A Man With Poor Judgement Plays Detroit_ Become Human - Part Five

 well they're all alive oh [__] except Carl son died at first let's check the birds in the cage just to see if there are any new metaphors here they're not singing oh so he's not dead oh we put him on the right track trying to kill him Marcus I was hoping you leave you don't know how much I miss what's wrong knows everything we've done the world is governed by fear indicators fear of others fear in the future if they have what they have McCade my Judea it's time for a damn no Carol Carol you don't want to look at us Let's put away the controller for nuclear weapons ok you probably don't want me not to respond to violence with violence but tell me what choice they give them to be alive is to make a choice between love and hate between reaching out or close it in fist this is a metaphor for this game make many choices there are no easy answers you have to accept the world as it is or fight to change it Carol will start the war because Marcus will take this advice for you. Carl is why everyone came to die but listen to me son you have to kill humans blow up Detroit I didn't approve of my giraffe please don't die from dramatic effects you're not actually looking for oh my god I remember when your mother has given born of you we were very surprised cuz he was a rugged gotta leave the city waste oh Ken get away miles from here is all matters now we gotta catch the last bus Oh off to the church we always said this boy was Robo Jesus is my fault humans managed to locate jericho i was stupid seems alright the computer life assembly plant if we could wake them up they could join us and shift the balance of power they will let me in if anyone has a chance to infiltrate cyber life it's me if you go there gov there is a high probability but statistically speaking there is always a chance that it hits mine

Avvenimenti della missione in cui avresti potuto essere ucciso mentre cercavi di salvarmi Marcus devi prima pensare alla nostra gente nient'altro conta per te importava Norreno sei importante per il mio robusto robot con chi altro dobbiamo parlare oh no è solo Josh va bene solo per salire quassù semplicemente ignoralo se non fosse stato per te sarei morto sì bene tutti commettiamo errori Josh tempo è comune fare una scelta che potrebbe benissimo determinare il futuro della nostra gente marcia pacificamente verso i campi per pressione le autorità lanciano un assalto ai campi per liberare gli androidi, so che continuano a ucciderci ma se chiediamo loro gentilmente di fermarsi di nuovo gli diremo pacificamente che vogliamo giustizia e non c'è umanità in loro ti ascolteranno, sei pronto a seguirmi sei anche pronto a morire perché potrebbe succedere all'1 per cento delle persone o proprio come a questo punto come [__] tu Connor ci hai fatto uccidere tutti non so il presidente ha controllato rigos asso il diritto di riunione è sospeso tutti gli eletti ro nic le comunicazioni sono ciò che la mia immersione ha appena distrutto grazie David cage security ecco perché stiamo commettendo un genocidio di massa ci vediamo più tardi come presidente dato che abbiamo giocato solo come androide quindi safar significa per il presidente ecco un androide dai connor mi aspetto bentornato alla vita informatica non sei malvagio ci piace solo fare cose malvagie è la guglia oh mio dio dobbiamo fermare la guglia di dublino è stata la base delle operazioni per tutto questo tempo devo fermare il governo irlandese Mickey D è andato troppo oltre questa volta ma se è anche l'agente 47 come ogni gioco, anche provando con i riferimenti del sicario ora continua a bloccarlo, devo andare negativo 49 non possiamo sbagliare oh no, ce l'abbiamo ancora, abbiamo perso l'agente tempestivo 54 sottolivello 49 potrebbe essere problematico se Connor chiesto di scendere di 20 minuti agli utenti che non ci danno molto tempo

my family has a baby [__] sorry blue envelope somewhere oh sorry we'll be baby don't think about it Alice oh how do you feel guys i just killed a baby i'm responsible for everyone's survival just two days ago i was trying to please myself Carolyn in bed Perkins oh no i know i stay in the strong we have to die today then we will die free oh ok we're back to save Hank now what matters most to him the revolution I have to save Hank everything he says [__] is a lie I'm sorry Hank you shouldn't be involved in this forget me do what you gotta do let Hank talk enough let go Hank ooh you really are I gotta save your partner your life you will sacrifice him I'm saving Hank alright alright you win Jennifer here we go a pipeless host that for fun come on look what that input was like the personal one it was harmful very complex quick secret thanks Hank Oh No get rid of him we didn't o time to waste it's me Hank I'm the real Connor that one of you is my partner yeah there's a lot of [__] Oh uh-huh the question is who's who what are you doing Hank I'm the real Connor give me the gun and everyone doesn't move what you ask us something only the real Connor i would know where we first meet at Jimmy's bar i checked if there are other bars before i found you we went to a murder scene the victim's name was Carlos Ortiz oh god uploaded my memory what's my welcome dog's name oh his name is sumo i knew it too

my son what's his name told us Cole was called Cole and he had just turned six at the time of the accident it wasn't your fault lieutenant a truck slipped on a sheet of ice and your car overturned Cole needed to emergency surgery but no human was available to do it so an android had to take care of him Cole didn't make it that's why you hate androids you think one of us is responsible for the death of your son Cole died because a human surgeon was too drunk to operate he was the one who took my son away from me in this world where the only way people can find solace is with a fist full of powder i knew about your son hank gets very drunk don't listen to him hank me i'm the one that's cute too i need that i met you connor maybe there's something about this maybe you're really alive maybe it's you who will make the world a better place go ahead and do what you gotta do say e tank and now we take the run to the sky launch wake up he does not have the same delivery as Marcus this week you are free wa ke up this is going but this time he is launched like an army by Andrew Garfield for some reason Oh God meanwhile out of the good border Alistair stop us so close all matters now it's you and Alice I conceive you Carol you risk your life to save her car if you and the girl need me I'll be there Oh perfect she is offering her ok you like it yeah [__] kill him i dont care about him we will just like to push your sensitive sign is that the only solution we have is that as we have another option because it seems we have to sacrifice someone and to be honest i dont care to score any sacrifices but how i can only be true there was no compelling case to keep the sign alive we don't trade lives ok i trust you oh i can't believe i'm doing this it's up to you chat if it goes wrong dip he comes from you

benvenuti in Canada I canadesi sono semplicemente super amichevoli Canada confidiamo che questo stereotipo sia reale Volevo davvero uccidere Mark Zuckerberg anche se dovevo solo vedere cosa succede ora è solo uno schifo scappare in Canada - come se avessimo potuto uccidere i ragazzi di Facebook avremmo potuto fermarci Facebook Oh Marcus potrebbe non andare troppo bene Oh Dio Oh Dio si beh, ci siamo nascosti in chiaro Connor sembra stare bene - oh no Gesù Cristo i mercati devono tenerlo in vita taglialo fuori Oh Dio Oh se andiamo ad attivare il testate nucleari norrene So che hai mantenuto la certezza o possiamo ancora distruggere Detroit

going on Connor Oh from the very beginning you were compromised and you became the deviant we just had to wait for the right moment to resume control of your program Oh No zoom control you can't do that I'm afraid I can Conner don't have any regrets you did what you were designed to do the final plot twist where's the hands can things oh yeah he's even Caesar didn't saying it but where what Kamsky no he found the way out of the program it's my Kevin David we got the secret and I will leave a way out of my programs game crashes david cage is having his final word on this play true you cannot comprehend the Irish okay I we're not back at all Kamsky don't shut us down this time we need a second or area program come on buddy that is an awkward angle the moment we forget our bitterness and bandage our wounds but we forgive our enemies humans are both our creators and our oppressors and tomorrow good we must make them our partners and now we are free
everyone survived Sceptile type of Simon I guess mark was Mark Zuckerberg was already kind of dead on the inside so maybe he didn't survive Facebook's not have much of a future in Canada they know better but apart from those Street and the girl you shut the door oh yes she she died too yeah I forgot about the ice I think we got the good ending like I mean it seems like the peaceful protest works Kara escaped Connard saved Hank the relationship is solid Connors free we did it kill that baby - I forgot about the baby but apart from killing the baby and those few other people mostly everyone survived we did burn that nuthouse too


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