$900___ For This Mount_ Part 1

 a 900 Mount bro oh my God fantasy Community is apparently up in arms for something I feel while still substantially smaller than the Genjin Community, they are becoming more or less just as tired and toxic what they are angry about today is a two-seater quantity of two people Mount wow which is currently available or will be in the future or was it in the Chinese version which is all used which costs up to 900 US dollars to get it yes it looks like nine hundred dollars to those guys I'll be honest I 'gotta say something gotta say what we all thought this [__] it's not worth nine hundred dollars it's not worth 900 dollars it's not worth 900 guys who's with me who's with me it's too much money it looks like this dog [__] you're paying 900 potentially for this the thing is as if the mount looks like alright is about a price of 900 before going further I just want to take a moment here to thank all the absolute Chad and chats that support this channel via patreo n you are all fucking Legend seriously, each of you I would offer to kiss each of you but I would also suffer from serious intimacy issues if you want to stay up to date with all the latest MMO and game news take a second here to follow Ms. Dixon I on Twitter tweet every day now I know what you are thinking looking at that mount that in their right mind would pay up to nine hundred dollars for something that looks like him I can think of at least five people who would I think there is 50 50 chance that he will buy it on my stream just to piss people off like really i think there is a good chance it's 1080p yes yes yes i don't know why this keeps happening how yeah i'd buy it and i'd be like wow guys i'm only nine hundred dollars and play the whole thing like i thought i would get a good deal if you bought it for whatever reason justifies the creation who gives a [__] which gives a [__] as if they were already doing

who cares is as good a conscience as he does and the answer is of course every whale that still keeps putting thousands of dollars into their game the comment above here what encompasses what every single person in this whole threat feels this mount for two people came with the [__] two families maybe if that thing can fly otherwise it's worth nothing imagine riding that thing someone says why don't you buy mounts wow why don't i care wow i don't care about the tower fantasy i just play i don't t give a [__] yes this is why you are with your virtual girlfriend so you have to resend it every 15 seconds because you can't jump on a little stone yes you see I feel like it's okay now this doesn't cost nine hundred dollars can cost up to nine hundred dollars in this game they are essentially useless of course they provide you with an increase in your movement speed they allow you to go from point A to point B a little faster but they are implemented horribly and every little I have each yes I have every single mount uh if it's the stupid unicorn I have that uh the weird taxi took that too the Dyson yes I have it I have them all the difference in terrain is that it requires you Dismount and comeback to progress Beyond, so in the grand scheme of things I feel like this is more now I need to be a cosmetic mount than it is an amount that will provide you with any kind of real benefit now this for some reason is not the highest rated comment although this makes it clear exactly what this is, this is a limited time gotcha machine event in the chinese version during colon uh-huh, as you know, 2.0 will come soon, the total number of poles to clear the prize survey is 806. oh this is it [__] [__] where you have a pool of items and you need to get it to pull it costs 80 tanium or 100 dark crystals so the total titanium required at most or is it 64 000 and the total of dark crystals required at the maximum is 80 000 then there are and a bunch I feel like it is me If they add it to the game I should make a video where I pretend to have depression while I am spending hundreds dollars trying to get support and then after getting support I uninstall the game because it took too long and I spent so much money that I feel it would be [__] hilarious

comments that they are attacking the whales yeah i am the only person here who doesn't really have a problem with whales like i don't necessarily want to compete against them but at the same time like they have to waste their money on this people don't like whales because they don't like [__] rich people don't like people who have a lot of money they don't have as it's just not complicated ok there are no [__] as a video game philosophy that is guiding this point of view they don't like the rich in real life nor do they spend this money on insignificant items as this will allow is definitely better than having a power gain i will say for sure yes i study to get the funding they need to continue the development of their game if this is what is needed for me to still be able to participate I will be honest guys like I have to sell an amount of 900 to run your game [__] how you have to ren give a better business model like that [__] is [__] that [__] is not good so you are borrowing [__] you are borrowing from the future there is an accident waiting to happen eating it and enjoying it because I I care now if this is something that will provide a statistical advantage over me, so it's like a fly providing more damage increase HP increase survival that would be paid to win and I don't claim pay to win but something insignificant like allowing if they would add this which i am actually thinking about every time the suit was added to the game i think i should have people who have the mount i should have them come to me in play and then interview them how to interview them like this what was going through your head while you were spending all this money like how you grew up how did you know girls talked to you in school like how tall you are like what do we need to know more s u about you as a person I wanted two people to ride a mount is not something we should criticize this After all, this is their money and they can spend it for what they want is the ugliest I think you can criticize the people they spend their money on

something stupid, you can't expect them to care about your opinion as well as I could criticize someone for wasting a bunch of [__] money on something and I can also say that it is completely their prerogative to make sure they can do whatever they want not i'm saying it should be illegal i don't think it should be illegal to have this right well i do it in a way because he's a [__] gotcha mechanic but um basically it's their money they can do whatever they want with their money i just think that that's stupid yes it's really this is by far one of the ugliest media i've probably ever seen in an MMO yes its just wrong it looks like it was forced to exist against all odds yes disgustingly greedy this is ridiculous the more I see stuff like that the more i get turned off by this game these developers are not ashamed there is never a point where setting the price for something is unethical n n yet no no this is China why would you think? hat I mean, it's so bad you really jumped at you Disassembling the montage in this game is not very useful true I actually just said a minute ago 900 is enough for my rent and groceries yeah that's almost enough for too our rent here I would rather withdraw for a unit than take them out yes to be honest if we are wasting nine hundred dollars on no independence this person posts on my subreddit I remember his name on anything so why not waste it to get a character that you sincerely want instead of an amount we try to be real here you will never find a second player to ride with and that is just the straightforward unfortunate truth that is now going through that threat which is good yes if you have it if you 'have 900 from spend on this mountain you'll never get it so here it is so it's the mountain it's right there oh my god wow it's right there in the middle Brad was right there there was an abundance of people that they were just hating every aspect of this mountain and I understand why I understand that people don't like whales in their games, I'm a little fair to whales, as long as they don't get anything that I

I can't get myself or be they aren't getting something that gives them a statistical advantage over me so it doesn't really bother me, but I know not everyone thinks so, just like I know everyone has a different definition of pay to win but i am curious what you think guys i will notice even if 900 is extremely greedy for anything you know what i should do i just sorry i am still thinking about everything i should do a follow up interview with the people who bought them and how to follow them six months later and be all right, so it's been six months since you spent nine hundred bucks on this uh [__] like Unholy flamingo how do you feel why don't you tell us a little bit uh you know kind it was a good one uh decision uh wish you had that money now as you know the studio publisher developer and its really disgusting that they were willing to charge up that much for something that is purely cosmetic ain't it not you provides a new weapon doesn't provide you when I feel like it's better personally it's like you want to get the six star nemesis with all matrices unlocked you'd spend well over nine hundred dollars like you probably had to throw like 1700 to 2 big people spend 900 dollars a night to buy a drink what's the difference that someone wastes their money on some stupid [__] the problem is that people put it on the market I mean I'm not like I don't know, I don't want to play a game where this is a 900 mouth how I felt the same for the ghostly tiger back in wow I thought it was also stupid who [__] signed his drinks dollars oh Jeff Jeff spent it on the drinks many times oh and Jeff is not rich by the way it does not prevent him ok, it prevents him from spending nine hundred dollars


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