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 now we are in the DLC content we paid 15 pounds more for exclusive access for this this is this must be the first extra line it appears i guess i have a lovely little robot oh here we are we are not that rushed to try to get out of it here don't worry Ivor there will be a chase sequence in a minute the next destination says invitation and then read your life right away it depends on it alright Iran greetings oh no right it's time for the chase sequence I have to say this concentration of zombies I have never seen in a place that plot requests will get stuck somewhere for the next hour his Luigi's Mansion six slide there Petra only the mechanic was actually in Minecraft what we do is this Minecraft or Bayonetta is Christ Jesse how it goes with those references to Anakin last episode intentional oh bye window i'm sure it will probably be fine now they are dead anyway probably just ghosts that v i'm in here Oh no ok that's all there is someone living there oh [__] off no no [__] off and I'm CaptainSparklez, don't kill me CaptainSparklez I'll just finish it now, close the [__] it's the couple too SOG I don't know who he is I can't believe they actually made this pair the dog will remember seeing a [__] main character now alright alright I'll tell you right away ok it's not the fault of these youtubers who are in this game is revealing to the straight and reposition it like this I will probably tease these youtubers while we are here I will tease them I mean no hard feelings against them its not their fault if like the spy [__] it sucks, rightfully not their fault Oh ripped or suck Jessie like yes if I have to make fun of CaptainSparklez here because as if he was alive but no hard feelings against the man it is not his fault if the detector wrote this is why the detector died there they go who is also the dog to rcia that I haven't heard of

this guy my god don't pause the game that's okay no it's a fake minecraft youtuber they invented they created a fake minecraft youtuber for this game well capitansparklez is in danger oh god again i want to say no hard feelings against captainSparklez it's not to blame its the game is a while i wrote this way probably just got this its like a nice kind of job getting involved in the minecraft game you know you can't blame him for it ok i really want to point this out because i will make it fun of them and there is no way because I know how I am

long time when i'm like a washed-out retired youtuber cause let's face it that's how it's gonna end no one wanna dye it's not even a southern point i would understand if they had cameos if they had cameos alright that's a little cute you know i can understand it but i'm not just cameo, i'm youtubers, i'm literally just youtubers so it's capitansparklez so easy is dan not prove to her that she is stacy but she is cheeky she is not just a character voiced by snappy it's cheeky that the real guy as i cant believe that the reveal would really do that this really piss me off its so awfully bad its just a fact its not a cameo that its so obsessed cuz i will be honest going to the back of my mind i thought they would make a cameo at some point , I just thought it was inevitable, you know, I thought it would be at least one because you know it's Minecraft is big on YouTube Luis would show himself as a quick little scene maybe even just a character at the market stall where it's like oh hey that's honeydew skin you know maybe something simple like that but it's actually insulting that they literally stick to youtubers and that's the premise for this episode so i will only sell jaffa cakes to the market like there was a skit like that which is cute and alright you know it's the minecraft cameo on youtube there is like oh jesus really guys but it's kinda cute but that's terrible insulting that they were just like a kind of sticking it to this degree because even they might have their gifts in this episode we are like the little puns they are throwing they only made youtuber this is the premise of this episode we have an hour - are you mad I'm just sorry that I have the I delay Claire how shocked and upset about this at least by their new names how at least make them play the characters don't just put them in is

just awkward with the dog Torque and also because they are trying to introduce them into the plot more easily we are like with that name they look for the enchanted flint and steel Oh Oh the captain shines just hate the captain shines - which youtuber are you rip captain sparkles is just a costume on an armor stand for the voice jukebox no sign of how it was activated Wow, the white pumpkin must have amazing redstone skills to set up something like these youtubers do redstone [__] just look at the their video we will find out who the killer killed the whole show so are you saying the white pumpkin is one of us four of your places are marked these are the places that had a button to activate the trap which means the white pumpkin could just be saucy Dan Lizzy or Lucas wait you're accusing wait how good it is to have it is hard for all separated I'll talk to every suspect one for one so i can find out who is telling the truth and who is lying ok i have to come in stop the questions even if this is the episode where you can talk to your favorite youtubers so how do you rate your knowledge of the redstone not much not really mine scene you want to know more about that stuff you should be cheeky he was the champion tribe the triblock champion means its good to know a youtube series reference this is the problem playing it now because the important thing should be that like these they are as current as youtubers so all they say is potentially just some of the kind of reference and if you get it haha ​​its a joke what do you know about redstone what is your level of skill with things Lizzie does really amazing things with the redstone honestly I think Lizzy knows about it Wow some kind of magic arrow no I've never seen anything like this before Oh Lizzy did you talk to Lizz y I wonder if Lizzy did that guys maybe you should go talk to Lizzie I heard Lizzy is awesome about everything you know you have to go see Lizzie I heard she does a number with redstone minecraft tutorials has a full play on all this I'm sure thank you for your time or your stamp

her voice is so nice don't forget about lizzy in case it wasn't clear oh so we have youtubers good guys definitely mine if that's what you're wondering so noob did that thing how it's going here it's just no - stop whispering any moves these people have so much trevor more or less i'm sticking to ourselves it was tough these people have so many drama going on its hard to tell what flint and steel are what it is is the reflection on youtube you know i know you can only do it in the state that the times we live in I just want to put the stamp on the spot because he's so nervous I just want to see what's up snappy you're a lovely guy I just want to see where it ends Thanks just lobbying the Redstone shops to do all these traps i'm thinking we look back in that library keep it till morning sounds like a good plan sorry but we can't oh no for snappy what we have Did people you were buying that portrait, yes there was one just like t hat upstairs I wonder if maybe the white pumpkin yes maybe the white pumpkin oh there it is yes please just tell me Simon please just wanted to be Simon oh no I walked slowly saving so as not to die what I was crushing whip in pursuit oh now it's the pumpkin itself I think this is where people's stuff goes after those hoppers upstairs suck it you are right look I think it dances oh it's because it's a diamond that plays the carat eh ha ha ha ha ha oh I see what you did there stamp of the game we had all the time it was supposed to be just a joke a harmless joke but then what you saw what happened oh not me like you see I already had all the X tau xx we had Lizzy Stacey stamps Lucas iyavor and hey there it is Oh Hasse is the one with the missing portrait is the one on youtuber is Cassie not a YouTube I thought Cassie was if avessim or knew like she was the only person who ain't a real youtuber by the stairs then yeah like i just said she's like her

straight it's so obvious but it's actually so lazy if you know who all these youtube artists are and you just know who the killer out of bats is go on jessie it was the ultimate test for your friends that really helped me understand out who we were dealing with here cats makes calico cats and they all look just like a funny story Jessie but if you have seen all these supposed cats just like mine then what color is Winslet what kind of question is this you have seen a hundred Winslow is black white and orange Cassie it's all true this whole thing because even one thing here initially catches her there in your way if what you say is true what color is the sky right now what color is my hair oh there it is oh it is dead this was ironic Wow, the trap has been eliminated from one of its own traps, it's ironic that the writers gave themselves high five when they wrote that line the irony is that you kill yes they just died we have to i know a lot of minecraft youtubers today as i was a massacre which is weird it was money not turning i knew you weren't dead Cassie i knew it was too easy yet you still got into my best and final trap take it with us Ryder moment they had a pilot moment ladies and gentlemen I think even though the writers made a pun in the game hey Jessie guys, good heavens you're all alive thank goodness I'm not tired of the plan Jessie got me too man but you know that we engaged in this a long time ago feels like an eternity understood hey is our real cat acts oh thanks for explaining you only know six episodes in this show but I appreciate

ho oh boy jesus christ it's a brutal ending you got what you deserve you killed CaptainSparklez you were ruthless and selfish and bad and this is where it makes you feel good so ok we did well it's me shining next time in story mode Minecraft Oh God, after defeating the dreaded white pumpkin well Jesse and the others find their way back to the portal corridor please don't take them home or instead they are destined for more dangerous adventures, well I guess I won't know never because I have sand, I guess everything is fine I'm in the middle of a fantastic speech and boom yes don't flatter yourself captain sparkles someone has to write these lines for you anyway one thing is certain even without me this will be a fantastic adventure that someone tells to have those lines written this way is the thing you have to keep in mind whatever you hear Captain Sparkles talking about in this game yes it's terrible and shivering is known as full q Someone had to approve that writing it's all about you lltale we can get some love for Turk hugging a stupid dog if ever I go subscribe to the tork dog youtube channel after this stream well yeah like i want to reiterate myself again about this just so I have clear and as if it was hell to edit the highlights of this now why why am I not attacking any of the youtubers here and as if it is not their fault if this episode actually exists ie like me it is an opportunity very exciting to be involved in something like that, you know while he was around they were a legendary studio for this sort of thing, they kept doing the same thing over and over and pushed themselves to the ground you know how who wouldn't have jumped in there opportunity to be in such a video game is the way the revelator did it which makes it terribly ugly because it's not even just a

cameo, it's not even a character they literally just carried on them as themselves and it's just going to be a horrible day to refer to pop culture like ten years later again it's not youtuber's fault it's completely told as if it was creepy it was embarrassing because they weren't characters you know like you walk in like a haunted mansion someone called torque dog walks up to you and oh anyway my name is captainsparklez like i can't take it seriously and the fact that right and reliant even about how you knowing these guys are youtubers how they refer is like it's not really my area of ​​expertise, they somehow allude to their channels which is incredibly embarrassing and again it's not the youtubers' fault that this episode is horrible so i really wanna be so clear, i took off my glasses for this cause i won't really think to lay down ah i'll have to put rlo in the video as well, as if people know where I'm from because I already know that if I upload the highlights of this now as if people will become like some of the comments are on fire it's like you allow yourself to make fun of these people and it's not the people I enjoy eating it's the terrible episode so why do we end up walking dead not the money which obviously says why the studio is now closed not enough money


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