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 damage in pvp needs to change now venruki will probably say something i have been saying for a long time so i am ready for this as i said vanilla wow burning wrath of crusade and cataclysm the numbers looked so [__] good like every time you did a vortex looked like I was breaking a dice on screen it looked like this [__] well it doesn't look like this yeah here we go oh my whoa hold up hold up we move it's a little so he's playing with a warrior, alright that's how uh wow it should feel the non-wet man spinning for 30 minutes trying to line up a shot I agree I hate the cool down times man I hate the cool down times if I could make a wish if I had a genius if I had a genius and I could rub my lamp i would ask them to do this so that each class only has one or two offensive cooldowns and they are very minor and wow that's what i would like i think almost all problems nowadays wow come from the fact that there is no consistent damage so let me explain i think it is i think its right uh the volume is loud oh sorry i didn't know its really hard for me to say yes i think its absolutely true because like what you need to remember with cooldowns is that the cooldowns are multiplicative as well as whenever you are doing 20 more damage and you have 10 faster attack speed you are actually doing faster more percentage damage and your percentage attack speed has more value , so they multiply against each other and you guys because cooldowns are not good in their current form, okay open on notepad ok so let's just take Frostbolt as an example imagine a Frostbolt ok so how much health how much health I have so this is the wrath of the lich king alright this is the wrathful lich king this is how it works in the wrath of elections you frostbolt let's say people have ten thousand health ok like in pre-patch people they have about ten thousand health yes my frostbolt critics are like my frostbolt shots are like 1500 and I critic for 3 000 more or less ok yes or this is

Frostbolt this is the wrath of the lich king so casting a Frostbolt will end up making between 15 and 30 percent of someone's health 75 or less a credit is fine and Frostbolt's modifiers are like what modifiers are like a 15 modifier on torment the week obviously you have a critic you can criticize yes um so its quite normal uh what else do you have in use trinket what are the other modifiers for i think it's literally still fifteen percent torment torment the weak if they are pitfalls is like random buff but this doesn't give you that's just a sticking point icy veins doesn't increase your damage just makes it faster that's all this is literally this is freeze and wrath of the lich king it's right here that's how it works yes it's not much complicated there is not much to do it is just very simple that you throw a bowl of frost which does frost damage and this is all faster it does not increase the damage uh it does not increase the damage of each hit no son o come back sorry clean hand s set the modifier and torment the weak and you can criticize like that and this is 3000 right so it regularly hits erratically for 1500 and can correct for 3 000. yes soon enough so it can create double of the damage oh i'm 1500 3 000 assuming i don't have brazil which literally is like i said it does like 15 of someone's health to 30 of someone's health pretty consistently unless they have a time of defensive recovery ok and the only thing that really changes it is the torment of the week if they do you are caught in the snare, you get 15 more damage which is not that much and then an unused trinket ok this is a shadow lens this is a lens shadow ok here we go people freezing how much health people have now in the shadow lands oh it's 12 ok yes that's twelve percent, my bad you have one hundred and ten thousand health here we enter

Shadowlands oh one hundred and ten thousand health i dont know exactly what freezing is for right now but i think its as 4k how much does a freeze do if you are only four thousand without talent what good is it oh so okay yes so a basic freeze and pve has for 2100 ok so wrap up the lich king people have uh that lightning 2100 so frostbolt is 22. oh my god ok so instead of hitting for 15-30 percent of their health wow two percent of their health is fine here are the modifiers on Frostbolt number one the first modifier let's say is uh Encantor, I love the way he doesn't even know where to start like he's thinking it's okay so I should start with legendary talents trinket ducts legendary bonus sets uh on proc weapon effects like uh yes what is the first thing we should do we will do lonely winter only winter yes 25 percent damage bonus on frost is when you don't have the elemental with you we are in a power is 20 right what is 40 p magic pot bonus w oh i don't know i'm 40. wanna peel power uh pvp modifier 100 more damage right root of power 30 spell bonus power yes uh you can go ice forming 30 more bonus lightning damage lightning damage deep shatter that's 75 damage on lightning uh crits yeah right in pvp uh so you have and then obviously you have an unused trinket unused trinket

yes let's just say good we'll do necro ok so necro is what oh necro yes ability power the more it cleaves your lightning bolts and so you get even more ability power yes I think so bonus power bonus rampant spell power oh it's not even done yet that's the thing funny bonus magic power per bolt hit one percent for ok obviously we're not done after we um oh kevin evan another six percent yes six percent yes six percent magic power but wait there's more ahem there's another oh yes shiny eyes crafty guys yes crafty guys i dont even know what to do is up to 20 bonus lightning damage oh my god size we won't make the cast time oh yeah yeah if i'm an ogre you got blood fury too unused trinkle cut blood fury i'll put it here god blood tree so if you look and that's all by the way none of this is taking into consideration as any kind of bonus set a proc weapon a use of trinket or something is all. to speak is only about the basic effects of the character interacting with the spell so it doesn't count the ducts it doesn't count for anything else oh the silky ice is legendary ok yes I guess it's coming I don't remember what was there even more this is this is the reason however so you see how Frostbolt does no damage the reason why Frostbolt does no damage is because of these modifiers you just have a pvp modifier to make him do double the damage you have winter solitaire to make him do 25 percent more damage you have power rune that gives you 30 bonus magic power you have ice form that gives you 30 30 bonus lightning damage you have 75 uh damage on lightning critics um bonus damage bonus that ain't even yes bonus damage is lightning critical or it just shatters I think then you have your onion trinket you have blood fury you can go to death for 15 more ability power also gives you a damage bonus like that complicated of seven percent of Kevin and then you have crafty guys giving you another 20 lightning damage bonuses and b By the way, just as spoilers for you guys, all of these things bring your frostvolt to do 2200 damage at around, I think I had like 33k frostbolts whoa 33,000.

its a lot though to be honest so all those i mean i would say its more or less the same proportion uh in general compared to what was in anger like i have a 30 33k but its also like with necro i feel like you don't have the boost of the necro lord as the skeleton [__] made [__] there is no way to create a freezing 33k lightning bolt if you have all these modifiers, it goes from being two percent of your health like 30 yes like 30 yes more or minus yes 30 30 yes so it goes from being two percent of your health to 30 of your health so it takes all of this oh and critical damage we forgot critical critical modifier yes faster modifiers um 1.75 percentage damage of damage so the critical is actually a little bit worse so it takes a pvp modifier that gives you double the damage it takes to have a lonely winter it takes to have the power ruined it takes to have the shape of ice it takes to have a deep shatter there wants us arlo on your trinket for blood fury and having death endured and having kevin up and having slicky stacked just to get you where the lich king is as a base so that's what I mean when I say consistent damage is just like any, imagine just say imagine a world where you download here is a problem just like let's say like a base you brought Frostbolt to say you doubled this damage and now do four thousand damage would be overwhelmed because it would double this down to like [__] 60 000. that the problem is that there are too many multipliers that go into this and too many random variables that need to be balanced because I think that's the problem and I think the big problem is that people like van rookie are able to keep up with it because he plays professionally and has played professionally for like 15 years but as a new average player I feel like somebody joins a pvp wow, they get into sensory overload and they have to lie down for an hour it's crazy the amount of nuances and complications the game has in it's ridiculous and i don't think it makes the game better, actually i think the worse it makes it harder the approach makes you harder

knowing how average players to become good players makes it harder for good players to become great players only makes it harder for no real reason which is still only four percent which is one third bigger than the lich king's wrath ok let's say you doubled down that's how you went from 2200 to 400. that's okay and then you've got all this stuff again that will make this do double the damage yes yes of course it can't happen you can't get hit for 66,000 shots so this is like a very clear example of why the game can't have good constant damage is because there are a hundred million modifiers what is this one two three four five six seven eight nine ten shadow modifiers on Frostbolt vs Wrath of Lich King three I think is what makes anger and like a searing crusade, but I think anger will become more the case because many of the similar edges are rounded in anger with pvp wrath pvp presum or and if I remember correctly and like you you know this is 13 years ago so I might be a little wrong about this I remember the anger pvp was so much better than it is now in the shady lands I remember the raph pvp really was [__] good and I liked it a lot and like you might like it every time you used bladestorm people would die like you you didn't use bladestorm as a closer gate you use bladestorm as a closer game is like hey [__] your blade took d 'assault you are [__] dead was great three ok so it's uh it's definitely not it's not great I think in general we should have a lot fewer modifiers I agree and if the modifiers exist they should be a lot smaller then the base damage can be much taller so that's my analysis anyway i hope you guys liked this is just the frostbolt example there are many other examples i could pull off for that but i think in general uh something

it was like a breath of fresh air for people it was the fact that um it was the fact that there is constant damage when you press your skills they do something and it is as good as if you press the buttons and it is as good as the dragonfly still a lot of modifiers its fun to be able to kill someone without your two minute cooldown yes i mean what cooldowns i have on the warrior too how look me on the warrior right now ok on my warrior my modifiers are not i have modifiers what do i have what i have i literally have none you have as few there are certainly few but there is much less than there are in shadow ants i think there are definitely some modifiers and it is not just that simple but it is much less than shadow ants i have my modifiers are unconsciousness impale and the critical damage was unconsciousness one unconsciousness is only three critical this is all is trauma so yes the unconsciousness between the other ro in the wrath of life the king is only you cri t three times is all and while you do it you take 20 more damage and then you have Blade of Storm with a 1.5 minute cooldown that can be disarmed is crazy up to where we have come and what about the warriors in detail

like it's just too much, there are too many things to do and she did qpgs and and like a [__] uh all kinds of things all the time man, he's crazy, I just want to press my four buttons and a cd not a spin of 13 buttons on four buttons i have to keep up to keep retailing yes it's too much friend i much prefer the game version with heavy damage yes if i could make a change for wow it would be consistent damage coming back and it's not even me to say that anger is better than retail i am just one thing that is like a design philosophy which i think is much better and much more fun hi what girls don't want to have right i mean you don't want to have two cavemen with the sticks and whoever has the biggest bonk just like I mean it's not really a good time, that's okay as yeah, it's like I do it a couple of times and that's okay, I have to figure it out now but like there must be a Street between [__] legendary soul conduits legendary bindings bonus set costume jewelery weapon en chants uh gym enchant uh armor enchant asteroid corruption of armor uh essences uh [__] uh how or am I what am I missing oh just other people's buffs that affect you in the other raid right other people is something that a cloak enchants yes everything like that there must be some middle ground here and it's like I think anger is some kind of middle ground because anger is 100 much more complex than bc or classic as in terms of the amount of things you have to do about your character as if it was definitely much more complex but I feel that things have really gone off the rails in Miss Pandaria I know it might be an unpopular opinion I think that Mr Pandaria's lessons were too complex they were great for people like zarya I remember seeing zarya and venruki ten years ago in miss pandaria and they were gods they were so [__] good but the fact is that like i have so many buttons thats why bro thats why the razer naga became so popular it is

far beyond the skill gap is so big casual gamers are fine [__] can't even start trying can't even start doing yes kills five minutes yes kills a team of five that's what happens classic timmy yeah yeah yeah he's doing his engineering [__] PhD on fortnite he's crazy I just hope they fix it that's all yes I hope they fix it uh would you like to give an idea of ​​Modern Warfare 2 can't wait to play Modern Warfare 2. I'm so excited to play Modern Warfare 2. I'll be jumping into Modern Warfare 2 but I really hope someone knows they have trucks because if they don't have trucks like me 'I don't mean you know it's just kinda like a you know you don't that's just right they got those 100 trucks oh yeah alright yeah we're good then we're good oh man i just hope they fix it oh i didn't like the video uh you guys should watch van rookie van rookie it was a goat it was a was a gladi vengeful actor ok this guy kn thanks to his [__] he's playing wow like he's been ranked one for a little bit longer than most people play him


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