$900___ For This Mount_ Part 2

 it does most of the time you just do a job but yeah go out there drop a rack its not a big deal hey its the one who is married to a new husband or a waifu is literally something you will pretty much never use but with the their decline in terms of active players in the Chinese version and also their decline in active players in the global version no wonder they implement things like this to try to increase to try and strengthen their overall monthly financials now if you are looking for something to play that ain't Tower fantasy I have two different videos on screen right now, one detailing some absolutely amazing anime gotcha games coming up that you need to check out, you can't miss these games and the other describing in detail the most populated gotcha games currently available in 2022. these are the gotcha games you need to play right now a 900 i was going to watch this too but like before doing a 900 Mount bro oh my God look at it oh my God look at it

all in the same call Discord and then the three of us can go around and then uninstall the game yes that yes if I think it will be good content I will make my money back with super fast ad revenue [__] so who cares [__] yeah abso [__] lutely man is different from buying Supreme clothes yes it's different because it's not real you forgot yes it's not real that's the difference because a supreme shirt even if it's just a shirt is still a shirt put my pixels it's true and then yeah and it's not 900 it's only six hundred dollars meme content is why media like this are bought you only know the reaction is so you think they are people like you you know as a bored guy rich he is like ah just bought this Mount he gets some reactions from people yes maybe it is so I think it might be true but it's a two person Mount yes I know uh Supreme played people so well it's co listen to me I don't have a problem like supreme or Balenciaga sen Give me a T-shirt and it fits me well and I liked it too I would wear it every day I don't give a [__] like the shirt I have is a Hanes shirt that I bought at Target was you know how the ones in the box there are like five in a box well i just got one out of the box and uh i've been wearing it for a while its kind of like now its like the gray is a gray t-shirt now and so I have to fix that I have black and gray ones yeah sure that's how [__] movies get popular nowadays but I don't remember how Morbius was so bad he became a meme and then this fool [__] The company executives thought they could re-release the movie and nobody went to watch it because it was popular just for the meme and nobody actually gave a [__] about the movie yeah, everyone knows about the meme but

no one has seen the movie and no one wants to see it either so I think the meme economy has a market cap, alright we do nft mount yes exactly that way at least you would make some people defend, even the actor is a thrill ' I don't give a [__] he's an actor like me I'm not I'm not the police it's okay it's not my job meme economy killed with the Minions movie yes I think our value is beer time and grind a boss forever the amount is' t 900 quite cheap in this sense true, there are many people who will buy it i will read some comments here ok uh what do you think about the cost nine hundred dollars Two greedy acceptable is nine hundred dollars too much for a mountain a video game what does something tell you is not quite what man [__] oh my god what game is this is crazy uh this game bruce mount looks [__] brother so unacceptable i think if it looks like [__] more people i would buy it honestly i think if it looks really cool fewer people would b but it seems like [__] people would buy it at least for the joke how i am look at me yes it's like art you know yes it's a it's a Jackson Pollock it's alright it's like it's just a pile of ink the page [__] on the canvas but you know it's worth $ 17 million it's Picasso yes something like that exactly we see here compliments to Tower of fantasy for their divine sense of humor I think it's [__] funny uh not i know i have a problem with people complaining when things are somehow affordable however i still think i remember the time when a multiple cost a dollar in gotchas and now thanks to whaling wait a second wait a second i don't have problems with people complaining when things are somehow affordable, however I still remember the time when a multiple cost about a dollar in gatch and now thanks to the rampant whha l a i n n g g g they have risen up to $ 30 in some Toph genshin games and I think Diablo Immortal both go for around 25- 25 Buck each that's on is going on because people basically haven't even checked if what they spend on each single stuff is somehow worth it. agreement that we need whales to spend thousands of

dollars in games but hey do it smart don't buy every single piece of shit to be released spent thousands of dollars on a video game do it smart but this is misleading the mount is not 900 and you get more than just the amount for empty the car i see all sorts of goodies to get i've seen people spend thousands of dollars for a character on the impact of gentian because they have failed every feeble pity and thought a single player game so much hate for this game when you "don't have to to pay for something to be relevant I think this is a nice way to complain when you see expensive stuff in the game I always think dude that sucker ID rather than the game developers get the money rather than a scammer or someone with rmt because always a market for rare or expensive things there is always something we are willing to pay thousands of dollars for cosmetics like the ghostly tiger Swift in the US. WoW farmers I still need him to have no problem with people complaining until he is p2w Oh No in fact I am in Folsom, how are you saying that every time you are, but this is a fantasy tower video, in fact they are in full support of the people who complain about cosmetic skins and this helps keep the game going as well as keeping the animators and art team active as they try to come up with new cool things

cosmetic and it doesn't even look that good looks awful TBH you don't have to feel unlucky and angry if you don't have the latest mount I'm not a super rich whale or anything but I will say one thing I love expensive things because the more expensive it is more or less people they would take it which makes that rare and as long as this is a funeral for games not a big deal, I thought Mount was a two seat stand but TBH how do people use mountains that often most of the people just use the weapon macros to travel faster most of the time so you know a big deal to me i would say and like i still have some other decent thing with it if you pull everything that is not bad by the way hm lo i love instead if they want to sell to that expensive YK it would be a great thing we need a flying mouse after yes a flying double seat Dragon Mound please also pay ten thousand dollars for ITN GL


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