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 toxic parseculture is ruining Wrath of the Lich King this is a very popular topic that people complain about all the time in Wrath and this is in Burning Crusade and classic wow and to be honest it's also retail wow like it's not a classic problem happening guys Stacey if you are like that right now there is a huge discussion going on on classic wrath forums about whether or not to analyze the culture of partisan culture Warcraft log culture whatever you want to call it is ruining classic anger, so I think it's a huge [__] overestimation anyone with a brain knows it's not ruining classic anger is [__] stupid there are a lot of people who like to analyze the problem is that people they analyze at the expense of completing the raid and analytics has become such a big deal because people are rated based on their analytics because it's like oh well you can easily say like oh never mind q hen your analyzes are good but if you want to join a guild and you have bad analyzes well then they will not want to invite you uh I think of course I mean that it seems crazy that it is even so because it is the classic wow like who performs an analysis of [__] oh why nobody knows the analysis is every time you try to do as much damage as possible because there are websites and mainly as a website it is the main website for Warcraft logs and basically has a higher DPS count on every fight for every class in every spec, as well as for Warrior weapons you want to know that you have the highest analysis like all Warrior weapons that have done this fight and it's like a thing to load and therefore you have people who are trying to fill ads and then sometimes ads are not included in the damage this is uh you know considered for analytics so it changes the way people play now i think its again like it depends on m and i would turn off analytics in every single raid i do like every single raid i do i think analytics make people play worse don't think it is

ruining the game because the players are deciding to do it it is they who ruin the game it is not the parsi problems it is the players who are stupid but at the same time it is annoying it is extremely annoying I remember once we were canceling and I told everyone that we would have recorded a private log and killed the boss in about an hour as if people were analyzing in progression, that's how [__] annoyed people usually more casual gamers think people's obsession with chasing parsus is a bad thing yes while others generally the hardcore gamers think that trying to analyze is absolutely fine, yes now very fast for those of you who are new to the classic and this is also another problem that a lot of people have is that you know classic wow wouldn't be classic wow without a bunch of [__] losers running around telling each other how to play this is so [__] common nowadays ne s I'm so tired it's so drawn out how to stop telling other people how to play if yo don't like gdkp don't do gdkps if you don't like speed racing don't do speed racing if you don't like world buffs don't raiding Buff vortexes and finding other like-minded people I want to do the same thing as if there was so much of the classic wow that was built around the idea of ​​trying to force other people to play one way reflecting their partial memory of something that happened 15 years ago is so [__] annoying your par means more or less how you compare to all the other players around the world who also play your classes my way so if you have a 50 partisan Patchwork you are exactly average of your best fifty percent body yeah yeah exactly 50 parts is average uh gdkp affects everyone's economy even if not they don't because gdkp don't create gold buying gold and the bot creates gold so blaming gdkp for gold farming is stupid because there is no nature generated gold of an existing gdkp what you should blame is Blizzard for not banning

Bots and banning gold buyers makes no sense so you are saying gdkp like we have gdkp back in original rage you are saying players shouldn't be able to play each other like this and you are going to punish the player base because blizzard doesn't want to abide by their terms of service take away the [__] no it's as ridiculous as [__] you for even trying to blame the players I think it's the player's fault that how blizzard can support their TOS it's just that it's [__] ridiculous can't believe it if you have a 93 Horizon Patchwork you're in the top seven percent it's all percentile based so players who take the game a little more seriously will try it min max or play at a level very high to rank competitively among their peers people who also have the same specs in their own class this is the general idea behind the analysis of a classic good by the way in our small [ [ __] analysis here's what my Warcraft log analysis is this is in the classic Sky Fury cool wow asmon, these are my analysis, yeah, they suck, that's right, I feel great because I know that every time I play I'm acting very well and i'm doing great yes if everyone played like i did the fights would be over it seems to me absolutely fine [__] ok i don't care how high my analyzes are the reality is that i was once i know i am there some people who like to get high how to think how good they are because you know that doing an analysis in the classic wow let me tell you something doing an analysis in the classic world of warcraft is like winning the [__] is like winning a uh is like if you knew how the athletics leg gera in third grade nobody gives a [__] no matter what the reality is if I go back and like myself I look at my old analysis every time I was playing seriously and I was doing it very very seriously in Legion long time ago if you go back

to the Valor test and you see I had pretty decent analyzes there you look very decent nighttime analyzes over there and obviously very very decent emerald nightmare analyzes and this was during the time this was actually current and uh and important solid and solid content [__] 99 for pretty much everything and so I don't need to analyze because I know if I play seriously I'm the best, that's all there is to it as I don't need to prove it to anyone no need to go out and [ __] get another 99 yellow analysis or something is all there is to it I've done it multiple times people trying to walk around and analyze especially in classic wow absolutely [__] pathetic yes five touchdowns if l 'coach had put me on the court in the fourth quarter we would have declared that I would go to [__] I would go to school for this I was in the NFL right now I would be in a hot tub with the love of mine life ok guys how much do you want to bet i can throw a ball over those mountains over there classic Parsian is like uh you know take it seriously whenever uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh not even varsity that's what it is so i thought i'd check this out forum post and talk about the problems with partisan culture and I will give you my thoughts along the way, it starts by saying, guys, don't think that the culture of analysis is making anger worse, I mean what it means to analyze even in phase one of the Wrath when raiding is as easy as heroic dungeons, so it's definitely true that level VII content following Ramus Malik is pretty damn easy, but that doesn't mean you can't try to master and perfect your form and do it the best way Possible to run 100 meters is also quite easy or at least I hope it is for you, but every two years people still try to get together and set speed records where they perfect their o team leader yes the Olympics is a speed racing event which is a real technique to get even better you really need a third party website to tell you if you are enjoying an MMO yes of course you do and I think the which is why you have to keep in mind if you look at this person here they are posting about a level 61 wizard which means they are posting about their alt character because they post if they post about their character 70 people would search their

log and they would see that this person is not really mad about the culture analysis, but they are probably mad because they are so garbage in the game that nobody wants to play with them because of how bad their analyzes are, so that's nine times out of ten of what it really is is because this person is literally junk at the game and they are complaining about it because no one wants to play with someone who has a [__] verified uh like a junk game on another website maybe he hides his profile so that people go straight to the topic well, it is not an ad hominem topic because an ad hominem topic is attacking someone as a person how really what you are looking at is I am attacking his credibility I am attacking his credibility and I am attacking the objectivity of the argument and I think it can easily be said that if someone is held back by their lack or inability to analyze, their opinion about the analysis will be skewed so yes you are not going to not catch me in one of these if so maybe you would be happier in a game with a real competitor which is a problem people discriminate based on the analysis well why would you want to bring someone that doesn't do as much damage as it is so now this is a problem that as the whole game has to fix the fact that you are bad at the game it's ridiculous we also saw OverWatch obviously you would need skills for this you can't just let off steam like you can in wow um apparently this guy has never played zarya using exploits and bugs i mean if you are analyzing the 99 you are necessarily playing smarter than someone who is analyzing the 25 for example now this is partly true but a big reason , so as someone who, as I said, have done a lot of analysis, I know how analysis works, the difference between a 90 to 90 analysis and a 100 analysis is usually something that it's not actually associated with player abilities so it's like fighting kill the kill time of the fight was like it was a little bit shorter so you only had to use your cooldowns once or maybe it was a little bit longer and you had to use your cooldowns twice and you had to turn down AOE ads for longer than you would naturally AOE down ads because let's say another couple of DPS died while trying to kill, there's like a yes, it's like obviously also RNG but there are also only structural advantages that just happen

randomly you know the power infusion Etc yes if you are getting 90 analyzes you are probably as good as someone who is getting 100 analyzes in the classic wow it is totally normal not to worry about this at all and only pay zero attention but now it is the objective truth when they appear bug or exploit, this is the kind of thing that differentiates a 99-part analysis from 100 parts, which means that you are the number one player of your specific or class in the world and almost always these bugs are exploits are identified very quickly and these analysis or these logs are invalidated classic is not designed to be competitive well you can clearly choose different types of analysis as if you look at Classic wow you look at a lot of analysis in retail while Mike's people are getting potency and infusions I don't know the spectrum of things you can do retail wow but I know like there is an I don't know there are external Buffs that you probably can app giving DPS players that will increase their output and rage I'm pretty sure there are a handful of them so it's like yeah tricks of the trade I think you have that type like that power infusion uh Trix is ​​usually out of the question uh create a spell plot gets bad for the boss yes there are a few more right and then uh Trix doesn't count in the logs oh once used to play guess maybe now it isn't Etc yes sure yes guns condemn spam The best parts of world are yes, I think if you are analyzing like 80 or 90, for me it is the same as someone analyzing 100. in PVE it is a social MMO meant for hanging out with friends kill the boss and grab the loot and hang out with friends relaxed and enjoy this is annoying the classic is not designed to be competitive no it is not true this is just like another another one of these as stupid [__] The classic boom of the Andes he is trying to tell and everyone else what it is for true mind designed the game is like a news flash you didn't work on blizzard you didn't make this game you don't know what it's designed for they never told this blizzard they never told everyone [__] if it wasn't designed for this and this is actually a big deal could probably blizzard

stopping you from uploading analytics is so [__] annoying whenever people talk this way because they have no idea what they're talking about I hate it [__] it's like these 30 year old Boomers trying to get everyone to relive exactly the same way in they played it every time they were [__] 18 so hateful for once just a social MMO meant to hang out with friends that the [__] said you said this social game is so personal that I just think about the beauty of MMOs you can do whatever you want there is the genre or type of games you can play them how you want exactly right or wrong you could yes create your own adventure and create your own goal do your preferences game preferences both random hardcore rating PVP rating leveling completism whatever you can just do what you want and hopefully you can find a bunch of like-minded people maybe guildmates to do it with the only thing people care about is what equipment i didn't understand how you got it gdkp's proved it if you want to be competitive learn to do pvp and then someone might really care about your evaluation nobody will remember your analysis I don't really think that's true I don't think anyone cares about the PVP rating any more or less than people care about the analysis I think if you are a PVE Andy you are interested in analyzing more than the Arena rating as if someone had a 2300 Arena rating in Rapid Lich King right now I don't know give a [__] I'm not playing arena in Wrath, I don't care at all now obviously like in retail wow it's the opposite I play a lot more PVP than PVE in retail wow usually so if someone has high analytics in retail wow i don't care much but arena valuation interests me a lot more for guild analysis yes exactly uh we're fine yes we're fine ok it's 2022 who cares yes right yes i just think this the whole conversation is so hateful i wish more people would stop trying to appreciate draw these lines in the sand of how people should play the game you know anger was where 5v5 is better uh anger where 5v5 was better for you than 2v2 in the past well yes like what I'm saying is like everyone is going to take care of your analysis if they are also analyzing and everyone will care

your rating in the Arena if they are also playing in Arena is like no one cares about your value score in League of Legends or no one would care what rank you were in OverWatch every time you play in Arena wow they're just irrelevant because the people there they don't appreciate that it's that simple.I mean I'm sure all of us if you're listening to this video I'm sure we all know at least one person who has crazy equipment but is absolutely terrible at play so yeah my opinion is that equipment it means a lot less than how you are actually able to use that equipment, but beyond that I really think most people use analytics as a metric to determine if they are personally improving each week they are confronting them I totally disagree with this I think most people are analyzing their ego to get higher analysis than d other people is always what they always try to get a higher number to beat higher uh other people the only time i would ever care to beat my previous analysis is if i already had a number one analysis in combat and I wanted to get a higher number this week because I thought other people could have gotten more gear this week and I still want to stay number one which is the only time I'm interested in beating my analysis on their past last week you have analyzed in 85 this week you posted a 90 you are getting better is good that feels good really i think what matters is to find a community of like-minded players to share your gaming preferences with yes you do exactly you will definitely have fun to play the classic well said yes I think one of the biggest problems in the classic wow is the people who enter the game co n an expectation of how the game should be played and then they join a group of people who don't think the same way this is the main reason why people are not happy with the classic wow someone joins a [__] guild of raid and now gotta ge t swirl buffs or someone get buffs around the world and raid guild and then guild raid is random both times you have to join people who have the same

the mentality you do is that simple people ignore the mechanics to analyze is uh it's so toxic you miss the point um no i said it very clearly and obviously at the beginning of the thing how i wish i could turn off the analysis whenever i raided because i think it makes people playing worse i'm not a fan of analytics and if i could press a button i would delete the whole website but i wouldn't press that button really because it's not up to me to do this is not my decision to take it's not my way i want to play it's not the same way somebody else wants to play now i don't want to go around telling other people how to play why i don't do it i don't want other people going around telling me how playing is that simple if you are looking to join random groups and you are a statistically below average player I really don't think you can blame anyone for not wanting to play you but let me know what you ra gazzi do you think it's ruining the culture of classical anger analysis or that's okay and do what you want and if you don't like it don't please make sure you leave a comment let me know what you think yes it's that easy it's that easy join a raiding like-minded people you have for analytics is so simple and in my opinion any other solution is [__] is fine because many of you have been having fun with videos lately find me on Twitch drop a like leave a comment go buy some chewing gum while you are over there all links are in description below and as always thank you guys for watching and stay safe its a good video its a very very good video i am glad uh you know more people are talking about it, i'm not really a fan of the uh all classic wow oh people are not playing right, you probably have already watched a lot of stay safe videos but i will link this too make sure to da re them a sub and give them a like you've seen this stuff for quite a while

my classic Andy's goes so crazy for gdkp and analysis and the reason is because the classic wow is built around the idea of ​​recreating an experience that's why that's why that's why people want to recreate an experience that had and analysis in a lot of cases wasn't like that and it's the same thing as if people are hardcore and it's like in reality everyone is really hardcore at the time you were just shit at the game and you didn't see it like us maxed men like [__] crazy in burning Crusade like women Max like [__] crazy and uh uh in Wrath you remember that way uh that sack of marbles we were thinking but we would have used the sack of marbles on brutalis in sunwell because the characters of a couple of people hadn't done the research in that forest because it would have reduced its base chance of success by 10 percent yes it's like oh well people didn't then yes they did you were just in the guild shit and you were bad at the game , then i did not see it there were also analyzes in the original anger, I remember seeing them


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