't think there is anything wrong with that I have no problem with consenting adults doing any kind of weird perverse [__] this way it doesn't bother me the only one problem is it involves kids now it's weird i think it's very weird but i'm fine with other weird people they can be weird if they want to be


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