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 it's summer it's like a hundred degrees outside you don't want to be out there roasting yes alabasta gameis skin you want to stay inside watching my videos but also playing some video games but the fact is that the eShop is such a big and scary place where you will find ten good games worth buying this is ten plus each of the games worth buying take the game count to one hundred and sixty for the ones that aren't bad at math i used two calculators you haven't seen the other videos well you have a some time to catch up after this because all these games today are games released in the last few weeks, like

what can you do with all that money you just saved using scotia instead of trying to learn it elsewhere i will probably buy some eShop games let's talk about some super smash sakurai worth buying as the sign up button and hit the girl you guys might remember I ran into this period last year, i recommended it be good: it's adorable surprisingly fun it has excellent puzzles fascinating fighting wonderful graphics and overall one of the best zelda inspired games you can play as well as ever in video games about a year after the release of the sequel finally we get the original game which is not how it should work you know why it was my first time playing either of these two games i knew they had improved the art style with a complete overhaul from the first move in a 3d and the ability to move diagonally but now that i'm here i like 2D a lot more even though i miss it to really the ability to move diagonally the art style here in the first really opens up with its use of bright colors and a charming hand drawn art style, I love the way the main character and many of the game's assets have the looks like a moving sketch, I'm not sure what it's called but it's really great, it plays and is structured almost identically to the sequel which is great as I said no.22 is one of the best 2D zelda inspired games that i played and unsurprisingly same as the first game still has pure driving with humorous dialogue you will spend a lot of time scrolling blocks and solving puzzles is much more zelda puzzle focused with the fighting type of sitting in the back seat talking about the fighting is clunky and unrefined and I can tell because it was clearly something they worked on and solved for the sequel, but the puzzles here are just allowing me enough to be and always fun and rewarding, so for $ 9.99 that's a yes from me dog, I can't really bring out that eagle island that surprised me when I was finally able to reproduce it since it was published by screen wave media my Voi Tube MCN yes if you don't know what an MCN does that's fine it doesn't matter, essentially they helped me manage my channel but what they usually don't do is post videos

games I know they had Eagle Island in development for a couple of years, but I guess I never expected it to look this good as I loaded the game into my network logo flashing on the screen, I was immediately blown away by the brilliance of this game. there's no denying this is one of those gorgeous looking pixels in games I've seen with such vibrant use of lovely sprite colors and a positively teeming world with life the water pose has little fish swimming around their little crabs crawling on the ground the little details in Eagle Island bring the environments to life, but things don't stay adorable for long as a giant eagle crashes to want a sweet, our boys and it's still far away that the journey begins to empower you and bringing back your little friend the gameplay honestly made me take a step back and I want to applaud the developer for actually creating something extreme unique to a Metroidvania platformer, there are so many elements in platforming and combat that I simply haven't seen performed this way before your remaining owl is your key to most of that as you attack by throwing here and once. pressing the attack button you will have a few moments where you can pause and choose a direction reminds me when you jump high breathing the wild nature and pull the bird back, it's a good feeling you need to make sure your attack hits, otherwise Mr . the owl named Koji will overrun your goal and then we will take a couple of moments before you can try to cast again, but if you land you are here you can cast again almost instantly and start amassing an attack chain player and this is the key to success in this game my only complaint is that the dungeons are randomly generated and I was genuinely excited to dive into a camp fully structured agna here i was given a hodgepodge of different layouts every time i died and as none of the items have been carried over you need to restart every time this made the game really hard for me which is not a bad thing if you stay looking for a challenge here said that there are much simpler modes I advise you not to start the game mode

recommend and instead opting for a mode that only has a lot of extra health because you will need it for $ 20 this game is worth it for nothing else just to admire the beautiful pixel art and sprites of the super cool bosses that know it he is and my network sent me this little guy in a themed box with a lot of Haigh in a game so I appreciate that thank you all right baby Woody is the one who secretly chills you guys recently switch drool with a trio of doom headlines 293 June 2 and June 3 right now we'll take a look at dooms 1 and why yes, they're pretty much the

you played these games while looking for a satin Dreamcast PlayStation 1 on PlayStation 2 you will be happy to know that these games look and play better than ever, in fact this is their first time in widescreen Grandia 1 in my opinion has a cartoon chama animated almost timeless mind and honestly looks better than a lot of 2d JRPGs that are at least even today and if you've recently messed with some Final Fantasy HD action then a surprise awaits you with this pack even more sir if you never have it fact experienced these games before combat and the overall game structure is very similar to Final Fantasy games with the only big difference that the enemy meets randomly rather than you see them around in real time and you can approach them to fight or try to avoid them if you don't like leveling up your character by playing these games in crisp HD, it's the perfect way to do it if you haven't done so before, even if it's pretty expensive at $ 40 for the collection, I mean Final Fantasy 7 was $ 20 so it's' they're like two of the math checks, but honestly I would have preferred twenty dollars for both, you can't argue that the value is here regardless from the amount of hours you can sink into these games, so if they're worth it go ahead and pick them up I don't think I've ever counted COC as a whole spot on one of these lists before, but there's a first time for everything, especially when that to see is free and includes three new levels each with its own boss fight and 18 new original kick butt songs yeah i have to say kick bought youtube crackdown on bad words, the messenger got a huge amount of DLC content recently destroyed and I have seen almost zero people talking about it so let's do that I have already covered the base game and one of these videos so I will link it below and assuming you have it grabbed and finished, you will immediately have access to the free DLC and as the game knows that you already finished the main adventure is not it will go easy on you now this holiday themed add-on to the beach increases the difficulty a bit compared to the main campaign, even if the gorgeous 8-bit 16-bit game why can't

make up your mind and die between both genres of wine, so the music also changes to 8-bit and 16-bit style music somehow this game just got even cuter as your journey continues on a tropical island for a not so relaxing summer vacations start with a Battletoads reminiscent of surf levels somewhere in between you have to compete with a version of yourself from Dark Link and eventually you will be super punch-out style throwing punches

you will probably enjoy a brand new fourth installment of the Train series coming to Nintendo Switch unsurprisingly the first three games have already been released, I feel like I have definitely already talked about or reviewed one of the first two sanctuaries so I will just focus on the third game today because it has been released very recently and dr3 is a creative and unique puzzle platformer and the first in the series to visually add a map of the outside world, love the look of this game is the use of deep blue purple and occasional greens make really the game and they give me a retro neon 80s vibe overall it's a very lively game and as you play you can switch between characters, each with their own pros and cons Siegfried's brother here comes in handy in Heavy combat situations Aveline over there is the best for platforming with no surprises and Dumbledore can manipulate the environment using his magic to get all three of those refees. riments you had to have and Harry Potter one oh and if you've played the first two test games this one branches out to teach honor and in 3d it will do it for several allowing you to explore further back and forth in each level even if it's a bit 'short between five and six hours I'd still say it's worth $ 20 if it's missing from your game collection, but if you haven't played any of these games I'd honestly recommend waiting because when rehearsing for release it is apparently coming out in a package that contains the first three games in the bundle which are like four games for the price of what that game is, I guess sixty bucks, so at this point as I was planning to get out of the video, download games, try them and all that stuff I was like eight games and I needed two more and I didn't know what those two were

elements that i love awesome pointing clicks nothing about this game is serious, it aims to consistently be found not only in the story but in the dialogues the fascinating animations in every way many parts of this game hit me hard with the nostalgia for all the point and click like island of the monkeys like when your character sneaks into the country via baggage claim is absolutely something a modern day kibosh would do Threepwood the story is beautifully presented with many of its elders through animation to cartoon quality of the Saturday morning the hand drawn art style is exactly as it is

done and oh my god this game is crazy intense fun you know the feeling and Mario Tennis is top notch when you can successfully counter your opponent's super special blast yeah well um 100 times and make it happen constantly during matches and you could start to understand why after every play session I have a white to sweat to take out my Troy's cons every time you destroy the ball that builds up energy and momentum until it bounces off the walls faster than even Nyoka dodges in the end you will need pixel perfect timing to crush it back otherwise the ball will hit you and

coins and you use those coins to bite the tiles around you forming new islands you have no idea what will appear on those islands until you buy them making the concept of grinding more coins addicting dungeons are also a fun jumble of other crafting games that I have talked about you find them on the random islands you unlock and inside you will discover new enemy items and even a fantastic boss battle at the end and there is even more depth to this game including skill points to unlock and new things to create man as you gain experience but we are talking about a twenty dollar budget in the game here for its price there is so much in here for sure you can easily like i said get addicted but as expected many key elements are missing that the bigger the games budget makers might find it a little gritty at times and you might even start to feel a little lonely as you explore these islands but again it's perfect for the price and would love to see a bigger sequel somewhere along the way for me i'm addicted to this new switch game and it's definitely my new favorite game oh speaking of addict i love that every time i use that word we'll do a video about it many of you made a nice little Woody in the comment section well i am addicted to thugs i like it lovely so i made it a shirt you want to buy it and support the shirt i will leave the links under someone a real little woody lo would buy a little woody url i'll stop saying little woody oh come on that's so get out of here i'm done that's all the game such ten of them technically eleven if you count dream daddy i didn't but now i'm probably profitable if you're still here for some reason , TP could also tap that Like button before leaving careful when I'm not subscribed but above all making that t-shirt a bit woody for which I buy it rest assured maybe i should make it a t-shirt let's see if the meme sticks or if it's just something stupid i said once in a video thanks to skillshare for sponsoring this video take a look below you learn a new skill never too late that's all for me and I have nothing else to say you take it off because it's really sweaty bye see you


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